How to check PNB Balance

Checking your PNB bank balance is easy and convenient. You can use a variety of methods to quickly and securely view your account balance. You can use online banking, telephone banking, or even simply check via SMS.

This article will provide an overview of the different options available, as well as detailed instructions to help you check your PNB balance.

What is PNB?

PNB, or Punjab National Bank, is a nationalized bank that has been providing banking and financial services to customers across India since 1894. PNB is one of the oldest and most respected banks in India and provides a wide range of services such as loans, deposits, investments and payment products.

One of the key services PNB offers to its customers is a balance inquiry service which allows users to easily check their bank account balance. To use this service, users need to register their mobile number with the bank and then link it with their bank account at any PNB ATM or through internet banking.

Once the customer’s mobile number is successfully registered with the bank, they can use it to check their balance using either SMS or missed call service provided by PNB.

Through this convenient service, customers can stay up-to-date on their account balance without having to visit an ATM or log into internet banking every time. This helps them keep track of their finances in an easy and secure manner

Advantages of PNB

PNB, or Punjab National Bank is one of India’s oldest, reliable and trusted banking institutions. PNB offers its customers convenience, ease and reliability when using the bank’s services both online and through its branches.

As one of the most popular banks in the country, PNB provides a range of advantages that make it a preferred choice both nationally and internationally:

-Secure transactions: PNB’s anti-fraud measures ensure that all online transactions remain secure at all times.

-Easy access: Customers can easily access their bank accounts and check their balance with the help of mobile banking apps or through net banking services.

-PNB UPI payments: The Unified Payments Interface (UPI) allows customers to quickly transfer or receive money from any bank account with just a few clicks.

-Online fund transfers: Customers can easily transfer funds between their own accounts or to other beneficiaries within PNB networked banks domestically or internationally.

-Instant credits: PNB customers can benefit from convenient pushes for credits in their bank accounts with the help of IMPS (Immediate Payment Service).

-Efficient customer service support: With 24×7 customer care helplines, customers are assured immediate attention in case they face any banking related issues while using services offered by the bank.

Checking Balance on PNB

Being able to check your balance at all times is important, especially if you are managing a business or have multiple accounts.

It is also important to know what your balance is to prevent any overdraft charges. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to check your PNB balance at any time. In this article, we will discuss how to check balance of your PNB account.

PNB Online Balance Check

The PNB (Punjab National Bank) provides various services to its customers. One such service is checking your bank balance. There are multiple ways to do so, and one convenient option is by using their website.

You can check your bank balance online right from the comfort of your home or office. To get started, you will need an active internet connection and access to the PNB (Punjab National Bank) website or mobile application. The steps for a balance check on the website are as follows:

– Log in to the PNB website with your username and password
– Select “Account” from the top menu
– Select “Balance Inquiry” from the drop down menu
– You will see a detailed account summary that includes account type, current balance and other important details like account number etc
– To view your complete profile details, select “My Profile” option from the top menu
That’s it! You should be able to view all of your accounts’ current balance right in your browser window. Additionally, if you have opted for SMS/email alerts, you can track these as well by visiting “Alerts” section under “Account” tab.

Mobile App Balance Check

For PNB customers, it is possible to use the bank’s official mobile app to check your available balance. To get started, download the app from your device’s app store and create an account.

Once you’ve set up your account, you can check your balance by logging in and navigating to the “Balance Inquiry” section. From there, you will be given a convenient option to view the total amount of money available in your account.

The app also provides a quick way for users to view transaction records for the last three months. Transactions include deposits and withdrawals, as well as credit and debit card purchases and payments made via checks or internet banking transfers. Additionally, customers may also use their subscribed mobile phones to check their balance using SMS banking services from PNB.

ATM Balance Check

The easiest and quickest way to check your Punjab National Bank account balance is by using an ATM. By inserting or swiping your debit card in the ATM machine, you can easily find out the current amount that is present in your account.

