About Us

Rly-Rect-App is a private blog covering Education and Jobs in India. We are committed to helping students find their dream jobs, or at least help them with what they need for the next stage of education by posting recent news articles related specifically to recruitment strategies within each state

A team made up of professionals that go through sources around the internet as well offline ones so we can provide you latest updates on your career options happening right now! Our goal: To give everyone an opportunity to grow without limits while being surrounded by only good vibes.

We do not support any illegal practices whether it is for passing exams or getting employment. We have no intention to hurt anyone’s feelings, so please let us know if there is something wrong with the article.

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Disclaimer:  Rly-rect-appn.in is not related to any government body and certainly not related to Railway related government body. We do not claim to be any government body and we are just a news portal that covers various updates and stories. Read our disclaimer for more info.

Our website name stands for the following:

Rly: the track on which cars run, The wheels of any vehicle can potentially turn a racecourse into an exciting, fast-paced experience for everyone involved.
Rect: A rect is a line that divides something into two equal parts. In this case, the word “rect” has come from Latin and means to divide things with right angles or guide people along one particular path!
APPN: Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking