How to apply Patanjali Store Franchise

Are you considering applying for a Patanjali Store Franchise? Applying for a Patanjali Store Franchise is an excellent opportunity if you are looking to start a business in the health and wellness sector.

In this article, we will discuss the steps you need to take in order to apply for a Patanjali Store Franchise. We will also discuss some tips and tricks that can help you maximize your chances of success.

Overview of Patanjali Store Franchise

Patanjali Store Franchise is a venture offered by the Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. and aims at increasing the reach and awareness of Patanjali products throughout India.

The franchise enables existing entrepreneurs or new entrants to start their own Patanjali store successfully with complete ease and minimal investment. The franchise model has been designed such that it provides monetary benefits, recognition, goodwill and a secured future in a short span of time.

By becoming a part of this exclusive network of Patanjali business associates, individuals will get access to a wide range of products including groceries, FMCG products, medicines and ayurvedic items along with a complete promotional package.

Additionally they will also receive on-site training from Patanjali experts who are adept in the subject matter required to run and manage the business operations without any problems.

The brand loyalty towards the products sold through these stores will ensure complete customer satisfaction which promises huge business growth opportunities in commissions as well as incentives for all its associates.

This concept is especially ideal for households who are looking to start an income generating venture with limited capital expenditure by taking advantage of special discounts offered by Patanjali on stocks purchased directly from them through their authorized distributors.

Prerequisites for Patanjali Store Franchise

If you’re interested in applying for a Patanjali store franchise, then it is important to familiarize yourself with the prerequisites beforehand. Patanjali is a leading FMCG brand and has stringent criteria for who can apply for a franchise.

To ensure that you are eligible for the Patanjali store franchise, you should take a look at the list of prerequisites mentioned below.

Eligibility Criteria

Before applying for a Patanjali store franchise, it is important to understand the basic prerequisites. In order to be eligible to become a franchisee, you must fulfil the following criteria:

-You must have prior experience in dealing with Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) or have experience in the retail sector.

-You should possess knowledge of Patanjali’s products and services, which help customers make an informed decision when buying Patanjali products.

-Having good customer service skills and providing excellent customer service will be necessary for success as a franchisee.

-Knowledge of local laws and rules pertaining to operating a business is also essential before becoming a franchisee.

-Patanjali might require franchisors to own or rent their shop premises and sign an agreement with terms and conditions decided by them.

-It is also necessary for applicants to provide financial documents such as bank statements, income tax returns etc., which demonstrate their ability to open, manage, and run the store successfully over time.

Required Documents

In order to successfully apply for Patanjali Store Franchise, applicants need to submit additional documents in addition to the application form. The following documents are necessary to complete the process and will help speed up the processing of the application.

-Proof of educational qualifications: Applicants must provide authentic copies of all relevant educational documents such as school leaving certificate, bachelor’s degree, post-graduate degree etc.
-Proof of identity and residence: This includes providing valid copies of PAN card, voter card or any government issued ID proof that contains a photograph.
-Documents related to income: All applicants must submit income verification documents such as IT returns for last three years, balance sheet and profit & loss account statements for business entities.
-Proof of assets: Proof that you have sufficient assets to start a Patanjali store would be required. This may include property ownership documents or property rental agreement in case you wish to take a franchise on lease.
-References from professional associates: Applicant must provide references from bankers, professional contacts or financial advisors who can attest your financial standing.
-No objection certificate (NOC): If you are applying for a franchise in an area owned by another franchisee then you must obtain an NOC from them.

These are some prerequisites set by Patanjali Company that need to met while applying for your Patanjali Store Franchise. Completion and furnishing of all these documents might help facilitate approval and faster processing of your application form

Investment and Cost

The success of any franchise business depends on how much investment has been put in. Applying for a Patanjali store franchise requires two distinct types of costs: the first cost involves setting up the store, including initial infrastructure costs such as site assessments; business taxes and registration fees; rent; employee salaries, wages and bonuses; and other costs associated with starting up your franchise store.

The second cost involves ongoing expenses related to running the business, such as inventory purchasing and storage costs; employee salaries, wages and bonuses; advertising and marketing expenses; operating equipment supplies; inventory control systems; repairs and maintenance expenses; legal fees related to licensing or trademark infringement issues or other patent disputes that may arise when selling patented products in the marketplace.

In addition to these expenses, you should also factor in the cost of training all employees before they begin working at your Patanjali store.

Application Process

Applying for the Patanjali Store Franchise is a relatively straightforward process. To start, you will need to gather all the necessary documents and fill out the application form.

Once your application is accepted and all the documents are in place, you will need to undergo a training program to understand how the store works before getting the final approval. Let’s take a look at the process in detail.

Research and Planning

Research and planning are vital when considering the process of applying for a Patanjali store franchise. Knowing the location of your franchise, gathering financial information, accessing up to date market research and learning about the Patanjali brand are all essential components of an effective application.

Additionally, having a well-articulated business plan is a beneficial practice throughout this process.

Before beginning the application process, you should:
-Research the brand to gain an understanding of its values and goals
-Visit stores in your proposed location to gauge customer demand
-Review resources from both local and national businesses to assist with practical planning
-Assess competitors within your area for further market analysis
-Evaluate existing industry reports in order to inform planning decisions
-Seek advice from experienced individuals in business if you need help forming your plan
By doing this as initial groundwork, you can be better prepared when it comes time to submit your application for a Patanjali store franchise.

