How to get TATA Power Solar Dealership

TATA Power Solar offers an array of solar power solutions and services to consumers across India. By becoming a TATA Power Solar dealership, customers can benefit from TATA’s latest technology and quality control. This guide explores the various steps needed to become a dealer of the company.

Setting up a dealership requires customers to go through various stages, such as obtaining necessary licenses and completing registration formalities. Customers are required to make sure that all documents are in order before beginning any further procedures and business structure.

After submission of documents, customers need to send them for review and wait for approval from TATA Power Solar before setting up their solar portfolio.

In addition, potential dealers will have to attend training sessions on the operations and product solutions offered by the company before taking over their dealership. This is also an opportunity for dealers to network with other installers in their region who can provide training on sales, marketing, technical support practices that are specific to each state or area within India.

After successful completion of training sessions, dealers will have access to trade prices for associated hardware such as solar panels and other inverter components along with warranties that come with these products directly from TATA Power Solar itself.

Requirements to become a TATA Power Solar Dealer

TATA Power Solar is one of India’s leading solar energy companies and they offer a great opportunity for businesses to become dealers and benefit from their products. If you’re looking to become a TATA Power Solar dealer, there are a few requirements that you’ll need to fulfill in order to be eligible.

Here, we’ll go through all the requirements that you need to meet to become a TATA Power Solar dealer.

Financial Requirements:

In order to receive the TATA Power Solar dealership, prospective dealers must fulfill certain financial criteria. This includes a minimum credit line for equipment purchase and other associated costs. In addition to this, applicants will be offered small business loans if need be.

Credit line is established after carefully assessing the list of requirements in terms of finance, prices and investment required in procuring parts and/or products related to TATA Power Solar Dealership.

In Mumbai, prospective dealers must also provide a financial guarantee issued by an authorized banking institution. The guarantee should not be subject to lapsing or cancellation due to any changes in the dealer’s financial position or other unforeseen circumstances.

On the other hand, prospective dealers outside Mumbai are expected to have a minimum net worth of Rs 2 lakhs along with a bank balance of Rs 50,000/- as on the day they submit their application.

Apart from this, interested applicants must have sufficient funds available to pay upfront fees charged by TATA Power Solar for provisioning of Dealership services and products as agreed upon between both parties.

Technical Requirements:

Becoming a TATA Power Solar dealer involves investing in and maintaining the solar power plant including accessories. In addition to investing in the various components of the power plant, there are also technical requirements that must be met by a TATA Power Solar Dealer.

The technical requirements vary depending on the power capacity chosen, so it is important to know what these are before selecting a dealer.

The following are some of the minimum technical requirements for becoming a TATA Power Solar Dealer.

-The dealership must have conformed to all relevant statutory and regulatory standards related to usage of electricity or establishment/operation of power systems, whichever is applicable.
-TATA Power Solar dealers should have valid Installation Electrical Contractor Certificate issued by either Central or State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC).
-They also must possess necessary qualifications as specified by SERC for installation of solar projects, such as certificates issued by National Institute of Wind Energy and National Institute of Solar Energy.
-The dealer needs to have professional qualifications related to sale and design, installation & commissioning of solar systems. This includes adequate engineering personnel with relevant knowledge regarding grid connected rooftop/ground mount solar systems.
-If installing rooftop/ground mounted PV systems, they need to have qualified professionals with adequate knowledge regarding PV modules /inverters/BOS assemblies specific for small scale grid connected rooftop systems OR any other component that may be needed depending on system size & type as may be specified by SERC and/or Tata Power Solar from time to time.

Legal Requirements:

In order to become a Tata Power Solar Dealer, an applicant must meet specific legal requirements. This includes:

-Maintaining necessary business registrations as per applicable laws.
-Valid GST and registration with TATA Power Solar.
-A valid bank account in the name of your business or enterprise.
-Read and understood the TATA Power Solar dealer program guidelines.
-Fulfillment of minimum investment criteria i.e. clearable security deposit (SD) prior to the completion of dealer appointment process.
-Submission of requisite documents to TATA Power Solar including Dealer application form, signed on all pages, list of authorized individuals signatory powers, agreement copy etc.

Steps to Apply for TATA Power Solar Dealership

Applying for TATA Power Solar Dealership is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to enter the renewable energy space. It is a great way to make a passive income while helping the environment. The process to apply for a TATA Power Solar Dealership can be broken down into several simple steps. Let’s look at the details.

Fill out the dealership application form

Filling out the dealership application form is the first step that a potential applicant must take in order to apply for TATA Power Solar Dealership. Fill out all of the relevant sections with your contact and business information, including your business name, address, email address and phone number.

You will also need to provide detailed financial details, such as total assets and liabilities and bank account information. Lastly you need to list certifications or registrations you may hold and provide a brief description of your business plan.

This is an important step as it provides an opportunity for TATA Power Solar to better understand who they are considering as a prospective dealer. Once you have submitted this form and it has been approved by TATA Power Solar, the next step will be to finish the dealership agreement.

