LIC Login Customer Portal eServices at ebizlicindiain

The LIC Login Customer Portal eServices at ebizlicindiain provide customers with a secure online platform for managing their Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India account. With an easy-to-use user interface, customers can access and manage their personal information, view policy details, check statements and make payments from the convenience of their home or office.

By using the LIC Login Customer Portal, customers can take advantage of the various services and benefits available to them. Let’s take a closer look at the portal and how it can help you.

Overview of LIC e-Services

LIC e-Services are the customer portals and e-Services provided by Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). This range of services allows LIC customers to access their insurance policies and services securely through their official website. Online services offered include policy information, premium status, renewal payments, downloading premium slips, and accessing bonus and claim details.

The LIC Login process provides customers with full access to their LIC accounts, allowing them to manage all of their policies remotely with ease. By signing into their account through the LIC e-Services portal customers can check the details of various policies from a single source. Through this portal web-enabled banking facilities such as viewing banking transactions and downloading account information can also be managed.

In addition to these functions, users have access to an array of other helpful options such as downloading an e-statement for past transactions, viewing awards & packages, transferring money online to another life policy in case of death, ordering documents online (such as premium receipts), requesting quotations for renewal policies and much more.

All users must have a valid User ID and Password in order to use these options effectively.

Benefits of using LIC e-Services

LIC’s e-Services are a secure, online portal that provides customers with access to an array of services. By signing up for an account and using the e-Services customer portal, customers can take advantage of the following benefits.

-Convenient online access to view policy information and documents, pay premiums and update electronic contacts

-Secure communication with LIC

-Ability to easily review detailed policy portfolio and payment history

-Access to professionally managed financial planning tools and calculators

-Opportunity to invest in LIC products without leaving your home or office

-Receive emails or text notifications about policy renewals, reminders regarding premium due dates, etc.

-Enjoy increased security features such as multi factor authentication for financial transactions

How to Login to LIC Customer Portal

It’s easy to access the LIC eServices portal in order to manage your insurance policy and take advantage of the various benefits it offers. Logging in to the LIC Customer Portal requires providing your LIC policy number, as well as other details.

Once you are logged in, the portal provides a wide range of services for convenience such as paying premiums, checking policy status, and updating contact info. Let’s discuss the steps to take to login to the LIC Customer Portal.

Signing up for a LIC Account

Before you can log into the LIC Customer Portal, you must first sign up for a LIC account. In order to do this, you will need to provide some basic personal information and create an username and password.

To get started, go to the official Life Insurance Corporation of India website at and select the “eService” tab. From there, click on the “Create an Account” option under the “Customer’s Corner” heading.

The next page will provide you with a list of options for creating your account: through Aadhaar, physical form or PAN Card. Select your desired option and fill in all relevant information as requested by LIC’s online application form — such as your full name, date of birth and contact details — before approving their Terms & Conditions privacy policy.

Once you have successfully registered, your username will become available immediately and you may use it to log in to the LIC Customer Portal using your newly created login credentials — make sure you keep these credentials safe! After logging in successfully, make sure to review all applicable terms & policies before continuing with any additional activity within the LIC Customer Portal.

Steps to Login to LIC Customer Portal

To avail of the services provided by LIC, you will need to login to the LIC Customer Portal provided by the Life Insurance Corporation of India. To make it easier for customers to access their accounts, LIC offers an online portal where customers can log in to manage their policy account. The following are the steps that customers should follow in order to log in and properly manage their policy information on the portal:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) at

Step 2: On the Homepage, click on “Customer” tab located at top right corner.

Step 3: Now under “Customer Login” tab, you need to select any one option among “Individual Login” and “Corporate Login” as per your requirement.

Step 4: If Individual option is selected then enter your user id and password along with captcha code displayed at bottom of page.

Step 5: Select Login button if all details are filled correctly, then your dashboard will be open with access to all services offered as part of e-services like Online Premium Payment and other services.

