How to open BOI Kiosk Banking

BOI Kiosk Banking is an easy way to access banking services without having to physically visit a bank branch. It is secure and convenient as you can access it anytime and from anywhere. It also provides a wide range of services like funds transfer, balance inquiry, bill payments, and more.

There are several benefits associated with BOI Kiosk Banking that make it a great option for customers. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Steps to open BOI Kiosk Banking

BOI Kiosk Banking is a great way to access banking services in remote locations. It allows you to open an account quickly and easily, without the need for a branch visit. All you need to do is follow some simple steps to get started. In this guide, we’ll go over the steps for setting up BOI Kiosk Banking so that you can start using it in no time.

1. Visit the nearest Bank of India branch

Visiting the nearest Bank of India branch and registering for the service is the first step towards availing the BOI Kiosk Banking facility. After reaching the branch, applicants need to fill out a registration form and submit it at the bank office along with valid Identity proofs such as Aadhaar Card, PAN or Driving License.

After submitting all the required documents and submitting registration fee, customers will receive an acknowledgment slip with the applications details.

After completing this step, customers must collect their BOI Kiosk coupons from their respective branches which can be used for doing transactions through kiosks located nearby. The coupons are provided on a bi-monthly basis to customers who have already registered for Kiosk Banking service and these will enable them to avail most of financial services provided by BOI at kiosks without any additional charges or fees.

2. Fill out the application form

To open Booth Banking, you need to fill out an application form. The application form can be obtained at the BOI Kiosk Bank branch, or it can be downloaded from BOI’s website. In the application form you will be asked to provide your personal details such as name, address, contact information, identity and residence proof.

Once you have filled out the application form, you need to submit it along with the required documents such as address proof, identity proof and photographs. You will also need to pay a one-time fee of Rs 200/- for opening a Booth Bank account. Your Booth Banking account is valid for 5 years from the date of your application form submission.

Once the BOI Kiosk branch has received your duly filled application along with necessary documents and fees, you will have to go through biometric verification. A digital photograph of your face (to capture facial features for authentication) and fingerprints/IRIS scan (as identification) are taken during this process.

After successful authentication of biometrics and completing other formalities like lien marking on other accounts with banks if any, a passbook is issued which contains details like account number and branch details that can used with UPI or NEFT transactions at Booth Kiosks in India or abroad anytime without visiting the bank’s branch that enables Cash Deposit/Withdrawal services under 24×7 service model.

3. Submit the required documents

Applying for BOI Kiosk Banking can be done in several steps, with the first step being to submit all the necessary documentation. You will need to provide proof of identity (usually a government-issued photo I.D.), proof of address, and your latest salary slips and/or audited bank statements. Other documents may also be required depending on your specific financial or banking situation.

Once the documents are submitted, it is important to follow up regularly with Bank of India’s customer service team in order to ensure that all items have been received and verified by their representative.

It is also important to note that if you do not have any credit history established, you may have difficulty opening a kiosk banking account as it will represent a new line of credit for them to evaluate and potentially influence their decision on whether or not they approve your application.

3. Make the initial deposit

After obtaining your BOI Kiosk Banking Application Kit, the next step is to make the initial deposit. The amount of this first deposit needs to be at least twenty five thousand Rupees (₹25,000). This can be done through any branch of Bank of India, where you must present a valid identity proof (Voter ID Card, Driving License, etc.) and proof of address (Passport size photograph with signature/stamp).

Once the initial deposit is complete and payment receipt received, you will also be provided with a Provisional Account number. This account number is required for further processing and will change once your application is approved.

Required Documents for open BOI Kiosk Banking

Opening a BOI Kiosk banking account requires you to provide some documents that prove your identity, address and other financial information. These documents must be original and valid, and they must be presented in person at one of the BOI Kiosk banking branches. Here are some of the documents you need to bring with you when you open a BOI Kiosk banking account.

Valid ID proof:

Opting for BOI Kiosk Banking requires individuals to submit documents in order to open an account. Without completing the required documentation and submitting it to the bank, you will be unable to open a bank account.

When opening a BOI Kiosk Banking account, one must present at least one valid identification proof with a photograph. Generally accepted forms of ID proofs include Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, driving license, passport, Voter ID card and other government issued IDs which bear both name and photograph of the applicant.

In addition to this identification proof document, you must submit self-attested photocopies of those documents before opening your bank account. A cancelled cheque leaf is also compulsory if you wish to continue with net banking or availing loan facilities from the bank in future.

Address proof:

When opening a Kiosk Banking account at the Bank of India (BOI), it is important to provide proof of your current address. Acceptable documents that can be presented in this regard include utility bills, property tax receipts and government-issued photo identification cards. Depending on the country in which you are opening your account, other forms of identification may also be accepted.

The utility bill may include electricity or gas bills. It is generally required to be within one year of issuance and can either be an original copy or a certified copy issued by the local authority in charge of the service provider’s office.

