How to get Muthoot ATM Franchise

Getting an ATM franchise with Muthoot is a great way to start your own business. With Muthoot’s ATM franchise, you get access to an established network, innovative technology, and a wide range of banking services.

This makes it easier for you to provide convenience to your customers and to increase your profits. In this article, we will look at the different steps to get an ATM franchise with Muthoot.

Overview of Muthoot ATM Franchise

Muthoot Finance is one of the largest Non-Banking Financial Companies in India. It provides a wide range of financial services, including loan against gold jewellery, vehicles, real estate and shares. In addition to these services, Muthoot Finance also offers ATM franchises under its ATM brand Orange Booths.

Orange Booths are Pre-paid Card (Debit/Credit) enabled ATMs that offer several basic banking transaction facility to customers. The features such as deposit and withdrawal of cash, balance inquiry, request for mini statement and mobile recharge can be accessed through these ATMs.

Getting Muthoot ATM Franchise involves various steps such as- Registering for the company’s franchise program online; Submitting a business proposal with documents; Validation of Business Proposal & Execution of Agreement by both parties; Setup & Operation Training from franchisor and Launch & Maintenance of Franchise Center by staff trained by franchisor.

Further after getting Muthoot ATM Franchise, you can release pamphlets to increase brand visibility; make use of open house activities in the surrounding vicinity to increase customer base and make use of online marketing strategies to boost sales.

There are certain support aids provided by Muthoot like Website (login) Access & Software upgrades whenever required and help desk service throughout the life time period at no extra cost.

Requirements for Muthoot ATM Franchise

Are you looking to become a Muthoot ATM Franchise? There are certain requirements that need to be met in order to be approved for this. To become a Muthoot ATM Franchise, you will need to have a dedicated physical space and certain infrastructure requirements such as a reliable internet connection and a power backup system.

Additionally, you must meet all eligibility criteria as per the guidelines dictated by Muthoot. Let’s take a look at all the requirements.


In order to qualify for a Muthoot ATM Franchise, prospective franchisees must meet certain qualifications:
1. Applicants must be citizens of India and have a valid PAN card.
2. Corporate applicants must have at least 2 years of operational experience in the payment sector or banking and financial services sector.
3. The minimum capital required for this business is Rs 1 lakh with an additional working capital requirement of Rs 2-4 lakhs as security deposit (which will be refunded if all contractual obligations are met). It is also necessary to make a one-time investment of approximately Rs 3-5 lakhs in equipment, branding, training staff and setting up shop.
4. All applicants must pass the background check (criminal) and financial eligibility guidelines set forth by Muthoot Group before being awarded any franchise agreements or contracts.
5. Applicants must have the ability to provide 24×7 customer service, ensure proper servicing and equipped with IT enabled operations processes & facilities such as internet connectivity, CCTV etc., for an integrated shopping experience for customers.
6. Applicants should have adequate management capabilities since this business requires handling large amount of cash transactions every month. They must possess strong managerial skills including duties such as supervising operations, authorizing payments, managing accounts and controlling expenditures etc..

Financial Resources

When looking for a Muthoot ATM franchise opportunity, it is important to consider the financial resources necessary to make running the ATM business successful. At minimum, you will need to invest in office equipment, security systems and sufficient funds for marketing campaigns.

Additionally, the franchisor may require you to hold an amount of operating capital or make periodic payments on sales incentives and other fees associated with activating an ATM franchise. You should assess your current financial situation before applying for this business opportunity.

Applicants should also be aware of any applicable local or state regulations that could affect the level of investment required or potential income generated from owning a Muthoot ATM franchise.

Before making a decision, be sure to consult with your accountant or financial advisor who can help provide guidance and advice on how best to construct a profitable business plan.


When it comes to the experience required in order to fulfill the requirements for getting a Muthoot ATM Franchise, any businessperson or financial services professionals or aspiring young entrepreneurs meet all criteria to become a franchisee.

Existing business owners and prospective entrepreneurs who are interested in quickly expanding their customer base using fast and secure methods of modern banking need to provide certain documents stating their partnership status and financial reputation.

Businesses should have an established history of at least two years and a clear track record of success. All records should be up-to-date, including financial statements, tax returns, balance sheets, etc. Businesses must also be financially solvent with ample funds to cover the initial setup costs.

Applicants should also demonstrate their commitment to customer service excellence by providing satisfactory customer feedback from past projects or clients. With this evidence of trustworthiness, customers can keep their transactions safe and secure on Muthoot’s platform knowing that they are doing business with a company that puts customer satisfaction at the forefront of its operations.

Application Process for Muthoot ATM Franchise

Applying for a Muthoot ATM Franchise can be done conveniently online. The application process does require some documents to be provided such as proof of address, KYC documents and other supporting documents before it can be evaluated. This section of the article will discuss the required documents and the application process.

Fill out the application form

The first part of the application process to get a Muthoot ATM Franchise is to fill out the application form. The form should be filled out with accuracy, paying attention to detail, checking all items that apply and including complete information on any applicable licenses or permits.

Upon completion of the form and payment of the applicable fees, it is important you keep a copy of your submission for future reference. The form can be downloaded from the Muthoot website or collected by visiting your nearest branch.

Once you have submitted your application online or by post, you may be asked for further documents or details before the process can move forward. If these are required, they should be returned as soon as possible to facilitate swift processing.

It is also strongly recommended that applicants open a corporate email ID for all correspondence pertaining to this application since emails from official sources will generally come through only in this form.

