How to Apply for New Aadhar Center Online

The Government of India introduced the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) which provides an Aadhaar card to every Indian citizen. An Aadhaar card will provide you with numerous benefits such as access to financial services and government welfare programs.

The UIDAI has made it possible to apply for an Aadhaar card conveniently by creating processes that are largely online. In this guide, we will show you step-by-step how to apply for a new Aadhar Center online.

We will also discuss the documents required for application, various online initiatives taken by the UIDAI and more so that you have a comprehensive understanding of how the process works and what measures you can take to expedite your application faster.

The best part is that everything is done online, saving you time and eliminating any hassle that may be associated with conventional methods of applying for an Aadhaar Card. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Prerequisites for New Aadhar Center

If you’re interested in applying for a new Aadhar Center, there are certain prerequisites you must meet beforehand. This includes having a valid PAN card and a valid bank account. You should also have your own business premises or a room to be used as the Aadhar Center.

Furthermore, you need to have a mobile phone number and a valid government-issued ID card. Once all the prerequisites are met, you can then move on to the next step of applying for an Aadhar Center.

Have a valid mobile number

Having a valid mobile phone number is a pre-requisite for many activities such as registering for online banking and using call forwarding services for business operations. Mobile numbers must be registered with the appropriate service provider in order to be authenticated.

It is important to ensure that all details associated with the mobile number are up-to-date and accurate. In order to ensure accuracy, customers may need to provide proof of identity such as a photo ID or other verifiable documents issued by government issuing authority.

Another aspect of having a valid mobile number is adhering to certain terms & conditions set by your service provider, such as adhering to monthly bill payment cycles, observing usage policies & restrictions, etc.

Customers should also recognize the geographic coverage range offered by different service providers in their area and adjust their plans accordingly.

Lastly, it is essential that customers remain aware of the latest changes in tariffs related to their chosen plan in order to prevent any unexpected payments on their bills at the end of each month.

Have a valid email address

Having a valid email address is one of the most important prerequisites for setting up an online account. An email address can be used to update you on your account activity, receive orders or special offers, keep track of coupons and promotions, and to contact you if something goes wrong.

It will also help you create a unique identity on services like forums, blogs, or other websites.

Additionally, some services require an email address to access features like being able to change your password. Before using an online service or creating any accounts, make sure to have a valid email address.

Step-by-step Guide for New Aadhar Center

Setting up your own Aadhar Center can be a time-consuming and daunting task. However, with the right process and resources, it can become much easier. This step-by-step guide will help guide you through the process of applying for a new Aadhar Center online. By following this guide, you can ensure that the process is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Visit the official Aadhar website

Visiting the official Aadhar website is the best way to get started if you are interested in applying for a new Aadhar Center. The website is user-friendly and provides an easy-to-follow guide for completing your application process.

Once on the official website, you will find detailed information regarding the entire application process, list of documents required, and what to expect in subsequent steps. Additionally, you can contact the UIDAI helpline in case of any queries or difficulties with your online application.

Click on ‘Apply for Aadhar Center’

Click on the ‘Apply for Aadhar Center’ button located on the Aadhar website. This will take you to a page where you can select either the online option or the offline option.

If you are choosing to apply online, you will be asked to fill out a form with your personal information and submit documents required for verification.

Make sure that the details provided in your application are accurate and up to date before submitting. Once your application is submitted, you will be given a unique ID number that can be used to check your status of application at any time.

Alternatively, if you choose offline mode, you will be required to visit an Aadhar center in person along with all necessary documents, such as identity and address proof.

The officials at the center will ask for details such as basic information like name and age, and you may also be required to provide biometrics such as fingerprints or iris scans for authentication purposes.

Once everything is verified by an official at the center, your unique ID number (UID) for Aadhar card will be generated and sent to your residential address within 90 days from submission of your application form.

Fill out the Aadhar Center application form

Aadhaar card is a 12 digit unique identification number issued by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which is valid throughout the country. It captures basic demographic and biometric information such as fingerprints and iris scan of every individual.

The Aadhar Center application form is available both online and offline, depending on whichever mode you prefer to use.

