How to get Ekart Logistics Franchise

Ekart Logistics is one of the leading supply chain logistics and e-commerce service providers in India. They provide an array of services such as delivery, warehousing, and payment solutions for businesses. Getting a franchise with a company like Ekart can be a great way to start your own business. In this article, we will explore all the information you need to know in order to get a Ekart Logistics Franchise.

Overview of Ekart Logistics

Ekart Logistics is India’s largest logistics and supply chain solutions provider. Ekart Logistics’ services include e-commerce package delivery, contracts for supply chain management, multimodal transportation services, warehousing and reverse logistics solutions. In 2019, Ekart Logistics delivered 586 million packages across 740 cities in India.

In an effort to expand its presence in the Indian market, Ekart Logistics offers franchises to entrepreneurs who want to get involved in the industry. This article will give you an overview of what is required to secure an Ekart Logistics franchise, including eligibility criteria and financial investments needed.

Requirements for Ekart Logistics Franchise

Opening a franchise of Ekart Logistics requires fulfilling a few key requirements. For example, the franchisee needs to provide an assurance of minimum business volume and commitment towards service. They must also have operational staff and infrastructure to enable Ekart’s operations.

Additionally, they must have a valid Goods and Service Tax registration and a valid Drugs License. In order to get started on the franchise journey, prospective franchisees must meet these requirements.

Financial Requirements

Prospective Ekart Logistics franchisees should be prepared to invest up to ₹2 – 5 Lakhs in capital and other expenses. Prospective franchisees will also need to provide adequate working capital, the exact amount of which depends on the location and size of the outlet requested. Franchisees must be able to demonstrate their financial ability to operate an Ekart Logistics outlet.

In addition, Ekart Logistics requires prospective franchisees to have certain qualifications. A working knowledge of computers and business operations is generally expected, as well as a thorough understanding of customer service standards and customer service practices.

Furthermore, anyone looking at purchasing a Ekart Logistics franchise needs to have an understanding of the courier industry, including shipper freight classifications and freight weights, shipment tracking systems and taxes specific to their region.

Area Requirements

When starting an Ekart Logistics Franchise, there are certain area requirements that need to be met in order for the franchise to be successful. Any prospective Ekart Logistics Franchisee must ensure that their servicing area dimension is met in order to minimize operating expenses.

The required minimum area needed for a successful operation should meet the following criteria:

-At least 5,000 square feet of warehouse space is recommended. It is important to note that this warehouse space should be dedicated solely to the business activities of the new member’s company.

– Warehouse staff must have access to sufficient and reliable transportation and delivery infrastructures within their vicinity.

-Proximity to major suburbs must be established, as well as access points including airports, railways and other means of public transport hubs such as bus stations, so as to easily facilitate both domestic and international shipment services.

-A complete environment with quality internet connection, telephone lines and mobile networks are essential for all logistical operations – these will enable communication between franchisees and customers which enables accurate tracking of orders and delivery statuses.

-Finally, geographical coverage must expand over a wide area – this will allow the franchisee access all parts of the country without unnecessary time or money spent traveling long distances each time deliveries need making.

Infrastructure Requirements

To become an Ekart Logistics Franchise owner, you must have proper infrastructure such as storage, a team of resources and a warehouse. To facilitate efficient delivery services, the following requirements have to be met:

-A minimum of 700 square feet of space is required to store goods, which must be kept in good condition and free from any pests at all times.

-The warehouse must also be located in a secure environment with good connectivity to the destination.

-A team of motivated staff members is also essential. The team should include managers, accounting staff and packers and they must be trained adequately to meet delivery deadlines.

-High quality packaging materials should also be readily available onsite. This includes packing tape, air bubble wraps and boxes of different sizes for different sized items.

-The Franchisee owner should also be well aware of the policies and procedures for cargo handling, insurance coverage as well as excise regulations with regards to shipment of goods within India or abroad.

This list is not exhaustive but comprehensive enough for you to understand what it takes to run an Ekart Logistics franchise successfully.

You will need to continuously invest in your infrastructure for continual improvement in operations as well as complying with government compliance laws in order ensure proper functioning of the facility at all times.

Process for Ekart Logistics Franchise

If you’re interested in becoming a partner with Ekart Logistics, there are a few steps you’ll need to take. First, you’ll need to fill out an online application that includes details of your business operations.

After this, Ekart will review your application and contact you if they think you would make a suitable franchise partner. From there, you’ll need to take a few further steps in order to become an official franchise partner. Let’s take a look at the process in detail.

Online Application for Ekart Logistics Franchise

To apply for a Ekart Logistics franchise, prospective franchise owners should first read thoroughly through the company’s informational website and FAQ page to familiarize themselves with the expectations and requirements of being a franchise owner.

Once they have decided that they meet all of Ekart Logistics’ requirements and are interested in becoming a franchise owner, they should begin their application by filling out the special Franchise Interest Form on the website.

The form requests both contact and business information so that Ekart Logistics can establish whether the applicant is suitable for the franchise program.

After submitting this form, it should take no more than two weeks for an individual to receive a response from an Ekart representative which details whether their application has been accepted or rejected.

If accepted, further steps will be outlined in a detailed “Franchise Package” that details all of Ekart Logistics’ expectations of potential and current owners. Those interested in learning more about this package should contact their local Ekart team for more information.