Likewise, property tax receipts must also have been issued within one year from the date of submission to BOI Kiosk Banking and should ideally bear a valid address for audit purposes and tax assessment uses by Indian authorities as prescribed under Section 294A and 295A of The Income Tax Act, 1961.

Government-issued photo identification cards such as government ID cards, voter IDs or PAN cards may also be accepted depending on the country and its regulations regarding mandatory KYC norms pertinent to customer accounts management processes under banking laws prevailing in those jurisdictions.

Recent passport-sized photograph:

Before appearing at the Bank of India (BOI) kiosk to open a kiosk banking account, customers should make sure to bring a recent passport-sized photograph. The photograph must be of the individual seeking to open the account, and should be no older than three months.

It is also important for customers to confirm that the photograph is correctly printed on photographic paper, with a smooth finish and no visible defects.

When submitting the photograph, customers should also include their full name, address and contact number written on the backside of each image, as well as their signature within the borders of the photographic area.

Customers are responsible for ensuring their photographs are in compliance with all regulations set by BOI before submitting them for use in opening a kiosk banking account. Failing to follow these requirements may result in delays or even cancellation of an application.

BOI Kiosk Banking – Modes of Payment

Bank of India offers a wide range of payment options to its customers, which include cash, cheque, electronic transfers, and even kiosk banking. Kiosk banking is one of the few payment options that can be used to open BOI accounts and manage accounts from anywhere in the country. In this article, we will discuss the various modes of payment available through BOI Kiosk Banking.


Cash is the oldest form of payment and still one of the most popular. It’s quick, easy, and simple to use. People use cash for low-cost purchases that won’t break the bank or for purchases that need to be made in a short time frame. Cash has also been known to help people stick to budgets since it is more difficult to track than other forms of payment.

The one downside to using cash is that once it leaves your wallet, it’s gone forever and there’s no way for you to get it back if you happen to misplace it or lose track of how much you have. Additionally, some vendors may place restrictions on using cash as a form of payment due to certain laws or because they don’t feel comfortable handling large amounts of cash.

Overall, cash remains one of the most convenient methods of payment when all other options are unavailable or undesirable due to limited merchant acceptance or security risks associated with other modes such as debit/credit cards.


Cheque is one of the easiest and secure methods of payment. It allows you to pay by writing a cheque drawn on your BOI bank. With this mode of payment, there is no need to carry cash. The amount in the cheque can be transferred directly and securely into multiple bank accounts with just one payment.

In case of defective and stale cheques, a provisional credit may be chosen while more stringent measures are applied to protect against fraudulent transactions. In order to open BOI kiosk banking, there are certain things that need to be done before a customer can use this mode of payment.

Ensure that all accountholders have the latest KYC documents i.e. PAN card, Aadhaar card or other legal identification proof
Fill in the Cheque Issue Request form at the time of opening or renewing your account
Provide relevant details such as Account Number, IFSC Code and Branch Code for easy identification by the processing system
Provide signature for authentication purposes
Submit original identity proof documents for record keeping purposes with Branch Manager or at Head Office
Once you have completed these steps, you will receive an email indicating successful completion of your request along with your new Cheque book and associated documentations within two weeks. With this process you can pay through a Cheque given by any Bank including BOI Kiosk Banking which is safe and secure & also allow customers to access their financial needs at any point in time without leaving home!

Net banking

Net banking allows users to access their bank accounts, transfer funds and make payments using the internet. It is a convenient, economical method of banking and is widely used in India as it provides easy access from any part of the world. Bank of India provides its customers with the facility of net banking and gives them a secure platform for conducting their transactions.

The bank has developed a secure two-factor authentication process that ensures that only authorized users are able to access the customer’s account. To open net banking with BOI, customers need to register their account online by submitting their personal information such as name, address, date of birth etc.

After completing the registration process, customers will receive an activation link via email or SMS. By clicking on this activation link, users can log into their BOI Kiosk Banking accounts and manage all transactions securely without having to visit any branch or ATM. Customers can use BOI Kiosk banking to view account information, check balance details, pay bills online and transfer funds between different banks using NEFT/RTGS facility etc.

Additional Benefits of BOI Kiosk Banking

Kiosk banking can help you save time, effort, and money when it comes to daily banking activities. Additionally, it offers more convenience and security over online banking. Furthermore, the BOI Kiosk Banking system offers a wide range of additional benefits that it provides to customers. Let’s take a closer look at these additional benefits.

Free ATM card

Opening a Bank of India Kiosk Banking account allows you to benefit from a safe and convenient banking experience. In addition to the ease of navigation, BOI Kiosk Banking also provides several other benefits for its customers, such as a free ATM card with an annual fee of zero rupees.

The ATM card comes with other features including access to both domestic and international ATMs, bill payments, and round-the-clock customer support. Furthermore, the usage of the card enables customers to track their spending habits on a daily basis so they can manage their financials better.

Customers are also provided with easy access to their bank accounts anytime, anywhere in India – be it withdrawing or depositing money digitally or physically at any Bank of India branch. And since all online transactions are secured using advanced encryption technology, customers do not need to worry about their data security either.

