How to Apply for HDFC Credit Card Online

Applying for an HDFC Credit Card is easy and convenient. You can fill out the application online or visit a branch and submit it in person. Once your application is approved, you will be able to use the card for making purchases, withdrawing cash, and more.

In this article, we will look into the process of applying for an HDFC Credit Card online.

What is an HDFC Credit Card?

HDFC Bank credit cards are widely used around the world and offer a variety of benefits and features, depending on the type of card you choose. From basic rewards to airline miles and luxury for purchase, HDFC Bank has a credit card that suits every need.

HDFC Bank credit cards are accepted at millions of outlets, both in India and internationally. Most HDFC Bank credit cards also come with features such as zero liability on all fraudulent transactions and insurance plans to protect against fraud.

They are convenient to use with secure spending limits and up to date account information available online or through their mobile app.

HDFC bank provides an array of contactless technology-enabled card types ranging from low-cost classic cards to more premium offerings such as Titanium, Platinum, Signature and World cards. They also offer speciality cards tailored to strengthen the shopping power of customers including Foodista Cards, Equi Tripple Rewardz Card, CreditMantri Rewardz Card & more.

Along with various cashback & reward schemes available on multiple categories like travel, dining & entertainment – HDFC Credit Cards provide multiple through cashback banking partners & online marketplace in order to give customers the best shopping experience.

Benefits of an HDFC Credit Card

An HDFC Credit Card can give you access to a variety of features and benefits. Not only can you use it to make purchases, but you can also access a wide range of rewards, special offers, and cashback programs. With the ability to apply online, you can get your application processed quickly and easily. Let’s discuss the advantages of having an HDFC Credit Card.

Cashback and rewards

Holders of an HDFC credit card can enjoy a number of rewards, including cash back and bonus points. A cashback feature is available on all HDFC credit cards, which gives the user a percentage of their purchases back in the form of cash. This can be used to pay for more purchases or withdrawn as actual cash.

In addition to the regular cashback feature, bonus points are available as part of HDFC’s loyalty programs. Depending on the type of card you have and your spending history, you may qualify for additional bonus points when you use certain services or complete certain tasks.

For example, some credit cards feature accelerated bonus points when used at selected retailers or when spending large amounts in one purchase.

These reward points can then be used to redeem rewards such as hotel stays, merchandise or travel bookings with participating partners. Furthermore, HDFC offers exclusive discounts on flight tickets and hotel stays through their partnership with and for cardholders who make their bookings using their HDFC cards.

Zero annual fees

HDFC Credit Card Apply Online is an open-source credit card payment system through which you can apply for and manage your HDFC credit cards. HDFC has many benefits for their credit cardholders, including Zero annual fees. This means that there are no charges associated with owning or using the card, as long as there is no late payment or default in payments.

Zero annual fees not only helps you to save money on unnecessary costs, it also lets you make use of more available funds to pay off any purchases made with your HDFC Credit Card.

Furthermore, the lack of a fee makes you more likely to make the most efficient use of your available funds – especially if you are purchasing large-ticket items or plan to make multiple purchases throughout the year – as once those amounts have been charged, they will not be subject to an additional yearly fee upon renewal.

The absence of an annual fee also allows for more consistent budgeting every year since you won’t have to worry about increasing costs due to a yearly fee stretching your wallet more than necessary.

Additionally, a lack of an annual fee can allow for accumulation and utilization of reward points that come with certain cards since those rewards can be used without subjecting them to this cost each year for renewal. This varies depending on the type of card being used – so be sure to review what kind offers what specifically provides before making a decision on one.

Interest-free credit

HDFC Bank credit cards offer customers attractive features such as interest-free credit, reward points on purchases, cashback offers and more. Interest-free credit is the biggest benefit that HDFC Bank credit card holders can enjoy. Interest-free credit refers to the period of time during which cardholders do not have to pay interest on their outstanding balances.

The HDFC Bank offers its customers a sanction period of 50 days when they can utilize their accumulated money and purchase anything they desire without incurring any additional cost in the form of interest.

