How to generate BOB ATM pin

ATM PIN generation helps in creating a secure and safe online banking environment. If you are a Bank of Baroda (BOB) customer, it is important that you create and remember your ATM PIN for effective transactions.

Generating a BOB ATM PIN is an easy process and can be done within minutes. This article will explain the steps to generate an ATM PIN for Bank of Baroda account holders.

Your BOB ATMPIN is 4-digit unique number used to authenticate your transactions and giving access to cash withdrawal at ATMs or any other facilities associated with the card such as shopping, paying utility bills, etc.

In this article, we will briefly discuss how to generate ATM PIN for Bank of Baroda customers using different methods like using BOB netbanking facility or using the mobile application. Read further to know more about generating your BOB ATM PIN easily on your own without visiting any branches.

What is a BOB ATM Pin?

A BOB ATM pin is the personal identification number (PIN) associated with your Bank of Baroda debit card. It is a 6-digit code used to identify you when accessing your account through an Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

Your PIN authorizes access and withdrawal transactions at any Bank of Baroda ATM as well as at any other network ATM that accepts Debit cards.

Generating your BOB ATM pin is simple and straightforward and can be done in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Visit a Bank of Baroda ATM
The first thing you need to do is locate and visit the nearest Bank of Baroda ATM. Some ATMs may be inside branches, while others are located outside in public areas such as malls or streets.

Step 2: Insert Your Debit Card & Enter Your Details
Once at the ATM, insert your debit card, enter the required details such as debit/credit card number, DOB/year of birth/pin #, etc. for identity verification purposes.

Step 3: Create a New PIN
You will then be prompted to create a new 6-digit PIN for your BOB ATM card by entering it twice during the registration process. Make sure to keep this new PIN securely stored away from others. Once you’re done, be sure to note down the new PIN in a secure place – it will act as your reference later on whenever you use the same BOB debit card again!

How to Generate a BOB ATM Pin

Generating a Bank of Baroda (BOB) ATM pin is an easy and straightforward process. You can generate your BOB ATM pin online by following the steps provided by the bank. Moreover, you can also get your pin generated by visiting your nearest BOB ATM.

In this article, we will discuss both the ways of generating a BOB ATM pin and the precautions you must take when generating one.

Visit the Bank of Baroda website

If you are a Bank of Baroda (BOB) account holder, you can visit the bank’s website to generate an ATM PIN for your card. It is important to create an ATM PIN for your account, as it helps protect it from any unauthorized use. The process for generating a BOB ATM PIN is fairly straightforward and only takes a few minutes.

Before visiting the Bank of Baroda website, make sure that you have your BOB customer ID number ready. To generate an ATM PIN on the bank’s website, follow these steps:
1. Visit the Bank of Baroda website at and click on “My Account” in the top menu bar.
2. Log in with your BOB customer identification number and enter your registered mobile phone number or email address associated with the account in order to access the “My Account” page.
3. Once you have logged in, select the “Generate ATM Pin” option from the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen and follow all instructions provided on that page to complete this process successfully within minutes.

Log in with your credentials

If you have already activated your BOB ATM card, then you can begin the process of creating your PIN. First, you must log in with your credentials. To do this, navigate to the BOB ATM website and select the “Login” button.

Enter your user name and password that were provided to you when activating your card. Once you have logged in, you will be taken to a new page where you can complete the process of generating an ATM PIN.

Go to the ATM Card section

Generating an ATM Pin for Bank of Baroda (BOB) is a simple and straightforward process. You can generate a PIN with just a few steps:

1. Go to the ATM Card section and select ‘Generate Bank of Baroda ATM Pin’,
2. Enter the required personal details (Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Number),
3. Insert your BOB Debit Card in the ATM Machine,
4. A temporary PIN will be sent to your registered mobile number,
5. Enter the temporary PIN in related fields as per mentioned instructions,
6. Create your new four-digit ATM Pin for your BOB Account.
7. Confirm and submit it to activate your new BOB ATM PIN successfully .
The new BOB ATM Pin will be activated immediately after its issuance and it can be used instantly at any BOB ATMs across India or worldwide.

Select the “Generate ATM Pin” option

To generate a BOB ATM Pin, first locate a Bank of Baroda ATM machine. Insert your BOB debit card and enter your new 4-digit PIN provided by the bank. Once you have done this, you will need to select the “Generate ATM Pin” option from the ATM menu.

This ATM service allows customers to create or change their debit card’s PIN. After selecting this option, read and agree to the given terms and conditions before providing your 10-digit Aadhaar number or 16-digit Debit Card/Credit Card number and 6-digit expiration date which is also known as CVV number.

