MGM Edutech: A Virtual Learning Environment of MGM School

The MGM Edutech is an online learning portal developed by the MGM School. It is a virtual learning environment for all students of MGM educational institutions. This portal allows the MGM students to login at anytime from anywhere to access the sessions from MGM teachers. It means the MGM school education is not limited to its classrooms only, it has reached students’ home with its online portal.

MGM Edutech: A Virtual Learning Environment of MGM School

The MGM school is a group of educational institutions for quality education. The MGM has its own institution branches at many different places to provide education to all students from play school to grade-12 and college education as well. The MGM school belongs to Kerala but its education network is spread across entire Kerala state in India. The MGM school is known for its international standard of education and out of the box teaching approach.

Need of MGM Edutech in India

The school education plays an important role in every child’s life. Therefore the parents find the best possible school for their children to enhance their overall development. In present time, there are many reputed schools that provide international level education with high tech facilities in India. The MGM school is a well known name for offering high quality education offline as well as online.

The coronavirus covid-19 was found first in November or December 2019 and then it spread across all over world. The countries had to shutdown everything to prevent the spreading of covid-19 to save their people. The schools and colleges were also closed for many months and the government ordered to provide online education to all students for the first time. However, the MGM Edutech was developed many years ago when the covid-19 did not exist.

The MGM school has various educational institutions at different places in India. All MGM schools/institutions are managed by its chairman and administrative team(s). In addition to these school branches, the MGM has developed a virtual learning environment (VLE) for its students. It means that the MGM school education is not limited to its schools anymore, it is available at MGM Edutech portal for its teachers and students.

Who can access MGM Edutech portal?

The MGM school IT team has developed MGM Edutech website portal exclusively for teachers and students of MGM institutions. In last one decade, India has seen a huge revolution in internet usage and that’s why most government services and other things are now provided online for the citizens. With help of MGM Edutech, the school education and college education are made online to help students to keep studying even when schools are closed due to covid-19 pandemic.

Most students came to know how online education works when covid-19 hit India. But the MGM school has been providing online education through the MGM Edutech portal for many years. The teachers of MGM institutions can login to MGM Edutech portal to record live lectures/sessions and teach the students. On the other hand, the students can login to MGM Edutech to attend live sessions as well as watch past sessions directly on their computer or laptop or tablet or mobile phone.

Benefits of MGM Edutech Portal

The MGM Edutech Portal offers many benefits to all MGM students and its teachers. Here we provide the MGM Edutech portal benefits in brief as under:

  • Students can learn new lessons and attend live sessions from anywhere in India and abroad.
  • Students can access the past sessions at anytime from anywhere by just visiting the MGM Edutech portal.
  • Students don’t miss the school/college lectures even during the covid-19 pandemic or when the students cannot come to school due to illness.
  • Teachers can approach each student individually through MGM Edutech portal.
  • Teachers can conduct live session to create a virtual classroom and teach them just like the MGM school/college.
  • Teachers can record their sessions to make them available later for students for revision and better learning.

How to Login to MGM Edutech Portal

The MGM Edutech portal is designed for the teachers and students of MGM  group of institutions. The portal is accessible by login only, you cannot access any feature or service without logging into MGM Edutech website portal

Before we move further, make sure that the internet is connected and it offers required speed for online  video streaming. Here we provide the steps for logging into MGM Edutech teaching and learning portal.

  1. Open a web browser on your computer/laptop or tablet/mobile phone.
  2. Go to the official MGM Edutech website portal at
  3. On your screen, you will see two empty fields on right side.
  4. Here you need to enter your MGM Edutech username in first field and the password accompanied with your username in the second field.
  5. Enter your username and password correctly, then click on “LOG IN” button.
  6. Once, you are logged into MGM Edutech portal, you can access all its functions including attending live sessions and watching past sessions.

Where to get MGM Edutech Username and Password

The MGM Group of Institutions does not provide any sign up or registration option on MGM School website ( or MGM Edutech portal ( So, you may wonder how you can get access to MGM Edutech. The answer is simple, the MGM school authorities provide a unique username and passwords to each student and each teacher of their school.

When you get admission to a school or college under the flag of MGM school/group, you need to provide required documents to school management authorities. Once, your admission process is over, the school authorities will give you a unique username and password that you can use to access the MGM Edutech portal from anywhere.

When a new teacher is appointed at an MGM school, the teacher has to go through the appointment procedure. Once, the teacher is officially appointed, the school management team provides a unique username and password to the teacher. Thereafter, the teacher can login to MGM Edutech portal to access all functions of teacher/lecturer including giving live teaching sessions and query solution sessions.

How to Reset Forgot Password at MGM Edutech Portal

The MGM students need to provide their username and password to sign into MGM Edutech portal. If you have forgot your password then you cannot login to MGM Edutech VLE portal. In such circumstance, we recommend you to reset your password to get access to MGM Edutech portal. The password reset process is very easy, just follow the five simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit the official website of MGM Edutech portal at
  2. Find out login section and click on “Forgot password?” link.
  3. Now, enter your registered email ID and your registered MGM username in the given fields.
  4. Click on the “EMAIL NEW PASSWORD” button to receive a new password on your email address.
  5. Check your inbox to see your new password and login to MGM Edutech with your username and new password.

Wrapping Up:

The MGM group of institutions provides international level education in its schools and colleges. It also provides the same education online on its MGM Edutech teaching and learning portal. We have explained all necessary information about MGM Edutech portal and its benefits for students and teachers. In case you still have a query or doubt then ask us in the comment section. We will reply your query as soon as possible.

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