Documentation & Verification

Documentation and verification are important steps in the process of preparing a product for sale. In order to ensure that a product meets the set standards of quality, manufacturers must document and verify several key elements in the production process.

Manufacturers are generally required to keep records of their production processes, including the materials used, machinery used, and other factors influencing process decisions.

This documentation will be used when determining factors such as shelf life, expiration dates and required safety regulations for chemical or hazardous materials used in production.

In addition to documentation, manufacturers must also verify that their produced goods conform to standards or performance requirements as set by their customers or industry regulations.

This includes checking for environmental compliance, durability testing, compliance with regulations related to hazardous materials handling, or various other tests depending on the type of product being made.

Documentation and verification are essential elements of the manufacturing process; they help enhance customer confidence by ensuring that products meet expectations in terms of quality and safety regulations.

Documentation also serves as an audit trail should any problems arise down the line – allowing manufacturers to trace back through all of their production steps if necessary.


Once your application is submitted, it goes through an internal screening and initial evaluation. During this process, we check the estimated capital investment and projected turnover of the proposed outlet. Then our regional branches conduct a market survey to ascertain if there is a demand for an Ekart Logistics Franchise in your locality.

Our team visits the site, checks connectivity and assesses other related aspects. We may also ask you to either modify or upgrade any existing infrastructure/amenities so that they comply with our operational norms as well as customer service standards.

Once we have evaluated your worthiness in terms of credibility, trustworthiness and ability to sustain the business over time, our decision-making committee gives green signals for awarding franchisee rights to open an Ekart Logistics office or outlet at the specified location.

All these activities required for franchising are initiated, processed and handled in a timely manner under strict supervision from the corporate head office.

Benefits of Ekart Logistics Franchise

Ekart Logistics is a leading logistics company in India. They offer a variety of services and have a wide network of partners and vendors. Getting a Ekart Logistics franchise can be beneficial for entrepreneurs who are looking to get into the logistics industry. This section will discuss the advantages of getting a Ekart Logistics franchise and what you should consider when making the decision.

Financial Benefits

Financial benefits are the primary reason why people pursue franchises. When you become an Ekart Logistics franchise owner, you will receive several financial rewards including:

-High returns on investment: Franchisees can expect to generate an impressive return on their investments. In addition, with strong performance, franchise owners can anticipate earning a percentage of their gross monthly sales in commissions.

-Partial financing option: Ekart Logistics offers a partial financing option to qualified buyers who meet certain criteria. This loan is short term and the buyer must have a good credit score to qualify.

-Reduced operational costs: When operating as a franchisee with Ekart Logistics, you benefit from already established contacts and operations which help reduce costs and increase profit margins for owners.

-Thorough training program: New franchisees who choose to accept Ekart Logistics’ offer for partial financing must first complete our comprehensive training program in order to qualify for the loan.

This program covers topics such as customer service best practices, marketing basics, and financial planning strategies that will benefit the success of the business venture.

Training & Support

Ekart Logistics provides comprehensive training and support to its franchisees. Prospective franchise owners are trained in different areas, such as product knowledge and customer service.

They will learn about the company policy and procedures for dealing with customers, and how to develop effective business plans. This ensures that every Ekart Logistics franchisee has the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to run a successful business.

In addition to regular training sessions, Ekart Logistics offers ongoing support in the form of advice from experienced experts.

Franchisees have access to technical specialists who can provide assistance with marketing campaigns, operations management, distribution systems and communications. The technical team is available all year round on weekdays between 8am-9pm EST (Eastern Standard Time).

Moreover, Ekart Logistics provides access to an extensive network of resources to help new entrepreneurs expand their business opportunities.

This includes extensive research data on established markets and access to contacts within the freight industry that can help grow their business.

Franchisees also benefit from attending workshops on current topics such as regulations in the ecommerce sector or best practices when working with international customers.

Overall, Ekart Logistics provides comprehensive training and support that is tailored to each individual’s needs so they can start their own successful venture while supported by an experienced team of professionals.

Brand Recognition

Getting an Ekart Logistics Franchise provides entrepreneurs with a recognizable brand to share with their customers. Ekart Logistics is part of the Flipkart Group, one of the largest and most successful retail platforms in India. By becoming an Ekart Logistics Franchise Partner, you can leverage the market-leading brand recognition of Flipkart to attract customers and grow your business.

With visibility in over 3250+ hours, Flipkart’s reach allows Franchise Partners to tap into a vast network of loyal and engaged customers. This helps you attract more business without having to spend time and money on marketing strategies or advertising campaigns. Your franchise will be instantly recognizable as associated with one of India’s top brands, giving you a head start in connecting with potential customers from day one.


The opportunity to own an Ekart Logistics franchise is an attractive one. As one of India’s leading parcel delivery companies, they have a strong presence in the market. With straightforward steps and reasonable licensing fees and investment requirements, anyone with little to medium capital can become part of this dynamic industry.

However, bear in mind that running any business comes with its risks which must be managed properly. Before starting a franchise with Ekart Logistics, assess your own level of experience and knowledge in the field to ensure success. Make sure to read all terms carefully before signing any agreement or contract and research various strategies for running the operation efficiently.

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