How to download PNB Mini Statement

PNB Mini Statement provides quick, easy and secure access to your account information. With PNB Mini Statement, you can view a summary of your recent PNB account transactions. It’s easy to obtain a PNB Mini Statement – all you need is access to internet banking or the Mobile Banking App.

This guide will help you understand the steps required for downloading PNB Mini Statement from both these avenues with ease. You can view your mini statement in different formats such as PDF, XML and TXT depending upon the Browser or device being used.

Prerequisites for PNB Mini Statement

Before you can download your PNB mini statement, there are a few prerequisites you need to take care of.

Firstly, you need to have an active internet connection to facilitate the download process. Additionally, you need to have a PNB net banking account, with your mobile number registered to it. Moreover, you’ll also need to have access to a compatible device, such as a computer, laptop, or smartphone. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get started.

Have a PNB net banking account

In order to download your PNB Mini Statement, you must have a valid net banking account with Punjab National Bank. If you do not already have an account, you can create one quickly and easily by following the step-by-step instructions below.

Before beginning, ensure that your bank details are up to date and up-to-date contact information is available. This will ensure that any notices or communications regarding your account are easily accessible.

To start creating a PNB net banking account:
1. Visit the official website of Punjab National Bank at
2. Select ‘Register’ towards the bottom of the homepage to create your account.
3. You will be asked to enter your Customer ID and 10-digit mobile number registered with PNB for authentication purposes before being able to register for net banking services..
4. Enter your personal information such as address and contact details in the subsequent page before clicking ‘Proceed’. Then, set up a unique User ID/ Password for security reasons which will help you protect against unauthorized access of information related to your bank accounts or transactions on PNB’s online platform in future .
5 Unless additional security questions are created, it is important that all users remember their login credentials properly as this is a crucial part of protecting their financial information from fraudsters of any kind.

Once these steps are completed successfully, you will be ready to download your PNB mini statement online safely and securely!

Know your customer ID and password

Before you can use the PNB Mini Statement online, you must be a registered customer of the bank. This means that you must know your customer ID and password.

It is important to have your customer ID and password set up before you attempt to download a mini statement for review.

The process of setting up your customer identification and password will vary based on how you accessed your account originally (through an internet banking login, etc.).

Generally, after accessing the relevant website or mobile app, you should be prompted to enter a valid email address, mobile number or other authentication details.

Once logged in with this information, further instructions will be provided on how to create a new or update an existing account user identification details like passwords and PINs (personal identification numbers).

It is important that these credentials are kept safe as they provide access to any confidential information contained within your account. After completing this registration process, customers are then able to access the mini statement feature when required.

Steps to Download Mini Statement

PNB Mini Statement is a great way to view your account details without having to physically visit the bank. It can be downloaded from the PNB internet banking portal or using the PNB Mobile Banking app. So let’s take a look at the steps for downloading the mini statement for your PNB Account.

Log in to your PNB net banking account

Once you have logged into your account, you should be able to view the dashboard or the home page of your account. If you are using a personal computer or laptop, this page will typically appear once you enter the details of your user ID and password.

If you are using your mobile device to access the net banking portal, then you need to select ‘View Mini Statement’ from the list of services available. This will open up a page where you can enter all your login credentials (User ID and Password).

Once authenticated, it will take you directly to the statement viewing page. Here, select ‘Mini Statement’ from the list of services provided in the left-hand corner of the window displayed.

Then enter all necessary information such as ‘date range’, ‘context-based statement’, and others as required on that page and click on submit button in order to get mini statement within 30 seconds – 1 minute time limit.

Once submitted successfully, it will display mini statement for selected time period. Alternatively, it can also be accessed either by initiating Quick Balance in case if no other option is available for downloading mini statement through PNB net banking service.

Click on the ‘Accounts’ tab

After logging in to your PNB account, you’ll need to go to the ‘Accounts’ tab. This will give you a list of all active accounts associated with your PNB online banking profile. To view a bank statement of any account, click or press on it. This will display all the transactions made using that account.

Next, you’ll need to select the type of statement you want to download – Mini Statement or Detailed Statement. Depending on the type selected, different options might appear such as period for which statement needs to be generated and other specifications relating to how detailed the downloaded statement should be.

Once you have selected all required settings and details, click on ‘Proceed’ button at bottom of page. This will trigger a verifying process necessary for downloading statement that shows all received and debited amounts during particular time frame.

Finally, when verifying process is completed successfully, you can download Mini Statement by clicking on ‘Download’ button at right side of page under heading ‘Print/Download Statement’ near top-center area of page indicated by small down arrow icon beside it (for desktop users) or by clicking ‘Downloaded Text File’ in dropdown menu located at bottom-center area (for mobile/tablet users).

Click on the ‘Mini Statement’ option

Once logged into their PNB net banking accounts, customers can easily download their mini statement.

To get started with the download process,click on ‘Mini Statement’ option from the menu at the top of the screen. This will open a new page where customers need to enter required details like account number, date range and branch code (as applicable).

After entering all the necessary information correctly, customers can proceed further by clicking on ‘Submit’ button. On successful completion of this step, customers can download mini statement directly from their PNB net banking account in PDF or Excel format.

Enter the required details

In order to download the mini statement for your PNB account, first you need to enter the required details. These details include your account number and registered mobile number.

Once you have entered these details, the next step would be submitting them. Once the system has accepted the details, it will prompt you for an OTP (One Time Password). An OTP is a 6 digit code sent to your registered mobile number which needs to be entered in order to proceed with downloading your mini statement.

Entering the OTP is an important security measure as it ensures that no unauthorized person is accessing your bank details. After entering this OTP, you will be able to proceed with downloading your mini statement.

Click the ‘Submit’ button

Once the mini statement form is filled in, you must click the ‘Submit’ button to conclude your request. This will activate your transaction and retrieval of the requested mini statement from Punjab National Bank (PNB). Based on your type of account, you may receive mini statement via Email, SMS or just a Hard copy.

However, it is extremely important that the details entered are accurate and complete. The contact details provided will be used by PNB to provide e-statements via email or SMS if applicable.

The Email/SMS/Hardcopies will contain all necessary as well as supplementary information as required for carrying out respective banking transactions securely.

Your mini statement will be displayed on the screen

Once the mini statement is generated, customers can view their mini statement on the screen or download it for official record.

The mini statement can be downloaded in two formats – PDF and Excel. If you wish to download the mini statement in PDF format then click on ‘Download in PDF Format’ link that is provided at the bottom of your mini statement.

If you wish to avail the Excel version of your mini statement then click on ‘Download in Excel’ button given at the bottom of your generated mini statement.

Your file will now begin downloading and soon post completion, a message will appear on top confirming successful download with a list of options to choose from.

You must select one option and click okay to complete process successfully. The downloaded file will now be saved into your designated folder (typically, Downloads) and the same can be stored for future use as official record.


We hope our comprehensive guide on how to download PNB Mini Statement has been helpful in guiding you through the process. It is highly recommended that you follow the methods outlined above to ensure a successful, safe and secure retrieval of your mini statement.

Remember to always double check your details before making any transactions and use secure and reliable Wifi to avoid any unwanted data sharing or security breaches. With these precautions in place and a little patience, downloading your PNB Mini Statement won’t be an issue at all.

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