This grace period starts from the day your bank statement is issued to you and continues until 50 days. During this period, minimal substantive payment must be made to qualify for zero or minimal interest charges.

On failure to make said payments, you will incur varying levels of interest activities based on your current remaining balance and average daily balance (ADB).

On availing HDFC Bank’s exceptional balance transfer facilities offered on select products such as MoneyBack Credit card, Superia Credit Card, Infinity Credit Card etc., you can deduct all outstanding dues from your existing banks/financial institutions; at an unbelievably low rate of 3.40% per annum so that you could concentrate only on fulfilling all expenses through one single consolidated source rather than multiple sources making it convenient for all payments one makes every month. All these benefits make getting an HDFC Bank Credit Card absolutely worth it.

Easy payment options

HDFC Credit Card offers its customers a number of easy payment options. This allows you the flexibility of setting up where and when to pay your bills depending on your preference. It enables customers to avoid late payment charges and other penalties which would have been incurred for delayed payments.

Customers can opt for the auto-debit facility, which means that credit card bills get paid automatically from their savings/ current account every month. This saves time and energy as you don’t have to remember the due dates or manually do the payments each month.

Additionally, HDFC Bank provides its customers with features such as EMI Converter, wherein customers can convert their purchases into easy EMIs at no extra cost. Customers also have the option of availing Cash on EMIs where they can get cash back up to 50% on select purchases made through HDFC Bank Credit Cards.

Overall it helps in making budgeting easier as customers know exactly how much they will be paying every month with no additional costs involved in most cases and also aids in staying away from any kind of legal hassles due to late payments or other penalties involved due to delay in payment.

Eligibility Criteria for HDFC Credit Card

Before you apply for an HDFC Credit Card, it’s important to understand the eligibility criteria so that you can make sure you meet the requirements. A person needs to meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for an HDFC Credit Card. It includes age, income, residence proof, identity proof, credit score and other factors. So let’s discuss each of these criteria in detail.


The age of a person applying for an HDFC credit card determines their eligibility. Generally, the minimum age mandated by HDFC to apply for a credit card is 18 years and the maximum age should not exceed 60 years.

HDFC might allow applicants over 60 years of age to apply by adhering to specific conditions. Applicants must prove their creditworthiness and demonstrate an ability to pay back their debt in order to qualify for an HDFC credit card at that age.

There are various other eligibility criteria which include past repayment history, income, type of employment (salaried or self-employed), type of residence (owned or rented), etc., that makes someone eligible or ineligible for an HDFC credit card approval.

Prospective customers should make sure they meet all the necessary requirements before applying so that their application process runs smoothly and is successful.


For income eligibility, HDFC Bank requires applicants to have a minimum gross income of INR 20,000 in India. This may differ for different cards and locations depending upon the applicant’s existing bank relationship with the bank.

Documentation required to establish your income includes a copy of Form 16 for salaried individuals, or salary slips for the last three months; or ITR filing copies for self-employed individuals. The source of income should be from a legitimate source such as employment, business profits, or rental/property income.

Credit score

Your credit score is a major determining factor for the approval of the HDFC Credit Card. A higher credit score indicates that you are a responsible borrower, capable of paying back loans and you have lower credit risk associated with them. HDFC Bank considers the credit score to be 750 or more as part of its eligibility criteria.

In order to apply for a HDFC Bank Credit Card, it is necessary to meet certain eligibility criteria based on age, income and other factors. The minimum age requirement for applying for an HDFC Credit Card is 21 years of age, and the maximum age is 65 years at the time of maturity.

An individual must submit documents such as Aadhaar Card, PAN Card etc. that prove identity, address proof and passport size photographs along with information pertaining to employment status and remuneration package in order to complete their application process successfully.

Applicants who meet all these criteria are considered eligible to apply for a HDFC Bank Credit Card; however, it should be noted that meeting these requirements does not guarantee approval by the bank’s internal department which assesses the applications from time to time.

