PAN Card Status: How to Apply for a PAN Card Online

A PAN Card is an important document for all citizens of India, which helps the government track the financial transactions of individuals, businesses, and non-profits. It is also a helpful tool when it comes to tax filing.

The PAN Card status is an important part of the PAN Card process and it can be checked easily online. In this article, we will look at how to check your PAN Card status and understand the various factors that affect it.

What is a PAN Card?

A Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is an identification document issued by the Income Tax Department of India to the taxpayers in India. It acts as proof of identity and residence for the payment and filing of income tax returns. PAN numbers are mandatory for transactions above a certain value and also serve as a record-keeping system for the Indian government.

The form used to apply for a PAN card is Form 49A, commonly known as an application form for allotment of permanent account number (PAN). To apply for a PAN, individuals need to provide certain details such as personal information, contact information, age proof and address proof.

After filing the application form, one can track PAN Card status online using the 15 digit acknowledgement number mentioned on it.

Purpose of a PAN Card

A Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is an identification document issued by the Income Tax Department of India. It is mandatory for all taxpaying individuals and entities to apply for and obtain a PAN card.

The PAN number helps the government track a person’s financial transactions, including income tax payments, salary deductions, investments, credit card expenses, and other financial activities.

PAN cards serve various purposes such as:

-For filing of income tax returns
-Enabling taxpayers to make smooth transactions with banks
-Opening of bank accounts and Demat accounts
-Transactions related to mutual funds
-Purchasing/selling shares or securities in the stock market
-Exchange of foreign currency

The PAN also serves as an identity proof for individuals with respect to their financial dealings. It is used extensively by the Government departments to keep track of business and economic infrastructure. As it provides essential information regarding one’s income and taxes paid, it is integral in issuing certificates such as Form 16A or Form 16B or Form 16C at the end of the fiscal year.

How to Apply for a PAN Card

A PAN card is a necessary document for filing taxes in India. It is essential for any financial transaction to be tracked, making it necessary for all taxpayers in India. Applying for a PAN card is a relatively easy process and can be done online or through the post. This article will cover the process of applying for a PAN card from start to finish.

Documents Required for PAN Card

To apply for a PAN card, applicants are required to submit certain documents as proof of identity, age and address. This information is important as it forms part of the filing process and helps the government track tax related activity within the country.

The following documents are generally accepted as valid proof for PAN Card applications:

-Voter ID card
-Driving license
-Aadhaar Card
-NREGA Job Card
-Arms License
-Pension Card with photograph (such as GPO issued pension cards / Defence Pension Cards)
-Any photo identity issued by central/ state government departments or any others.
-Bank certificate in original on letter head from the branch confirming name and address of the applicant with signature and seal of the issuing authority.
-Property document with photograph containing name and address such as ration card containing photograph, if issued in name of the applicant, deed with photograph and Kisan pass book containing photograph etc.

Additionally, applicants must provide copies of supporting documents that are specific to their category (i.e., individual/HUF/Company). These may include:

-For individual applicants – Birth Certificate or 10th Class Certificate, Passport or Marriage Certificate For Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) – Deed copy related to ancestral property -For Company – Registration Certificate or Memorandum & Articles Of Association

Online Application Process for PAN Card

The online application process for a PAN card is the most convenient way to get this important document. It takes only a few minutes to enter the required details and pay the processing fees, after which you will receive an acknowledgment number. This can be used to track your application status over the internet.

To apply for a PAN card online, you must first prepare several documents and items of information. This includes address proof such as any one of the following:

-Aadhaar card
-Voter ID
-Ration Card
-Utility Bill (electricity/ telephone)
-Property Tax Receipt issued by local Municipal Authorities

You must also have your photograph ready, as well as any other document specified by the Income Tax Department. Make sure that all information provided is correct, otherwise it could result in delays in processing your PAN card application.

Once all documents are in place and scanned copies are prepared, you should visit the official website of National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) or UTI Investments Services Limited (UTITSL). Both these companies handle online applications for PAN cards.

You should click on ‘New PAN’ option from the menu bar before entering all personal and contact details asked for in the application form. The form also features two declarations that must be ticked with checkmarks to signify agreement and acceptance of mentioned terms and conditions before submission.

Once submitted correctly and payment has been completed, you will receive an acknowledgment number that serves as confirmation of your new application request for a Permanent Account Number (PAN).

Offline Application Process for PAN Card

A Permanent Account Number, commonly known as PAN, is a 10-digit alphanumeric code issued by the Indian Income Tax Department. It is assigned to individuals, businesses or entities conducting financial transactions in India. For those who need to apply for a PAN card through the conventional, offline process, here is a step-by-step guide.