Step 6: For Corporate users need to enter valid credentials such as name or email address display products in account and transactions page. The customer can also view policy status report or even download premium or bonus statements from here too.

LIC eServices

The LIC eServices online portal provides a wide range of services to customers, including access to policy information, premium payment options, and more. You can also view and manage your account, check your policy status, and make any changes to your policy details with just a few clicks. Let’s take a closer look at the features and benefits of LIC e-Services.

Viewing and Updating Policy Details

Getting onto the LIC e-Services through their customer log-in portal allows you to view the status of your life insurance policy and keep a track of all your policy details. With this login, you can also benefit from other features such as updating your policy status and making necessary changes if needed.

You can view and update your policy details by visiting the official LIC website, or through their    e-Services portal. Once you’ve done so, how you can proceed is:

1. Log into your LIC customer service/insurance account using your registered User id and password and access the policies page.

2. Then click on view LIC details in order to successfully open up a reference of all the policies taken under a particular account holders name.

3. Select any one of the policies that appears in this list, whose details or update you wish to take up for viewing & updating purposes..

4. This will then open up with specific information on the plan selected, including its current premium due dates & amounts, applicable bonuses till date as well as other necessary information related to it .

5. In case of any changes that are required to be updated for those plans then select `update plan` button and make any changes as per desired by the user ( If an update requires approval from the insurer then it will need more time before its completely updated).

6. On completion , confirm all relevant changes made .

7 After reviewing it carefully , submit these updated efforts as they appear in your screen after making requisite modifications . This concludes with viewing & updating one’s life insurance policy using LIC Customer service/ Insurance login portal – powered by ebizlicindiain’s “LIC eServices”.

Viewing and Downloading Policy Documents

The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) offers customers the convenience of viewing and downloading policy documents through its eServices customer portal. Through this secure electronic platform you can get instant access to your policy documents such as receipts, yearly summaries, premium due dates, loan repayment details and other policy related information.

This feature is available for all life insurance policies that are registered with the LIC eServices. To view your policy details you will need to login with your user ID and password which can be obtained by registering in the eService portal or through a branch or phone helpline.

Upon successful login to your account on the LIC e-Services site, you can instantly view your existing policies including renewal notices and premium receipts.

Users can also access policy documents from previous years like premium payments by year, bonus declaration summary etc., which makes it easier for customers to keep track of their investments over time.

Furthermore, customers also have an option to view/download individual items such as loan repayment amount, death claims values and bonus declarations both current and past.

In conclusion, LIC provides a secure online platform through its eServices portal where users can view their policy documents at any time from any device thereby giving consumers greater control over their finances without having to bear any costs for additional documentation expenses.

Viewing and Paying Premiums

Viewing and paying premiums through LIC e-Services portal is an easy process. After logging into your account on the portal, you will see the detail of all your policies. This includes policy number, owner name, sum assured amount, survival benefit information and premium due details.

By clicking the “View premium due” tab in the policies section of your dashboard, you can view information about premiums such as due date and amount for each policy associated with your account.

To pay a premium instantly online through LIC e-Services portal, click “Pay online” under Action on a particular policy detail page. You will be required to fill in details of payment method like Net Banking/Credit Card/Debit Card/UPI etc., bank where you have an active account to make payments from, and security code being displayed on the same page.

Once all these steps are completed successfully the system shall debit payment chosen against corresponding premium dues and send out notification regarding successful payment along with transaction reference numbers to customer via email or SMS alerts.

Viewing and Downloading Premium Receipts

One of the most important features for an LIC customer on eServices is the ability to view and download premium receipts. This can be done through the Login Customer Portal, and all customers registered under e-Services are eligible to view their receipts.

Customers registered with e-Services first need to login on the portal using their username and password. After logging in, they can then access premium information by clicking View Premium Receipts option under My Premium tab. Here they can select the policy they would like to see, enter any valid payment or receipt number from past transactions, and click Search button.

Once a search is made, a list of all previously paid premiums will appear on screen for the selected policy. Customers can then choose one or more policies from the list and click on Download link next to it in order to access premium receipts associated with that policy.

