Apply Online for Shramik Card Shramik Card Self Registration:  The government of India launched the e-shram card yojana in August 2021. This scheme provides many benefits for laborers who work in unorganized sectors. It includes a card called an e-shram card or e-shramik card. The candidate who registers themself successfully on is eligible to get the e-shram card and all its benefits directly to their bank account. This page provides all required information and a direct link for registration of e-shram card, check the status, and pension scheme.

The laborers with e-shram cards are eligible for accidental death insurance of 2 lakh, partial handicap insurance of 1 lakh, and many other benefits from the government. To know e-shram card eligibility and online registration at the e-shram portal, you should check our page as we provide up to date information about e-shram registration, eligibility, and changes announced by the ministry of labor and employment regarding it.

e-Shram Portal Self Registration

The e-Shram Portal is designed exclusively for unorganized workers. The government of India wants to cover all unorganized workers to give them social security and other benefits like organized sector workers. The term unorganized workers include home-based workers, self employed workers, wage workers and all other workers who work in an organization or unit which is not a member of EPFO or ESIC.

Shramik Card: Self Registration

The e-shram portal is launched with e-shram yojana by our honourable PM Narendra Modi. Now, the concerned workers and labourers are required to obtain their shramik card by doing self registration at e-shram portal at

The ministry of labour and employment collects all unorganized workers’ database who join e-shram portal with self registration process. The government of India is going to use this database to provide financial support and security to the workers of the unorganized sector. In future, the new employment opportunities will also be available for the registered workers, so we strongly recommend all workers to register on e-shram portal and obtain the shramik card as soon as possible.

What is Shramik Card?

The shramik card is an identity card provided by ministry of labour and employment to unorganized workers. Every worker, who works in a unit/organization that is not a member of EPFO or ESIC, is eligible to get a Shramik card under e-shram yojana of government of India.

Every shramik card contains a 14-digit universal account number (UAN) which is a unique code allotted to a particular employee. The government of India provides a unique UAN number for each employee which will be used to provide accident insurance and other benefits to the workers. The registered workers should apply online or at nearby CSC center to obtain their shramik card and keep it at a safe place to use in future to avail benefits of e-shram yojana from government of India.

e-Shram Portal Quick View

The government of India launched e-shram portal for unorganized workers. In case you don’t know much about it, here we provide a quick view of e-shram portal with its main highlights as under:

Name of Yojana e-Shram Yojana
Launched by PM Narendra Modi
Managed by Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India
Name of Card Shramik Card
Shramik Card Contains Universal Account Number (UAN)
Applicable for
  • Unorganized Workers     OR
  • Workers of Any Unorganized Sector
e-Shram Yojana Location All Over India
Who cannot Apply for Shramik Card? Workers/Employees Registered with EPFO or ESIC
Shramik Card Registration Mode Self Registration Only
Where to Apply for Shramik Card
  • Online Apply at e-Shram Portal
  • At Nearby CSC Center
  • At Regional Offices of Districts/Sub-districts
Aim of Shramik Card Helping Unorganized Workers
Main Benefit of Shramik Card Rs.2 Lakh Accidental Death Insurance

Purpose of e-Shram Portal and Shramik Card

The government of India has launched e-shram portal for benefit of all unorganized workers. According to a survey, we have around 35 to 40 crore workers and labourers who work in the unorganized sector. It means all these workers are not receiving EPF and other benefits like organized employees.

In order to provide social and financial security to unorganized workers, the ministry of labour and employment has initiated e-shram yojana in 2021. To get all the current and upcoming benefits from government, all workers are required to apply for shramik card through CSC NDUW or self registration on e-shram portal.

The government wants to collect the national database of unorganized workers (NDUW) through e-shram portal. After all workers are registered, the government will prepare the skill-wise worker list and create new employment opportunities for such workers.

The labour ministry is going to provide social security and welfare benefits to all registered workers. Not only that, it will also provide financial and health related assistance during covid-19 or similar national crisis in future.

Who Can Apply for Shramik Card?