1. Download and fill out Form 49A from the official website of the Income Tax Department of India.
2. Download and fill out Form 49AA if you are applying for a PAN card from outside India.
3. Submit the form along with supporting documents such as proof of identity and address and payment receipt to a local income tax PAN service office belonging to NSDL or UTIITSL in person, by post or through an authorized representative.
4. Upon submission you will be given a unique 15 digit acknowledgment number which can be used to subsequently track your application status online via or at any NSDL TIN Facilitation Centers (TIN-FCs) in India or overseas offices of UTIITSL abroad equivalent authority designated by government of other countries (if applicable).
5. You can also track your application status online via NSDL website using the 15 digit acknowledgment number provided above or at any NSDL TIN Facilitation Centers (TIN-FCs) in India or overseas offices of UTIITSL abroad equivalent authority designated by government of other countries (if applicable).
6. Upon successful verification of your credentials you will receive your PAN Card via post within couple weeks from the day it was requested for processing on acceptance & validation basis only excluding weekends & public holidays etc. at specific circles where you have applied for it with jurisdictional Assessing Officer under whose jurisdiction that particular Ward falls where applicants mentions his/her permanent address details etc. in requisite forms i:e Form 49A / Form 49AA respectively etc. as specified hereinabove .

How to Check PAN Card Status

Checking PAN card status is an essential step in the process of filing income tax returns. It is important to check the status of your PAN card before you proceed with filing your returns. The process of checking PAN card status is simple and straightforward. In this article, we will discuss the various ways in which you can check your PAN card status.

Online Process

Checking your PAN card status online is a simple and straightforward process. All you need is the 15 digit acknowledgement number that was generated at the time of application. The acknowledgement number can be found on the receipt provided to you by the NSDL or UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited (UTIITSL).

The steps for checking your PAN card status by acknowledgement number are as follows:

1. Visit the National Securities Depository Limited’s e-Governance site at and click on ‘Know Your PAN’.
2. Enter your valid acknowledgement number in the required field and then click on ‘Submit’.
3. You will be presented with your current PAN card status and other relevant details, including whether your application was accepted, pending, rejected or canceled due to some discrepancy in submitted details, etc.
4. You can use this information to identify if any corrections are required in case there is a discrepancy, or track when it has been dispatched from NSDL / UTIITSL facilities for delivery via post or courier depending on which option was chosen for delivery of the PAN card during application submission process.

Offline Process

The offline process of checking PAN card status is for individuals who are not familiar with or do not have access to a computer. To use the service, one must provide the PAN card application number as well as other relevant information including the applicant’s full name, date of birth, father’s/husband’s name and information on where it was applied.

There are two types of offline avenues to check PAN Card Status:

– By sending a request through post – An individual can write a letter containing details like application number and data such as full name, date of birth and father’s/husband’s name. This letter should be sent to National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) or the Income Tax Department.
– By calling customer service – An individual can call National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) customer helpline numbers; 0124-4215962 or 020-27218080 between 10:00 PM to 06:00 PM from Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays).

The customer service agent will ask for specific details mentioned above and once provided, will give the relevant information about the PAN Card status.

SMS Process

The PAN card application process requires applicants to provide details and documents to prove their identity. Once the application has been processed, the PAN card is sent to the applicant’s address. To reduce hassle and time, applicants can also track their PAN applications online or via SMS.

For checking the PAN card status by SMS, users need to use their allotted 15-digit alphanumeric acknowledgement number (acknowledgement receipt given when PAN application is submitted). An SMS code needs to be sent from a registered mobile phone number in this format:

The SMS is then sent to 57575 from any Indian mobile service provider. Users will receive an SMS detailing the current status of the PAN card application, such as pending verification or dispatched for delivery. The result received via this method can be used for planning further steps for receiving and using a valid PAN card.


The process of obtaining a PAN card is quite straightforward and easy. Once you have submitted your application, it is important that you check the status of your PAN card regularly to ensure its timely delivery.

The Income Tax Department provides some online facilities to track the status of PAN using the 15-digit acknowledgement number provided in your application form, or by using the name and date of birth provided at the time of registration.

You can also physically visit a major tin-facilitation center designated by UTITSL to track or enquire about PAN card related information or services.

Once your PAN card has been approved, it is advisable that you verify all details on the physical copy before submitting it for further use, such as when filing regular income tax returns or opening a bank account.

It is best to keep your PAN number handy for any other financial transactions so that you can easily find it if needed in future. With this information, we hope you now know how to check a Pan Card status!

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