Online banking services

Online banking services can provide customers with a wide variety of opportunities. These services can help customers manage their finances on the go, as well as monitor account activity and keep track of their financial progress.

Additionally, online banking services include features such as transferring funds between accounts, paying bills online, viewing account histories, viewing check images and statements, tracking investments and rewards programs.

Online banking with Bank of India is simple and easy to understand using our BOI Kiosk Banking service; allowing customers to securely manage their money anytime and from anywhere. Through the Kiosk Banking service customers can access a range of products such as current accounts, credit cards and loans.

Customers are also able to access a range of additional benefits through the Kiosk Banking service including but not limited to; setting up savings goals, applying for products featured in the bank’s branch network and managing direct debits or standing orders easily at home or while on-the-go.

In addition to these features our Kiosk Banking service also incorporates features such as; alert systems to notify customer when payments have been received or paid out, a locking system to protect against unauthorized payments/transactions and access to “My Offers” an online marketplace where users can compare prices for toys, electronics books and much more in order to get the best deal possible for their purchases.

SMS alerts

One of the additional benefits of BOI Kiosk Banking is SMS alerts. This feature allows users to be alerted in real-time when account activity takes place. For example, if you would like to be notified with an SMS alert when a certain amount is deposited into your account, or if you want to receive an alert when money from your account has been transferred or withdrawn, then this service can be set up easily with a few clicks on the BOI Kiosk Banking menu.

The benefit of setting up these SMS alerts is that it gives users peace of mind knowing that their account activity will instantly be visible through a text message notification. Additionally, text notifications can help users keep track of their savings and spending habits more effectively as they can keep a close eye on their bank balance. This is also beneficial for those who are trying to create a budget or become more mindful about their spending.

Convenience and flexibility

Convenience and flexibility are the key benefits of BOI Kiosk Banking, which is a branchless banking system that allows customers to transact using automated machines. BOI Kiosk Banking offers customers the freedom to access their account information and carry out transactions from any BOI Kiosk at a location convenient to them. Customers are also given complete control over their finances through self-service transactions.

The convenience of BOI Kiosk Banking allows customers to enjoy services such as balance inquiry, cash deposits/withdrawals, fund transfers between one’s accounts and other bank accounts, utility bill payment, ATM card operating instructions etc. with ease and in the comfort of their own home or office. This eliminates the need for customers to stand in long queues at branches or worry about working hours at banks as they can make all required transactions within minutes from any ATM kiosk.

The flexibility of this branchless banking system is further evidenced by its ability to be enabled with customer service attendants. Attendants provide personal attention and customer support in order for customers to have a more secure banking experience without fears or doubts when carrying out financial transactions such as card operations and purchase of goods using cards.

Customers are also able to save time by combining several operations like bill payment into one single transaction on the BOI Kiosk machine itself.

The need for physical presence at bank branches has been eliminated thanks to the convenience and flexibility offered by BOI Kiosk Banking, making it an ideal choice for people who value efficiency and convenience in their financial transactions.

Cost savings

The range of cost savings offered by BOI Kiosk banking include both short-term and long-term advantages. Many customers may not be aware of the level of cost savings a kiosk bank account can offer, but there are several major potential benefits:

Short-term Cost Savings:
-Low Fees: Kiosk banking accounts do not charge an access fee, meaning that customers can use their accounts with no extra cost. This means that costs associated with account maintenance and access are significantly reduced compared to traditional banking.

Long-term Cost Savings:
-Lower Interest Rates: Customers who open BOI Kiosk bank accounts enjoy significantly lower interest rates on their deposits than those offered by traditional banks, making it possible for their savings to grow at a faster rate.
-Greater Return on Investment (ROI): The lower interest rates also mean that customers benefit from a higher ROI than is usually the case when using traditional banks. This means that customers’ bank balances will grow faster than otherwise possible – leading to greater overall financial security in the long term.

Easy access to banking services

The Bank of India Kiosk (BOI Kiosk) banking provides customers with easy access to a wide range of banking services and monetary transactions. BOI Kiosk banking enables customers to complete time-efficient transactions while remaining secure and in control of their finances. From the convenience of a Kiosk, customers are able to rapidly complete essential banking tasks.

One benefit of BOI Kiosk banking is the fast, secure access it provides to essential services such as checking balances and transferring funds between multiple accounts. Customers can also pay bills, print statements, top up pre-paid debit cards, and purchase travel money cards. The ability to instantly access these services 24/7 means that customers can save valuable time and money when it comes to achieving their financial goals.

Additionally, the Bank of India advanced security system ensures that each transaction performed at a Kiosk is secure from any third-party interference or malicious actors attempting to gain unauthorized access to a customer’s account information.

The bank uses tokenized payments systems as well as other modern security protocols such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology and two-factor authentication processes for all its kiosks across the country.

BOI customers have peace of mind knowing that their finances are diligently protected while they make use of the convenient features offered by BOI Kiosks across the country.

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