Filling up the Application Form

The first step in the franchise application process is to fill out an official application form and submit it to Patanjali Ayurved Limited. The form requests personal information about you, your contact information, and any qualifications or work experience that you may have.

After submitting your application, it is important to follow up with Patanjali directly via phone call or email within a week. You should use this opportunity to confirm that they have received your application and to express enthusiasm for the franchise you’re interested in.

Include any additional qualifications or relevant information that they should know while considering your application.

While waiting for a response from Patanjali, applicants should begin the research phase of understanding their desired franchises so that they can make informed decisions when presented with opportunities by Patanjali’s representatives.

This includes familiarizing oneself with their products, services offered at the franchises, pricing models and competitive analysis of similar businesses in the vicinity of the proposed franchise outlet. Being knowledgeable about one’s target market also forms an important part of this research process as it helps one better understand consumer behavior for their product/service offering.

Evaluation and Selection

Once applications have been received and reviewed, an evaluation will be conducted. This evaluation is based on multiple criteria such as evaluation of the investor’s experience in the retail industry, business model pitched, the financials provided, regional or geographic fit and if there are any novelty elements that might benefit Patanjali Ayurveda Limited.

After the evaluation stage is completed a selection process will take place for franchise partnerships. The selection team not only looks at past and current track record of applicants but also considers applicants potential to serve our customers in coming future.

In addition to evaluating potential franchisees, Patanjali Ayurveda Limited also rely on detailed market research to determine potential growth opportunities for each region we plan to expand into.

The selection process is done in a manner so as to minimize risks both for Patanjali and its prospective franchisees especially those who have invested huge amount of money in renting store space at prime commercial locations.

With a rapidly growing customer database fanning across India and World, Patanjali Store Franchise Program is poised for significant growth this fiscal year with more than 200 new stores launching nationwide very soon.

Post-Selection Process for Patanjali Store Franchise

After your application for Patanjali store franchise has been accepted, there are several steps you have to take before you can start operating. These post selection processes involve setting up the store, obtaining certifications, applying for licenses and other miscellaneous tasks.

This section will go over the post-selection process in detail, so that you can properly set up your franchise and start running it without any hassle.

Signing of Agreement

Once the candidate has been selected, an agreement must be signed between Patanjali and the selected franchisee. This consists of two copies of an agreement outlining the details of the franchise relationship.

The agreement contains information about both parties – Patanjali and the franchisee – as well as rules and regulations, rights and responsibilities. It is important to understand all clauses before signing the agreement. Both parties need to sign and keep a copy each for their records.

In addition to this, other documents such as lease/ownership documents that establish exclusive store ownership right within a certain proximity may also be required ;bank documents, insurance policy papers etc., may also have to be submitted.

If any documents have to obtained or prepared based on applicable laws, they need to be taken care of in a timely manner so that everything is ready for the opening day of business.

Training and Support

Patanjali is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services available to its customers. To ensure that our store owners are well-prepared to serve customers and operate a profitable business, we provide comprehensive training and ongoing support throughout the franchise term.

Post-selection process, we offer:

A 4-step, brand-specific training program for all franchisees which includes and in-person classroom session; an in-store session with a Patanjali representative; access to video tutorials; and ongoing remote support from Patanjali headquarters.
• Comprehensive marketing collateral such as banners, flyers, t-shirts, in store POS material that gives franchisees discounts or promotional materials for them to use when communicating with potential customers or promoting their business.
• Proactive outreach (phone calls/emails) by Patanjali representatives checking in on store performance and offering guidance.
• Long term partnership benefits including supplier discounts, regular review sessions (monthly/annually) with promotion guidelines; customer loyalty programs; newsletters with new products launched etc.
• Regular plug & play technology upgrades & maintenance services included with the partnership package.

Store Setup and Launch

Once the Patanjali store franchise process is complete and an applicant has been selected, the store setup and launch starts. This may involve choosing a location, constructing or remodeling a store, ordering display racks and shelves to stock products, and recruiting staff.

During this stage of the process, it is essential that approved franchisees adhere to all Patanjali’s guidelines as listed in their initial agreement.

The first step in opening a new store is to secure the necessary funds. Franchisees should anticipate spending a significant sum of money before any return on investment can be realized. As part of their initial agreement with Patanjali, franchisees receive access to an array of support services that can be used during this critical stage of operations.

Most significantly, these services will provide assistance with hiring personnel for each store location and recruiting sales partners.

Another important component of the pre-launch phase is training employees on product knowledge and customer service techniques. Patanjali provides its distributors with training programs designed to ensure each store meets their high standards before going live in their respective marketplaces.

With regard to product knowledge and customer service training, emphasis should be placed on educating employees about organic products as well as differentiating between organic versus conventional products when stocking shelves at each new location.


In conclusion, opening a Patanjali store is a great business opportunity. Patanjali offers high-quality products, supportive customer service, and valuable franchise opportunities. To take advantage of these benefits, you must first meet the eligibility requirements for applying for a Patanjali store franchise.

This includes having adequate capital and other resources, meeting the basic terms and conditions, completing the detailed application process with required documents, and executing a mutually acceptable agreement with Patanjali. With commitment and dedication to providing customers with top-notch products and services the potential rewards are lucrative both financially and in terms of goodwill.

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