Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Correction Online Process

Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate is a mandatory document for traveling. You must have your vaccine certificate with “fully vaccinated” stamp from the health department. In case you need to travel abroad then you should request for an international travel certificate. If there is an error in your vaccine certificate then you must apply for vaccine certificate correction online at CoWin website portal.

Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Correction Online Process

Every Indian citizen is at least partially vaccinated by January 2022. The government of India is trying to vaccinate entire population with both doses of vaccine as soon as possible. Many people have received 2nd dose of vaccine and they are eligible to download vaccine certificate from CoWin portal. In case there is one or more errors in your vaccine certificate then you need to correct them.

Covid Vaccine Certificate Quick View

Name of Virus Coronavirus [Covid-19]
First Time Found November/December 2019
Countries Affected with Covid-19 All Countries of the World
Covid-19 Vaccine Available Now
Number of People Vaccinated in India 100+ Crores (1st dose)

66+ Crores (fully vaccinated)

Vaccine Certificate Download Available
Personal Details in Vaccine Certificate Your Name, Gender, Birth Year and Photo ID Proof Number
Vaccine Certificate Correction Allowed for Everyone
How to Rectify Errors in Vaccine Certificate Online Mode (step-by-step process given below)
Where to Correct Vaccine Certificate CoWin Portal

Errors in Vaccine Certificate

Your vaccine certificate is an authentic proof that you have taken the covid-19 vaccine. This certificate allows you to travel without restrictions across all over India. You can also download the international travel certificate from official CoWin website to use it when traveling abroad. So, the covid vaccine certificate is the first document you need for domestic as well as international traveling.

Your vaccine certificate contains some important information about you. It includes your name, gender, year of birth, photo ID proof number, vaccine name, number of doses, vaccination center address, name of health worker who gave vaccine to you and other details. Out of these details, the first four details must be accurate and same as mentioned in your photo ID proof otherwise you will face trouble during travel. But you can correct your vaccine certificate now to avoid such troubles in future.

Why You Need to do Correction in Your Vaccine Certificate

The errors in vaccine certificate can create trouble when you travel within India or abroad. If your name or photo ID number does not match with your vaccine certificate then you won’t be allowed to travel. Therefore we recommend you to apply online for vaccine certificate correction to make your traveling safer and smoother. You should read this article carefully to know how to correct your vaccine certificate online from your mobile phone.

If your vaccine certificate has incorrect name or date of birth then you may not be allowed to travel by respective authorities. Your vaccine certificate details must match with your photo ID proof whether it is your Aadhaar Card or passport. In case of mismatch, your application for traveling abroad will get rejected. That is the main reason for you to rectify the errors in your vaccine certificate as early as possible.

Which information can you correct in your vaccine certificate?

There are four important information that you can correct in your vaccine certificate through an online process. The health department of India allows you to correct any two details out of four details that are mentioned in your vaccine certificate. These four details are as under:

  • Your Name
  • Gender
  • Year of Birth
  • Photo ID Proof Number

We request you to check all the above information in your covid-19 vaccine certificate. Make sure that all information is correct before you plan a trip within India or abroad with your family. In case there is a mistake or an error in your name (or its spelling), gender, birth year or photo ID proof number then you must submit an online request for your vaccine certificate correction on CoWin website portal.

How to do Vaccine Certificate Correction Online (Step-by-Step)

When you come to know about one or more errors in your vaccine certificate, you need to take some action. We recommend you to raise an issue on CoWin portal to register a request for vaccine certificate correction online. Here we provide the step-by-step process for rectifying errors in vaccine certificate as follows:

  1. Log on to official CoWin website portal at
  2. Find out “Register/ Sign In” tab and click on it.
  3. Enter your registered mobile number that you used for booking a slot for vaccination earlier.
  4. Click on “Get OTP” and enter the OTP in given fields when you receive it on your mobile phone.
  5. After successful login, scroll down to find your name under “Account Details” on this page.
  6. Click on “Raise an Issue” tab to see the options available for you.
  7. Now, select “Certificate Correction” option to move further.
  8. Select your name in “select the member” tab and tick the box for correction in certificate.
  9. You need to select maximum two details from your name, year of birth, gender and photo ID proof number. You can correct only two of these and that too only one time. We assume you have selected name and year of birth for correction.
  10. Enter your name with correct spelling and correct year of birth, then click on “continue” to submit the information.

On completion of the above process, your vaccine certificate will be updated soon. Thereafter you will be able to download your new vaccine certificate with correct information from official CoWin website portal.

Wrapping Up:

The covid-19 vaccines are very effective to protect you and your family from the Coronavirus. It is important for everyone to get vaccinated and download the vaccine certificate to use it as a proof during travel time. We have explained how to correct errors in your vaccine certificate by raising an issue at CoWin web portal. If you still have a query or doubt regarding vaccine certificate correction then ask us in the comment section, we will be happy to answer your queries as soon as possible.

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  1. How do we change the dosage date, my father who is 73 have gotten the second dose on May 2021, but the Cowin app is showing Jan 2022. We want to know how can this be corrected to reflect the original second dose date?


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