Booster Vaccine Registration: Book Your Slot for Precaution Dose at

The booster does of covid-19 vaccine has been started across all over India. The government of India has announced that the precaution dose of vaccine is to start from 10th January 2022. The booster vaccine registration is open now and concerned people can book a slot on CoWin website to get the booster shot at nearby vaccination center.

Booster Vaccine Registration: Book Your Slot for Precaution Dose at

More than 70 crore Indian citizens have taken two doses of covid-19 vaccine. So, the risk of covid-19 is decreased as the vaccine provides protection against serious symptoms of covid infection. However, the new variant of covid-19 is spreading in India and other countries with a great speed compared to previous variants. Therefore the government wants to add more protection with the booster vaccine that is available now at all vaccine centers in India.

A few months back, we all assumed that the covid-19 vaccine has two doses. There are three vaccines available for covid-19 named Covaxin, Covishield and Sputnik V. All three vaccines have two doses that the citizens need to take with the minimum time period of 84 days. The people who got both doses are called fully vaccinated people and can download vaccine certificate from CoWin portal.

Booster Vaccine: Covid-19 Precautionary Dose Quick Highlights

Name of Disease Covid-19 Coronavirus
Name of Vaccine Covaxin and Covishield
What is Booster Vaccine? 3rd Dose of Covid-19 Vaccine

Precautionary Dose of Covid-19 Vaccine

Vaccine Provided by Health Department, Government of India
Vaccine Booster Precautionary Dose is Only for Frontline Workers, Health Workers and Citizens above 60 Years
Eligibility for Booster Vaccine After 9 Months or 39 Weeks of 2nd Dose
Booster Vaccine Start Date 10th January 2022
How to Book A Slot for Booster Vaccine Online Mode

What is Covid-19 Vaccine Booster Shot/Dose?

In last week of December 2021, PM Shri Narendra Modi came live to announce the vaccination for 15-18 year old kids and booster vaccine precaution dose for health workers & senior citizens above the age of 60 years. With the announcement, the people of India came to know that the booster shot is available for old age people and it is also free like the first two vaccine doses.

The covid-19 vaccine booster shot is a precautionary dose of corona vaccine. It provided added protection to save the old age people from covid-19 infection. At present, the booster vaccine dose is available for frontline health workers (doctors, nurses, compounders, etc.) and elderly citizens who are at least 60 year old. The booster vaccine registration is slot booking are open now, read ahead to know how to book a slot for covid-19 vaccine booster shot.

Is Booster Vaccine Important for You?

The precautionary dose of covid-19 vaccine is made to add one more layer of protection against coronavirus variants. We all know that in last two years, we have seen many variants of covid-19 and its mutation is still going on. At present, we have more than 10 variants of covid-19 and omicron variant is spreading across all over world. So, it is possible that new variants of coronavirus will show up in near future.

The precautionary dose (booster shot) is powerful enough to make your immune system more powerful. It helps you to fight against the existing variants and upcoming variants of covid-19. Therefore it is important for all health workers and senior citizens to book slots for booster vaccine and get vaccinated on scheduled date & time.

What is the Eligibility for Booster Vaccine Precautionary Dose?

The government of India has started giving booster dose of covid-19 vaccine in whole India. At present, the booster dose is available for frontline health workers who need to work at a hospital on daily basis. In addition, the senior citizens above 60 years are eligible to get booster vaccine from nearby vaccination center.

The primary condition for booster vaccine precautionary dose is that it is available for the people who have got both doses of covid-19 vaccine. In addition, the precautionary dose is to be given only after 9 months (i.e. 39 weeks) of second dose. You must check your eligibility details before booking a slot for booster vaccine on CoWin website portal.

Important Note: The old age people with critical diseases are recommended to consult their doctor before taking the booster vaccine. If the doctor allows then you can proceed for slot booking and visit the vaccination center to get the booster shot.

What is the process for Booster Vaccine Registration online?

The people who are eligible for the booster vaccine can get their shot at nearby vaccination center. If you have already registered at CoWin portal for 1st & 2nd dose of covid-19 vaccine then you don’t need to register again. You can sign in with your registered mobile number and book your slot for the booster vaccine shot online.

In case you are not registered earlier then you should register yourself at CoWin portal with an active mobile number. Then you need to add members with help of Aadhaar Number & OTP or other ID proof(s). Once, the eligible member is added to Cowin portal, you can book a slot for booster vaccine for that person.

How to do Slot Booking for Booster Vaccine Precautionary Dose 2022

In order to book a slot for booster vaccine, you must have your registered mobile number in active condition. Make sure that you have a computer or smart phone with internet to visit the CoWin portal and book your slot for booster vaccine shot online. Here we provide some simple steps for online slot booking for booster vaccine dose as under:

  1. Go to the official website of CoWin portal at
  2. Find out “Register/ Sign In” tab on upper right side and click on it.
  3. Enter your registered mobile number and click on get OTP to proceed.
  4. Enter the OTP that you have received on your mobile phone and submit it to sign into CoWin portal.
  5. Scroll down to slot booking section, search your nearby vaccination center with help of your state & district name or pin code or locate it on map.
  6. Find a vaccination center that is easy to reach for you and book a slot for booster vaccine on your desired date & time.
  7. Save the appointment slip and carry it with yourself when you go for taking the booster vaccine at relevant vaccination center.

Click Here to Register/Book A Slot for Booster Vaccine

Wrapping Up:

The booster vaccine is the 3rd dose of covid-19 vaccine. It is very effective to boost your immune system to fight against coronavirus and its variants. If you still have a query or question regarding booster vaccine precautionary dose then ask us in the comment section, we will answer your queries soon.

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