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Have you ever wanted to preserve your favorite conversations on WhatsApp without any hassle? Well, the solution is here! Keep reading to learn how you can now easily archive chat on WhatsApp and keep a permanent record of your favorite conversations.

Storing your chat history for future access is one of the greatest features of WhatsApp. But due to limited storage and backups, you may have to archive some of your chats in order to free up space for new ones.

The archive saved will be kept clean and secure. It would not be affected or accessed by anyone, even if someone else has access to your phone. Archiving messages also stops them from appearing in notifications or group lists, making it easier for you to sort through your active conversations without leaving a mess behind.

This guide will help you learn how to Archive or Unarchive individual or group chats on WhatsApp, as well as how to delete message histories completely so that nothing is left behind.

Benefits of Archiving Chat on WhatsApp

Archiving chats on WhatsApp offers a number of benefits and provides users with better management and control over their active conversations. Once a chat has been archived, it is no longer displayed in the main Chats list and is instead stored away in the Archives section.

This allows you to keep track of active conversations without having them displayed in your Chats list all the time. Additionally, archiving chats helps keep the main Chats list clutter-free and allows users to find what they’re looking for more easily.

Archiving chats also preserves other user data such as when messages were received, when a conversation was last updated, who participated in the conversation and other important information that could be necessary down the line.

All of this makes archiving conversations on WhatsApp an ideal tool for sorting through conversations at a later time or day.

How to Archive a Chat on WhatsApp

Archiving a chat on WhatsApp can be as easy as one click. To archive a chat, open WhatsApp and go to the chats window. From here select the chat you wish to archive by long pressing it and selecting the “Archive” option. Once selected, your chat will be automatically moved to the archived list.

To view or recover archived chats, you can go to your archived list or access them through your recent chats list. In both places, an archived conversation will be marked with a down arrow icon beside it. You can tap on the icon of an archived conversation to move it back into your recent chats list and un-archive it.

At any point in time, if you wish to delete your messages permanently from WhatsApp conversations, you may do so by long-pressing on any message in that conversation and selecting “Delete”. This action will delete all messages in that conversation from both devices from both devices.

If a deleted message is ever sent unwittingly again, it won’t be shown on either device participating in that discussion but may be retained on our servers for a maximum of 30 days for backup and recovery purposes.

After this time period has elapsed those messages are deleted forever after being expunged from our servers irrevocably without leaving any trace of their existence whatsoever!

Advantages of Archiving Chat on WhatsApp

Archiving a chat on WhatsApp can provide many advantages for users. By archiving a conversation, the chat will be stored in an archived folder, which allows users to easily access and review conversations whenever needed.

Additionally, by archiving a chat on WhatsApp, participants of the conversation will no longer be notified when new messages are sent; thus avoiding distracting notifications during important activities. This also prevents unnecessary notifications from cluttering up the user’s home screen with chats they no longer require.

Moreover, archiving a chat on WhatsApp saves storage space on the user’s device as archived conversations are removed from the main chats tab and moved to an archived folder. This helps conserve device memory particularly if you have numerous ongoing conversations or groups with large numbers of participants that are no longer used regularly.

Additionally, this assists in quickly finding relevant conversations as all ongoing and archived chats are displayed together in one timeline view. Thus ensuring users have easy access to all records they wish to refer back to regardless of whether it is an active or retired conversation.

Disadvantages of Archiving Chat on WhatsApp

Archiving chat on WhatsApp can have a few drawbacks. Messages that have been archived are no longer visible in the main chat list, so messages may not be seen right away if the user does not remember to check the archived chats for them.

Additionally, when you archive a conversation in WhatsApp, it does not delete the messages. Archiving just moves them out of view from the “Chats” tab. Finally, archiving a conversation puts all the photos, documents and other media shared in the chat off-view as well.

This means that they are not deleted, but they also cannot be quickly accessed. Overall archiving chats on WhatsApp can help make managing conversations easier, but there are some drawbacks to consider before doing so as well.

Tips for Archiving Chat on WhatsApp

Archiving on WhatsApp is an easy way to hide chats from the main page without deleting them so you can still view them later. Here are some tips to help you archive a chat on the app:

1. On the main chat screen, select the chat that you want to archive. Press and hold on it until a few options appear at the top of your screen.
2. Tap ‘Archive’ from these options and confirm to archive this chat. Once you do this, the particular chat will be archived and moved from your recent chats list; however, all conversations within this specific chat are still intact.
3. If you want to unarchive a chatting, simply tap the ‘Archived Chats’ option present in the chats tab of WhatsApp menu and select any archived chats there that you can unarchive later if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re a frequent WhatsApp user or just getting started, you may have questions about managing your chats and using the app. In this section, we’ll discuss some of the most frequently asked questions about archiving WhatsApp chats

Q: How do I archive or unarchive a chat in WhatsApp?
A: You can archive a chat by swiping left on any conversation from your Chats list and tapping the Archive icon. To unarchive a chat, tap on the Chats tab located at the bottom of your screen, then navigate to Archived Chats – here you can locate your archived conversations and unarchive them by selecting Topics > Unarchive.

Q: How do I delete messages in an archived chat?
A: You can delete messages within an archived chat like any other conversation. Just open the archived conversation and select the message(s) you wish to delete – either via long press/hold or using the additional options icon. Once selected, simply click Delete and your messages will be removed if both participants have not already done so.

Q: If I archive a group chat, what happens to my permissions (i.e., mute notifications)?
A: Archiving a group chat does not affect any mute notifications or other permissions set for that group – these settings will remain in place until further action is taken by either party to modify them.


Archiving chats in WhatsApp is important to keep your messages organized without cluttering up your main chat list. When you archive a chat, it will move it to the Archived Chats section on your WhatsApp home screen, where you can easily access them when needed.

Archiving chats also has the added benefit of helping you if you ever lose or switch phones; while most of your conversations won’t be available because they are not saved to WhatsApp servers, archived conversations will still appear when transferring data from one device to another.

So, archiving is useful for both keeping your main chat page neat and tidy and ensuring that important conversations are carried over if you ever have to perform a data transfer.

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