Every Indian citizen (age 16 to 59 years) who is an employee of an unorganized sector can apply for shramik card. The term “unorganized sector” includes all companies, firms and industries who are not a member of EPFO or ESIC.

The ministry of labour has mentioned that the e-shram yojana and shramik card are designed for unorganized workers. Therefore it is important know who are included and who are not included in the definition of unorganized workers.

The term “unorganized workers” include home-based workers, self-employed workers, wage workers, construction workers and street vendors. Both the domestic workers and migrant workers are considered as unorganized workers with the condition that the workers and their employer industry are not the members of EPFO or ESIC organization.

Benefits of Shramik Card

The workers can apply for shramik card at nearby CSC NDUW center or online apply at e-shram web portal. But you should know about the benefits of shramik card to understand its importance in your life. The shramik card is very useful and beneficial for you and your family, let is try to understand it with its key benefits.

The labour ministry, government of India provides following benefits to all shramik card holders i.e. workers who are registered at e-shram portal.

  • Rs.2 lakh Insurance for Accidental Death or Full Disability of the Worker during the Duty Period.
  • Rs.1 lakh Insurance for Partial Disability due to Accident during the Duty Period.
  • Social security and Welfare Benefits from the Ministry of Labour and Employment.
  • Benefits under PM Suraksha Bima Yojana and PM Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana.
  • Benefits under Shram Yogi Mandhan Yojana.
  • All benefits will be credited directed into the registered Bank Account of the Worker.

Where to Apply for Shramik Card

The workers of the unorganized sector can generate their shramik card by self registration with one of the three simple methods given below.

  1. Apply Online at e-Shram Portal at
  2. Go to nearby CSC NDUW Center and Register Yourself for e-Shram Yojana.
  3. Go to any Regional Office in your district or sub-district managed by the state government.

Out of all three methods, you should pick the method that is easier to access and available nearby your residence/work location.

How to Apply Online for Shramik Card at e-Shram Portal

The e-shram portal allows all workers to apply online through self registration process. First, we will tell you the list of documents and information you need for applying online at e-shram portal and then we will explain the step-by-step process.

List of Required Documents for Shramik Card:

You should have following documents and information ready when you start the online registration at e-shram portal.

  • Aadhaar Number [12 Digit]
  • Aadhaar Linked Mobile Number [10 Digit]
  • Bank Account Name, Account Number and IFS Code

If your Aadhaar Number is not linked with your current Mobile Number then you need to visit nearby CSC center to register for Shramik Card using biometric authentication.

Simple Steps to Apply Online at e-Shram Portal:

Here we provide the easiest steps that you need to follow to apply online at e-shram portal and generate your shramik card.

  1. Go to official website of e-Shram portal at
  2. On right side of the home page, find out the registration tab.
  3. Click on “REGISTER on e-Shram” tab to go to e-shram portal self registration page.
  4. Enter your Aadhaar linked mobile number and captcha code in the given fields.
  5. Keep “NO” option ticked in EPFO and ESIC membership questions.
  6. Click on “Send OTP” button to receive one-time-password on your mobile phone.
  7. Fill up the application form with your personal and employment information.
  8. Upload required documents and complete all details.
  9. Submit the form online to complete your registration at e-shram portal.
  10. Download your UAN card (shramik card) for your reference and future use.

Click to Apply Online for Shramik Card at e-Shram Portal

e-Shram Help Desk

The ministry of labour and employment has created a separate help desk for e-shram portal members. During the registration or anytime after obtaining shramik card, if you have any problem or issue then you can contact the labour ministry via the e-shram help desk number 14434 and discuss your problem to get a quick solution. In case you are unable to connect the above given help desk number then visit your nearby CSC center to resolve the issue or obtain a 10-digit helpline number from CSC.

Wrapping Up:

The e-shram portal is a dedicated website for labourers and workers of the unorganized section across India. We have explained all important information regarding e-shram portal, shramik card and its benefits to workers and their families. If you still have a query regarding the shramik card then you can ask us in the comment section or visit nearby CSC NDUW e-shram center.

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