IOB Net Banking: Forgot Password Reset Online with OTP

Internet banking is one of the most common methods of banking used in India today. Internet banks enable customers to access their bank accounts, transfer funds, view their account history, and make online payments in a secure and convenient manner.

At times, customers may face issues while accessing their accounts due to a forgotten password or security issues.

In such cases, it is important to know the process of resetting passwords online with One Time Password (OTP). The present article provides a step-by-step guide on how to reset your IOB Net Banking Forgotten Password with OTP.

The Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) offers a range of internet banking services for its customers including balance checks, fund transfers within the IOB network & with other banks, transaction history viewing, opening or closing existing IOB accounts and applying for different banking services like loan applications and fixed deposits etc.

All these facilities require authentication using customer’s net banking user Id & password. Therefore if a customer forgets his/her net banking password , then he/she won’t be able to use any of above services offered under the IOB internet banking umbrella. In such cases users would have to reset their forgetting passwords using an OTP-based system provided by IOB.

What is IOB Net Banking?

Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) Net Banking is a service provided by the bank for their customers to access their account information and carry out internet banking operations.

This service gives customers 24-hour access to their accounts and also allows them to pay bills, transfer funds between accounts, check balances, view recent transactions and more. This can be done through a mobile app or an internet browser.

IOB Net Banking is secure as it is protected with Verisign technology which ensures that the safety of the customer’s data is maintained at all times.

In addition to this, two factor authentication system adds an extra layer of security to protect customers’ personal and financial details from unauthorized access. Hence, these features make IOB Net Banking a safe and convenient banking solution.

Benefits of IOB Net Banking

IOB Net Banking offers a range of benefits designed to make it easy for customers to manage their finances and access banking services irrespective of their location. By opening an IOB Net Banking account, customers are able to take advantage of the following features:

-Instant transfer of funds across multiple accounts: Customers can quickly and securely transfer funds from one bank account to another without having to visit a branch.
-Check balance on the go: Customers can view their available balance and previous transactions easily using IOB Net Banking.
-Manage bill payments: Customers can keep up with their payment dues by setting up automatic payments or scheduling alerts for upcoming due dates.
-24/7 customer service: Customers are able to access round the clock support from the IOB customer service team.
-Secure online transactions: All online transactions carried out through IOB Net Banking are secured with 2048 bit SSL encryption technology, making sure all transaction details remain safe and secure while in transit.

Steps to Reset IOB Net Banking Password Online

Resetting the net banking password of the Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) can be done conveniently and quickly online. You can easily reset your password using the One Time Password (OTP) verification process. This article will provide a step-by-step guide for resetting IOB net banking password quickly and securely.

Generate OTP

Generating an OTP is the first step in resetting your IOB (Indian Overseas Bank) Net Banking password online. Once you have successfully generated the OTP, you can use it to choose and reset a new password. Please ensure that you leave this page only after generating OTP.

To generate an OTP, complete the following steps:
1. Enter your User ID and click on ‘Generate OTP’ tab
2. The true value concept will appear post to entering User ID
3. Select one of the options provided viz., mobile/email & click on ‘Proceed’ button
4. An OTP will be sent to either your registered email or mobile number, depending upon which option is selected by you
5. Enter the OTP in the appropriate box and click on ‘Reset Password’ tab
6. On successful verification of your details and accepting the Disclaimer clause, a Registration form for creating new Password will be displayed
7. Finally select any one security question from available options & enter all required fields before creating a new secure Net Banking password for yourself

Enter the OTP

Entering the One-Time Password (OTP) is a necessary security step to reset your IOB Net Banking password online. When you request a password change, IOB will generate and automatically send an OTP to your mobile number that is registered with the bank. The OTP will be valid for 30 minutes only, so enter it within that time frame.

To enter your OTP:
– Go to the password reset page on IOB’s website.
– Enter your customer ID and registered mobile number.
– You will then receive an SMS from IOB with the 6-digit OTP.
– Enter this one-time OTP in the respective field on the website.
– If the OTP is accepted, you can create a new password for your IOB Net Banking account.
– Make sure to save this new password in an accessible place such as your smartphone or PC — this will help you quickly access your account should you ever forget it again!

Create a New Password

Once you have entered your correct User ID and the One Time Password (OTP) successfully, select the option to create a new password. You will now be taken to a new page where you have to enter your new password. Make sure it meets the specified criteria for length and complexity.

The new password has to be unique and should not contain any familiar patterns such as your name, initials or dates. It needs to pass a test of strength so use letters in both uppercase and lowercase, numbers and special characters. You can also set custom security questions which will be used in case you forget your login details another time.

Once done, click on the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the screen which will generate an alert message that confirms that you have successfully updated your password for Indian Overseas Bank Net Banking Service.


This guide explained the process of resetting a forgotten IOB Net Banking password online using One Time Passwords (OTPs). Utility bill payment or recharge, checkbook ordering and balance enquiry can be done quickly with this user-friendly and secure Internet banking facility. Additionally, customers can access IOB Net Banking anytime and anywhere by simply downloading the IOB Mobile Banking app.

To ensure security, make sure to keep your username and Internet Banking password safe, change it often and never share it with anyone. As with any financial transactions involving personal information, customers should use caution when they are transacting online. Please remember that without being aware of its consequences due to fraudulent activities might lead to financial loss.

On that note, IOB Net Banking is really handy for customers as it is a comprehensive suite of services provided by Indian Overseas Bank which is both secure and accessible at any time from anywhere in the world.

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