Submit the required documents

Once you have decided to apply for TATA Power Solar Dealership, the first step is to submit all the documents that are required. The documents should be submitted in original and attested photocopy with signature, as follows:

1. Application Form – The applicant has to fill up the USBIDC application form provided on the TATA Power website.
2. KYC for Individual/Proprietorship/Partnership Firm/Company – As per Government of India norms.
3. Memorandum & Articles of Association for Private and Public Limited Companies
4. Shop & Establishment Registration – As applicable as per local rules and regulations
5. PAN Card– Complete address of office mentioned on PAN card should match with recorded address at Business Registration Proof (Shop & Establishment) No Objection Certificate from Municipal Corporation or Competent Authority
6. Proof of Office Location– Principal Place of Business (Electricity bill or Rent Agreement or Copy of sale deed or NOC from landlord)
7. Audited Financial Report / IT Returns / Bank Statement (For Applicable Companies/Firms)
8 Passport size photographs – 2 copies
9 Signature on each page – At least two directors in case of companies / Proprietor in case of proprietorship firms and two partners in case of partnership firms should sign each page

Once all the necessary paperwork is completed and submitted, applicants will receive an email pertaining to further process related to the application for TATA Power Solar Education Centre dealership within one week from submission date .

Submit the application fee

To apply for a TATA Power Solar dealership, potential applicants must first submit an application fee. This fee is required by the company to cover administrative costs associated with processing applications and helping ensure that those who are recruited meet certain criteria.

The application fee must be paid in full before the application process can begin. After the application fee has been paid, applicants will be given instructions on how to complete their online submission form.

They are also encouraged to contact the company directly if they have questions regarding the process or requirements. Once the form has been completed and submitted, applicants will be notified of their acceptance or rejection in due course.

Schedule an interview

Once you have completed the initial paperwork, you’ll need to schedule an interview with the TATA Power Solar team. This will give the team a chance to get to know you better, discuss their expectations of your dealership and answer any questions that you may have.

TATA Power Solar will use this time to evaluate your experience in the business, industry knowledge and success as an entrepreneur. In addition, they’ll also assess your skills in communication, problem-solving and customer service.

During your interview, you should be well prepared with knowledge about the service offerings of TATA Power Solar as well as other key information like policies, governance structures and terms and conditions.

The team may also inquire about factors such as sustainability goals or local needs that could influence their decision when selecting a partner dealership. Be sure to be prompt and attentive while communicating during this part of the process; it could end up making or breaking your success with TATA Power Solar!

Benefits of Becoming a TATA Power Solar Dealer

Becoming a TATA Power Solar dealer provides many unique benefits, including access to high-quality solar products and the potential to expand into lucrative markets.

Not only will you have access to a wide selection of solar products, but you will also benefit from the support of an established brand that has a strong presence in the renewable energy sector. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of becoming a TATA Power Solar dealer.

Access to a wide range of products

As a Tata Power Solar dealer, you will gain access to the company’s extensive portfolio of solar products. From monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels, to on-grid inverters and off-grid storage solutions, you will be able to provide customers with the latest and most reliable solar products available.

You will also be kept up-to-date on all new product launches by studying product catalogs and benefiting from training seminars that benefit from Tata Power Solar’s expertise.

With access to Tata Power Solar’s comprehensive range of products currently in production, as well as their placement within the industry, you can ensure that customers are buying reliable yet affordable products manufactured with superior quality materials.

Technical and marketing support

When you become a TATA Power Solar Dealer, you’ll benefit from ongoing technical and marketing support.

Our team of dedicated employees provide ongoing assistance with product integration, maintenance and service. Furthermore, TATA Power Solar Dealers also receive access to dynamic marketing resources – including branding materials, email promotions and our online promotions portal.

This makes it easier to promote your dealership nationwide and build an online presence. Additionally, TATA Power Solar Dealers are provided with a personalized website that can be used to market their products more effectively. All of these offerings and more ensure that our dealers get the best products and services in the industry.

Financial incentives

Becoming a TATA Solar Power Dealer offers plenty of financial incentives. TATA offers an attractive commission structure, where dealers can earn up to 10% sales commission on their sales. Additionally, TATA Solar Power also provides a Bonus Rebate Program to reward its dealers for their effective marketing and sales performance.

This bonus structure can range from 1-2% depending on their performance during the calendar year.

In addition to these incentives, TATA provides support in the form of free Installation & Commissioning Services for each installation done by its dealers at no extra cost.

All new dealers are provided with a direct access to India’s largest Solar PV portfolio consisting of both On-grid & Off-grid solutions that can be used to tap into markets across India; with customers ranging from individuals, organizations to even government bodies looking for reliable clean energy solutions.

Finally, as a further incentive for becoming a dealer, authorized dealers are eligible for the benefit of exchange or buyback policies along with priority customer service in cases where any maintenance is required on any installed product after one year warranties period along with special discounts and extended credit periods at times derived by TATA Solar Power to help its partners increase their business margins and profitability.


If you are looking to become an authorized dealer of TATA Power Solar then, this guide has provided a comprehensive overview of the process. As such, you should now be well aware of all the requirements and documents needed in order to get your dealership up and running.

Additionally, you should also have an understanding of the cost involved in getting your dealership along with various success factors that can help you excel as an authorized dealer.

Getting a TATA Power Solar dealership is a great opportunity as it allows entrepreneurs and businesses to expand their presence in the growing solar energy sector and benefit from the support provided by TATA Power Solar.

Business owners must ensure that they provide ethically responsible services and promote customer loyalty in order to experience sustained success over time. The key is to adopt good strategies for marketing, sales and operations management in order to ensure long-term sustainability.

Furthermore, customers must be kept happy through stellar service quality at all times. This will further help strengthen the bond between them and your business as well as with TATA Power Solar.

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