Depending on the set of services provided by different locations, you may also be able to check other bank related details such as the mini statement and monthly transactions made through the account. To proceed with the balance inquiry, simply follow these steps:

1. Insert/Swipe your Debit card into/on an ATM machine.
2. Select ‘Balance Enquiry’ from given options on screen; this will be one of the main menu items for most ATMs.
3. Enter your four-digit debit card PIN or ATM password when prompted and press Okay or Confirm to continue with balance inquiry process.
4. The displayed result will show you the current balance of your PNB account along with other available balances in case of a joint account holder or for linked accounts like recurring deposits and fixed deposits.
5. Once you have checked all the information carefully, don’t forget to press ‘OK’ button to end or cancel transaction and securely remove debit card from machine slot before walking away from ATM terminal premises immediately after completing transaction process

SMS Balance Check

The State Bank of India allows customers to check their bank balance quickly and easily through SMS service. Checking your account balance via SMS is convenient and secure, as you don’t need a physical passbook or debit card. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, so you can be sure to keep track of your finances at all times.

To check your PNB Bank Account Balance via SMS:
1. Send an SMS ‘BAL’ to 9223766666 from the registered mobile number of your bank account.
2. After sending the SMS, shortly you will receive an SMS back from PNB Bank with your account balance details.
Note: The services message that is sent by the bank might have a transaction cost associated with it depending on what type of scheme you have subscribed to with your mobile network provider (if any).

Other Services

The Punjab National Bank (PNB) offers a host of services that can help you manage your finances. In addition to checking your PNB balance, you can take advantage of services such as mobile banking, digital payment solutions, and more. In this section, we’ll go over the various PNB services and how they can benefit you.

Fund Transfer

Fund transfer is one of the basic features of banking services, allowing users to easily and quickly move money from one account to another. In order to transfer funds, you must provide all necessary information on the origin and the destination accounts.

Some banks offer ‘real-time’ or ‘instant’ transfers, which allow for the immediate transfer of funds between accounts with no waiting time. There are other services which allows you to transfer money on a particular date or in regular intervals once a week or month.

Depending on the bank you use, they also provide different threshold limits for such transfers – ranging from few hundreds/thousands to tens of thousands/millions per day per account. There can be charges applicable for certain kind of transfers based on the service provider and sender/receiver bank’s shared policies and guidelines.

At Punjab National Bank (PNB), fund transfers can be performed through various methods such as Online Banking (Internet Banking), Mobile Banking (Tez App), ATM Transfer, IMPS, NEFT & RTGS Transfer etc.

With Online Banking facility, customers can make payments instantly with added safety & security features enabled by PNB at each step – starting from registration process till actual payment authentication process.

The bank has adopted end-to-end encryption techniques that provide an added layer of security to your online transactions & make sure your hard earned money remains safe with them during your fund transfer process using PNB Internet Banking Services as well as Tez App Services provided by Google Pay India Pvt Ltd..

Bill Payments

PNB offers several convenient services to its customers, including payment of bills. With its service, one can easily pay their bills for electricity, phone or water for your home or business.

By using the net banking facility of PNB, you can easily check your transaction history as well as pay bills quickly and securely. Additionally, customers may also avail PNB’s auto-debit facility or use their debit cards for payment of bills

To pay your bill through PNB net banking, the following steps need to be taken:
1. Log in to your PNB net banking account with your unique User ID and Password.
2. Select the ‘Bill Payment’ option from the menu bar on the homepage and select ‘Register Biller’ tab.
3. Enter relevant details required such as biller name, contact number etc
4. Once biller is registered it can be viewed under ‘My Billers’ tab in Bill Payments page and you are ready to pay your bill online using this facility!

Mobile Recharge

A mobile recharge is a convenient way to top up your prepaid mobile plan. By using a credit card, debit card or another form of payment, you can quickly and easily add money to your account for talk time, internet access and other services.

When topping up your mobile account using online payments, check that it’s secure – use only trusted sites with SSL security. Some common payment methods used are paypal, credit card, debit card and Net Banking (PNB).

Depending on your operator and the service you want to use there might be different options available for recharging. For example: PNB Net Banking balance can be checked by logging into the official website of Punjab National Bank or by downloading their mobile app.

After successful authentication you may view transactions/balance etc on PNB bank account. This method also allows customers to recharge their Prepaid Mobile plans easily with just few clicks!


It is important to keep track of your PNB accounts to ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover any transactions or bills you may owe. Knowing your balance ahead of time will help you stay organized and on top of all your banking needs.

The various methods detailed in this guide are available to assist customers with quickly accessing their account balance information and keeping track of their PNB accounts. Whether it is through the use of SMS banking or over the phone, customers can now easily access their current account information in a timely manner.

In order to keep on top of any upcoming bills or payments, it is important for customers to regularly check their account balances and progress towards any existing goals they may have set for themselves. With this knowledge, customers can make more informed decisions about how best to use their funds going forward.

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