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So, you’re looking for the Akshaya Centre phone number in Kerala and don’t know where to turn? Look no further! We’ve got your back with all the information you need to make sure you get connected with your nearest Akshaya Centre. Stick around, and we’ll show you how to get in touch quickly and easily. Let’s get started!

Introduction to Akshaya Centres

Akshaya, the citizen-centric e-governance project of the Government of Kerala, was inaugurated in 2002 to bridge the digital divide and provide quality ICT services to all sections of the Kerala population.

The Akshaya network comprises a series of centres spread across each district in Kerala. Established as part of a public-private partnership (PPP) project between the Department of Information Technology, Government of Kerala, and BRLMs (Business Correspondents, Representation and Service Providers), these centres are now operational in all fourteen districts.

The mission of Akshaya is to ensure effective delivery, access and reach out to all sections of people with latest information technology to bridge the digital divide often seen in rural communities.

The vision for Akshaya is for every citizen in any district or village in Kerala to have access to Government-to-Citizen (G2C), Business-to-Citizen (B2C) and Citizen-to-Citizen (C2C) services regardless of economic class, by harnessing Information Technology.

These centres also cater to a wide variety of needs such as computer literacy training for citizens, inclusive recruitment processes through Common Recruitment Portal or getting help from service providers for filing income tax returns etc.

The primary aim is to provide efficient one stop solutions from government departments/ private agencies at an affordable cost without compromising on quality and customer service experience.

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Overview of Akshaya Centres in Kerala

Kerala is a state in the southwestern part of India and is home to the Akshaya Centres, a network of IT-enabled information kiosks run by the Government of Kerala. By providing information and IT-related services, such as e-payments and e-services, these centres seek to improve access to public services for citizens from all walks of life.

The Akshaya Centres are managed by the Kerala State Information Technology Mission (KSITM). They are generally located in urban and rural areas across the state. This includes village panchayats, industrial estates, taluka offices, libraries, educational institutions and government offices.

At an Akshaya Centre you can access information about all sorts of state government schemes and services including housing schemes, old age pensions, scholarships for students from backward classes etc.

Additionally you can also use the Akshaya centres facilities to make payments towards bills such as electricity bills or water bills. You can also pay your property tax here or even withdraw cash from select ATM’s available at many Akshaya Centers.

For more information regarding Akshaya centers in Kerala you can call 0471 2700607 (Kerala Admeonline) which is an initiative tasked with addressing queries related to any Government service in the State.

Benefits of Akshaya Centres

Akshaya Centres are an integral part of the digital infrastructure of Kerala, providing telephony, internet, job training and other services to the citizens. Established by the Department of Information Technology in 2002, Akshaya Centres provide a range of benefits to residents and visitors to the state.

The centres make it easy for citizens to access of government and private services from one location.

The most prominent benefits include:

– Accessing private services: The Akshaya Centres allow users to access services provided by banks, insurance companies and other companies from one place.

– Telephony services: The Akshaya Centres provide low cost telephony services for both landline and mobile phones as well as high speed internet connections.

– Job training : Through various courses conducted at the centres, skilled personnel are created who are then able to participate in IT related training programs with international standards.

– Web based services:The centres also offer web based government e-services like eStamp duty registration (for future use like deed registration), certificate verification system (for educational qualification) etc., connecting citizens with the departments concerned easily under one roof within short duration compared to manual processing.

-Computer Education:The Computer Courses offered by Akshaya Centres enable user to enhance their technical knowledge in IT Field. This provides greater employment opportunities in IT Industry which ensures good salary & also increases job security in market economy.

How to Locate an Akshaya Centre

Finding an Akshaya Centre in the state of Kerala is not a difficult task. The Government of Kerala has provided dedicated phone numbers for those wishing to locate their nearest centre. To locate your nearest Akshaya Centre, simply dial the toll free number from anywhere in the state – 1800-425-8585.

The customer service executive present at the other end of the line will be able to assist you with finding your closest branch. The customer executive will ask for some basic information such as name, address and locality before providing you with exact information about your nearest Centre’s address and contact details.

If there is no contact information available, they will connect you to someone at the center who can help you out further.

One can also visit AdmeOnline website and use the interactive map provided to locate nearest centres easily without contact one’s local authorities or customer service executives.