Filling out the Aadhar Center application form requires you to provide your personal details such as name, address, gender, age, contact information and more. Here are the steps for filling out the application form:

1. Choose Your Language: Select the language in which you wish to fill out the Aadhar Center application form from English or your preferred language.
2. Enter Basic Information: You will be required to enter basic information such as your name, address, date of birth/age, gender etc.
3. Enter Contact Details: Provide your contact details including residence address proof like driving license or passport ID along with a valid mobile number or email ID for authentication purpose.
4. Biometric Data: You will be required to provide biometric data like finger print scan and an iris scan in order to generate your unique Aadhaar number after verification process is complete.
5. Upload Documents: To verify your details submitted in your Aadhaar application form it’s important upload documents like proof of address & identity along with applicable supporting documents as suggested by UIDAI helpline/web portal guide line/ customer support team while visiting Aadhar center in person..
6. Submit Form: After reviewing all data provided in Aadhar card application form press ‘Submit’ button at bottom right corner of page to generate an acknowledgement receipt with enrollment ID having 14 digits printed along-with time & date stamp falls under UIDAI norms & regulation list over Aadhaar centers across countrywide locations..

Subsequently post verification process UIDAI personnel update users about their 14 digit enrollment ID through SMS/ email as fall under terms of service list over registrar based web portal or can check their enrollment status through helpline number 1800-180-1947 given by UIDAI govt body authorities

Submit the form

Once you complete filling out all the necessary details, be sure to check for any errors and proceed to the next step. After completing the form, you will need to submit it online by clicking on the ‘Submit’ button.

This will then generate an acknowledgement receipt which must be printed. You should retain this printed acknowledgement receipt for future use and keep a record of its ID number as it will be needed for further process.

Once you have submitted your application, your Aadhaar card will take 10-20 days to be processed and a notification email or SMS will be sent once the same is ready for collection.


Applying for a new Aadhaar center online is a simple process. Once you are done filling out the application form, you will need to confirm the information you have entered.

This confirmation step is important as it ensures the accuracy of the data you have shared and helps to avoid any errors in the processing of your application.

Receive an email confirmation

It is important to receive an email confirmation when you purchase something online as it serves as proof of your transaction. It is always wise to check your purchase history and look for an email confirmation whenever you make an online purchase.

The email will usually provide a summary of the items purchased, the total cost of the order, any discounts applied, the payment method used in making the purchase and a tracking number if applicable.

Keep your confirmation safe in case you need to refer back to it when making returns or exchanges or if you have questions about your order. Having an email record further serves as peace of mind that none of your personal details have been abused or misused.

Receive an SMS confirmation

When you place an order online or through a mobile device, it’s important to know that your purchase has been confirmed. To ensure this, most businesses implement some type of SMS confirmation system.

This allows customers to receive a text message shortly after their purchase is complete, confirming the transaction and providing details such as a tracking number or estimated delivery date.

Using SMS notifications can offer customers added convenience and peace of mind when making purchases. Consumers don’t have to worry about deciphering long emails filled with legal jargon – instead they get a short message clearly outlining what they purchased and when it will arrive.

For businesses, using an SMS confirmation system helps to maintain customer trust and loyalty through transparency and improved communication.

To make sure that customers receive the necessary notifications for their purchase, the delivery system must be reliable and secure. Most companies will use a messaging service provider (MSP) that provides APIs with tools for building custom messaging applications.

This way businesses are guaranteed fast, reliable delivery with little overhead cost.

In addition, an MSP may offer other services like two-way messaging capabilities for customer inquiries and automated responses for promotional offers or support requests.


Finally, once you have filled in the application form and submitted all the necessary documents, you can expect to receive an acknowledgment email. This email will include a date when your Aadhar Centre will become active and accessible for customers. The entire process takes about four weeks for approval and activation, so it is best to plan ahead if you need the service urgently.

It is important to note that certain Aadhar centers may have certain specific requirements for submitting applications such as demographic details or address proof. Additionally, all applicants must prepare their valid proofs of identity as required by UIDAI before submitting the application form. Once your application has been approved and set up, you can start providing services from your new Aadhar center within a month.

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