Documents Required for HDFC Credit Card

Applying for an HDFC credit card online is a simple and streamlined process. All you need to do is fill out the online application form and upload the necessary documents to initiate the process. The documents that you need to submit depend on the type of credit card you choose. In this section, we’ll discuss the documents that are required for applying for a HDFC credit card.

Proof of identity

When submitting documents to a company or organization, it is important to provide proof of identity. This proof can come in a variety of forms, including physical documents and digital records. Physical documents typically include valid photo identification such as passports, driver’s licenses, or national ID cards.

Digital records can include scans or copies of the physical identification cards, along with other online records like social media accounts, online banking statements, and digital payment apps. In some cases, a verified support document may be required as an additional proof of identity.

Valid forms of identification should:

• Be issued by an official governing body;
• Bear the bearer’s full name;
• Contain their photograph; and
• Not have expired.

It is also important to ensure that the photo matches your appearance today since some forms of identification are replaced when the bearer’s appearance changes significantly after they have received the document.

Once proof of identity is established and approved by the organization in question, it is important to maintain this evidence for future reference as it may be needed for other processes like opening a bank account or applying for a job.

Proof of address

When submitting an application to avail a credit card, your Proof of Address must be submitted as part of the documentation process. This document is generally used by companies to identify you and make sure that the address provided is genuine and valid.

Valid proof of address documents include:

-Aadhaar Card
-Voter ID Card
-Utility bills like phone bill or electricity bill (recent)
-Bank Statement (recent)/Passbook
-Driving License issued by the government
-Ration Card issued by the Government of India.

Additionally, those who are not citizens of India need to submit documents such as Work Visa, Resident Permit, etc., along with passport for proof of Address.

Income proof

When you apply for an HDFC Bank credit card, you must provide proof of your income. This is done to determine your eligibility for the card and for a set credit limit.

Income proof documents that are accepted include:

-Latest salary slip or income statement from current employer
-Form 16
-Income Tax Return that has been filed within the past year
-Latest 3 months salary slips
-Processing fee payment receipt/challan issued by Income Tax department
-Proof of other incomes like rent or interest income associated with fixed deposits, bonds, real estate investments, etc.

Application Process for HDFC Credit Card

Applying for an HDFC credit card is a simple and straightforward process, made even more convenient by the ability to apply online. If you’re considering applying for an HDFC credit card, you’ll be glad to know that the process is relatively easy and straightforward.

In this section, we’ll cover the entire application process in detail so you know exactly what to expect when you begin your online application.

Online application

The online application process for an HDFC credit card is simple and hassle-free. If you already have a bank account with the bank, you can apply for a credit card easily through your net banking facility. Here’s how:

1. Log into your net banking account and select ‘Credit Cards’ under the ‘Cards’ tab.
2. Choose the type of card you are interested in – either a Standard or Premium variant – and click on the ‘Apply’ option against it.
3. Enter all your personal details such as name, address, income, etc., and submit the application form along with any required documents. Your details will be verified and approved in no time!
4. Congratulations! You are now on your way to enjoying a variety of wonderful deals and offers with your HDFC credit card.

Offline application

Applying for an HDFC Bank Credit Card offline is a three-step process:

Step 1: Fill out and submit the application form at the nearest HDFC Bank branch. Make sure you have all the documents necessary for submission.

Step 2: After submission, you will be asked to provide your biometric data ( fingerprints) at the bank’s biometric scanner. This ensures that all your information is secure and protected from misuse.

Step 3: Once your application is reviewed and approved, you will receive an SMS with your credit card details on the registered mobile number. You can activate your card by calling up customer care or through Netbanking.


To sum it up, applying for an HDFC Credit Card online is a secure, easy and convenient process that can help you manage all of your finances in one place. With the range of options available, you can choose a card that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Plus, using the online application method helps to reduce paperwork and approval times saving you valuable time. We hope this guide has been informative and wish you all the best on your journey to find suitable financial solutions.

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