All one needs to do it search according to district and town or even through pin code of locality which makes this process very easy and simple as well as saves a lot of time than making a phone call and waiting in long queue only to get exact location details.

Services Offered by Akshaya Centres

Akshaya Centres are an initiative of the Kerala Government to provide citizen centric services in Information Technology. It is a one-stop-shop for availing of various services provided by the Government and other agencies.

The main objective of Akshaya Centres is to bridge the digital divide and make life easier for people in rural areas, where most of these services are absent or not easily accessible. The services offered by Akshaya Centres include:

1. Online registration – Citizens can apply and register online for various Government services such as BPL cards, voter ID, ration card, caste certificate etc.
2. Resume creation – Professional aiding citizens in creating resumes to help improve their employability.
3. Aadhaar cards – Helping citizens get Aadhaar cards made through online registration.
4. Online filing of taxes – Facilitating tax filing for citizens through Availtax portal.
5. Planning financial investments – Guidance on financial planning to investors.
6. Banking transactions – Assisting with banking transactions like transfer and withdrawals from any bank without having to visit the bank in person.
7. Rural Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (RED) – Empowerment program that provides entrepreneurial training, technical know-how & support while setting up businesses too.
8. National Scholarship Portal (NSP)– For students who need financial assistance through scholarship programs to pursue their educations.
9. E-seva centers for various activities such as renewing driving licenses, getting birth certificates etc.
10. Availivision – Offers digitalized content streaming & video on demand services along with cable TV subscription & payment management.

How to Contact Akshaya Centres

Akshaya Centres in Kerala provide essential services to citizens. These Centres facilitate a wide range of services and products including digital payments, online ticket booking, utility bill payments, etc.

For inquiries or assistance related to Akshaya Centres, the State Government in Kerala has set-up the following official helplines:

1. Akshaya Centre SMS Helpline: 8111981119
2. Akshaya Centre Contact Number: 9502440012
3. Akshaya Centre Official E-Mail ID: ac[at]admeonline[dot]com
4. Akshaya Care – Mobile App Support (Android & iOS): Download Here
5. Akshaya Care – Online Support Portal :https://akshayaindia.in/support/#enquiry

The helplines provide information on all aspects of the services provided by Akshaya Centres like opening, closing time, location and availability of services such as e-Governance, digital payments etc., for customers in Kerala state.

Citizens using these helplines may also get assistance regarding any technical issues faced in using the Akshaya mobile app or available products and services at their local centre.

Common FAQs About Akshaya Centres

The Akshaya Centres are part of an initiative under the Kerala Government that offers citizens easy access to various services. Akshaya Centres are located in each Taluk/District and provide services related to government transactions, banking, insurance, and other related activities.

The following section provides answers to some common questions concerning the Akshaya Centres.

Q:Which services can I avail at an Akshaya Centre?
A: Apart from offering services related to government transactions and filing of forms, you can also access services such as banking and payments, insurance, e-governance, pension distribution and more.

Q: How do I locate a nearby Akshaya Centre?
A: You can visit the website of AdmeOnline (http://admeonline.in/) for access to the list of centres across all districts in Kerala. You will find details about contact numbers and location information to help you easily locate your nearest centre.

Q:What kind of documents do I need for an application or a transaction at an Akshaya Centre?
A: Depending on the type of application or transaction you are undertaking, you may need specific documents such as Aadhaar Card/ Voter ID card copy/ PAN or passport copy etc., for identity verification. In some cases, you may also need affidavits or other supporting documents pertaining to your application or transaction.

Q: What are the hours of operation at an Akshaya Centre?
A: Generally speaking, most of the centres open from 10 AM – 5 PM throughout weekdays (Monday-Friday) except on public holidays and limited festive days throughout the year.


The information provided above should help you to locate the nearest Akshaya Centre in Kerala. It is important to double-check the official website for the most up-to-date information regarding your local centre, as well as to avoid common scams.

Additionally, if you live or plan to travel in areas that do not have an Akshaya Centre nearby, it is recommended that you take precautionary measures for sending or receiving money through official outlets.

Finally, if you require further help, please contact Admeonline with any additional questions or concerns by using the provided contact number or email address.

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