It’s very important for customers to remember that all premium information is stored online by Life Insurance Corporation India (LIC) according to amount and date of payments, receipt numbers etc., making it easy to view previous payment details anytime in future without any hassle.

Viewing and Downloading Claim Forms

Customers of Life Insurance Corporation of India are able to easily view and download claim forms from the LIC e-Services portal. The portal provides an easy-to-use interface that allows customers to quickly access claim forms for various types of life insurance policies. After viewing or downloading the form, customers can print them out, fill them in, and submit them to LIC as part of a policy claim process.

To access claim forms through the Life Insurance Corporation of India e-Services portal, costumers first need to create an account. To do so, they must enter details such as their name, date of birth and address. Once logged in, they must click on the ‘Download Forms’ tab at the top right of their screen which will open up a list of available forms they can select from.

By clicking on any particular form name or number, customers are able to open a PDF version which can be viewed and/or downloaded with ease. The data provided by LIC eServices is up-to-date and trustworthy meaning that customers can always be assured that any form obtained will be accurate for use in claiming life insurance policies when needed.

Viewing and Downloading Loan Forms

When applying for loans, LIC customers may use LIC eServices to access and download the forms they need. To view and download these forms, customers must first sign in to the LIC Login Customer Portal. Once they have signed in, they will be given access to the following loan documents:

-Loan Application Form: This form provides the necessary information for a customer to apply for the loan of choice. It includes demographic information such as name, address, contact number and other personal details; if specified by customer’s preference, nominators can also be added here.

-Loan Eligibility Evidence Documents: Customers will have to provide evidence supporting their eligibility for the loan applied for – this could include copyright certificates or other supporting documents as appropriate.

-Loan Processing Fee (Chalan): The processing fee paid at any Branch Office of LIC must be uploaded with all relevant paperwork in order to proceed with the loan application.

-Security Documents: Lastly, customers will have an opportunity to attach a security document (if applicable) such as a Register of Mortgages or General Securities Certificate.

Ensuring that all required forms are properly filled out is absolutely essential when applying for a loan – again, it is important that any specified Nominators are included within your Loan Application Form where possible.

And don’t forget – get allomones information documented too! After completing the above steps and submitting their application form with attached documentation on ebizlicindiain., customers may then confirm their latest loan status at any time with ease at just one click!


The LIC Customer Portal eServices provides users with the ability to access their LIC information quickly and securely. As customers, they have the convenience of being able to check their policy details, renew policies and even avail various other services provided by LIC.

This portal has greatly reduced the administrative burden and has enabled customers to manage their policy related matters with ease. The conclusion of this article is that the LIC Customer Portal eServices is a great tool for LIC customers.

Summary of Benefits of Using LIC eServices

Using LIC eServices provides a range of benefits that make your transactions faster, simpler and more convenient. Without having to leave the comfort of your home, you can now view policy details and make payments online using the customer portal.

You can also avail various services such as registering as a new user, downloading premium receipts, updating personal information and more. By using LIC eServices, customers get access to their policy status, easy payment of premiums and premium wallets for availing promotions.

In addition, customers can use the Premium Calculator to plan their premiums in accordance with their income or alternatively use the Top-Up Calculator to find out how much top-up is required for meeting special goals like foreign trips or wedding expenses.

Furthermore, there are features such as Commission Report for policy-holders/agents which gives information about the commissions earned on policies sold through them. Online services from LIC also enables applications for Policy Loan or Surrender Value at any time without having to contact the offices while Policy Revival application has been made much simpler through digital mediums.

The LIC Customer Portal allows you to download policy documents like Payment receipts and Proposal Forms right from your home computer or mobile device giving you more control over your digital interactions with LIC.

All these various benefits make it easier and more efficient for customers/policyholders to manage their insurance related needs by harnessing digitized solutions offered by LIC thus providing convenience combined with security in transactions online with this renowned brand in India that has been providing trust since 1956.

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