You will then be redirected to another screen where you can enter your new 8-digit pin twice for verification purposes. Once successfully completed, your request for a new PIN will be complete and it should arrive within 7 days at your specified address that is linked with your bank account.

Enter the details as requested

After launching the BOB ATM app on your smartphone or tablet, you will need to enter five pieces of information your name, bank account number, date of birth, registered phone number and email address  as requested by the app.

Once your details have been verified and accepted by BOB, you will be prompted to create a new Personal Identification Number (PIN) for use when accessing the ATM.

Your PIN should be a combination of four to six numbers that is easy for you to remember but not easily guessable by others. You should avoid choosing obvious numbers like birthdays or consecutive digits such as 7890; instead, opt for something that isn’t easily repeatable.

Once you’ve created your PIN, it is important to securely store it in a safe place; do not write it down on paper or save it on any of your connected devices as this could put its security at risk.

Once you have successfully created and stored your PIN safely, take note of its creation date so that you can keep track of when you need to change it periodically according to security best practices.

Your PIN acts as an extra layer of protection when accessing banking services through your app — make sure that both the customer service team at BOB and yourself know how important it is keep it secure at all times!

Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number

One of the most important steps in generating a Bank of Baroda ATM pin is to enter the OTP (one-time password) sent to your registered mobile number. Entering the OTP ensures that you are the rightful owner of the account and can securely generate a PIN for your BOB ATM card.

First, you must ensure that your BOB bank account is linked to an active mobile number. This enables BOB Bank to send an OTP when generating a new ATM pin. Then:

-Switch on your registered mobile phone and verify that you have sufficient balance.

-Navigate to your bank’s official website or app and click on Documents > Banking Services > Generate ATM Pin/Change Pin option.

-In the request form, enter all necessary details like Account Number, Debit Card Number, etc. Then click ‘Request’ button.

-Beneath this tab, select Mobile and enter your registered number for OTP verification then click ‘Submit’.

-The OTP will be sent to this registered mobile phone number from Bank of Baroda’s official website/app or via SMS from Bank of Baroda’s banking services automatically after submission.

-Enter the correct six-digit OTP into the space provided for receiving One Time Password in next step on payment gateway page then click ‘Verify’/‘Submit’ button immediately as it has limited time validity period (within 1 hour).

-Your OTP will be validated and after successful validation; you will be directed to another page which allows you to generate a PIN according to your convenience by following further instructions displayed thereon by Bank of Baroda’s payment gateway page itself

Set a new ATM PIN

If you have forgotten your Bank of Baroda (BOB) ATM/Debit card PIN, you can easily reset it. Setting a new ATM PIN for your BOB ATM/Debit Card is easy; just follow the steps outlined below and you will be able to generate a new PIN in no time:

Step 1: Visit the nearest Bank of Baroda Branch with your BOB ATM card.

Step 2: Request the concerned bank personnel to reset your existing ATM/Debit Card PIN.

Step 3: They will provide you with an enrolment form and other documents required to validate your identity. Complete and submit all these documents along with your existing bank passbook and copies of PAN Card, Aadhar Card or other similar identity proofs.

Step 4: Once all the documents are duly filled and submitted, the bank personnel will initiate a reset process over the counter. This process may take some time depending on the workload at the branch.

Step 5: After successfully verifying all your details and validating your identity, they will generate a new PIN for you over their system. Make sure that you save this new PIN somewhere safe, other than keeping it on paper or anywhere near to where physical use is possible (like next to your banking books or cards). Finally, collect a copy of this generated PIN from them as proof of verification for future records.

Confirm the new ATM PIN

Once you have selected and entered the new PIN, you will be asked to confirm it. Check the box next to your PIN to ensure it is the one you want and press “OK” or “Confirm”. This confirms that a BOB ATM PIN has been successfully created and stored on the card.

It is important to make sure that the PIN is kept safe and secure at all times. You should memorize your BOB ATM PIN, as writing it down or sharing it with anyone may compromise its security. You can change or reset your PIN at any time but must be done at an ATM.


It’s important to remember that while many banks offer ATM PIN generation services online or at the bank, these services are not available to customers who have used the bank in the past. Any customer requesting a new PIN will need to use the BOB card provided.

Additionally, customers must also ensure that they have a stable internet connection when generating their ATM PIN with BOB and that they provide accurate information when generating the PIN code. Following these steps will allow customers to quickly and securely change their ATM PIN at any BOB ATM.

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