Depending on the location and eligibility criteria, you may also have to schedule an meeting with local representatives so they can discuss more information regarding your plans and approach in owning an ATM Franchise with Muthoot.

The meeting would entail several questions related to market demand and customer perception along with any other local laws relevant to such a business ecosystem which must be taken into account while providing services at that particular location too.

Following this step, depending on any governmental clearances needed you will receive an intimation regarding approval status within 10 days’ time if everything looks favorable according to set policies & protocols by Muthoot team.

Upon successful clearance & permissions given by respective bodies only then shall an agreement be made between yourself & Muthoot for running their ATM services in the chosen area/location(s).

Submit required documents

The Muthoot ATM franchise application process takes a few steps to complete. Before you can submit your application, you will need to collect several documents and materials as required by Muthoot.

The exact documents needed may vary, however below is a list of documents that are usually requested when applying for an ATM franchise:
-Business plan describing how the franchise will operate and market the services.
-Franchise Agreement signed by both the franchisor and the applicant.
-Full financial details of your company including estimated yearly income.
-Proof of ID such as photo recognition and other personal identification legal documents.
-Proof of employer’s authorization for working in banking sector or relevant experience in the field if applicable.
-Detailed information regarding any previous occupational businesses owned and operated over past 3 years.
-Photographs of premises from every angle where ATM is to be placed including space measuring specifications/ floor plans / detailed map/listing with building code/construction drawings etc [Note: An architect’s copy is also preferred].
-Copy of local Police Department Permit (if applied).

Once all the required documentation are received and reviewed, Muthoot may call for further information or an interview with investor at their regional offices to complete the process.

Without properly submitting all requested materials, processing may be declined or delayed, so it’s important to be sure all necessary documents are included in your application packet before submitting it to Muthoot Headquarters in India.

Attend an interview

Attending an interview is an important step in the application process for obtaining an ATM franchise with Muthoot. During this interview, the representative from Muthoot will evaluate your capabilities, qualifications and interest in the business.

This can include evaluating your business acumen and understanding of the financial sector, as well as any management experience you may have.

Additionally, questions may be asked to determine if you understand the company’s unique selling point and competitive advantages. The representative will also look for evidence that you are a motivated individual willing to undertake a challenging opportunity.

To assist with this evaluation process, it is recommended that candidates demonstrate their knowledge of both digital payment systems and competitive strategies within the sector.

This will help assure that all applicants receive equal consideration and demonstrate their commitment to becoming a successful member of the Muthoot ATM franchisee team.

Benefits of to get Muthoot ATM Franchise

Franchisees of Muthoot ATM can gain multiple benefits such as access to a wide range of financial services and products, brand recognition, customer loyalty, and more. Therefore, if you are looking to start a business by becoming a Muthoot ATM franchise, this section will talk about the benefits that you can enjoy.

Low Investment

The Muthoot Group offers an excellent low-investment franchise model with a number of advantages to potential franchisees. Being a part of the Muthoot Group has several advantages, such as:

– Low Investment : As the Franchisee, you need to invest approximately Rs. 2 lakhs towards setting up a new ATM branch. Other than this there are no additional costs required.

– Profitability: The cost of setting up and running the ATM branch is relatively low, while the income generated can be high enough to make it a profitable venture. It can generate around Rs 1 lakh each month in income depending on your location and number of transactions happening every month.

– High Return On Investment : The return on investment is usually very high due to low operating costs and regular cash inflows from transactions. This makes owning an ATM a lucrative business opportunity for those who want to own their own business with minimal start-up costs and overheads .

– Easy To Operate : Setting up a new branch and running it is incredibly easy since all operations are completely automated and there’s hardly any day-to-day maintenance or management required once it’s started up properly.

Additionally, you only need one or two people working as your employees depending on your number of customers/transactions per day.

These factors combined make the Muthoot Group’s ATM franchise model one of the best available options in the market right now for anyone looking to invest in an ATM business which comes with little initial capital and great returns!

High Returns

Operating a Muthoot ATM franchise provides an opportunity to generate easy and high returns with minimal investments. At Muthoot, our main goal is to revolutionize financial inclusion & bring more unbanked people under the financial umbrella using the network of automated teller machines (ATMs).

As a joint venture between Muthoot MicroFin Ltd. and US Money Exchange & Remittance Co, we have easily integrated with some of the most prominent banks in India to offer an unmatched range of products and services for our customers.

With over 130 million under-banked Indians opting for these services, no business opportunity has been as profitable. The high returns from this venture can be attributed to:

• Low operational costs: Operating cost of ATMs is significantly lower than conventional branches leading to higher profits in operations
• High usage: Our ATMs are located in areas that are densely populated or need additional banking service that help bring in customers for high utilization of facilities
• Innovative tech: All our ATMs use advanced technology that leads to low maintenance expenses further reducing expensive operations
• Financial inclusion: Our innovative products and services pivot around providing easy access to banking services at a much lower cost than usual banks providing multiple avenues to earn higher returns.

Brand Recognition

As one of the most established and successful business groups in India, the Muthoot Group enjoys a reputation of trust, reliability and customer satisfaction. By taking up Muthoot ATM franchise, you can leverage the strength of this brand and leverage the benefits associated with it.

The concept of ATM or ‘Automated Teller Machines’ has gained immense ground in India and today almost every bank in India has its own ATM or otherwise is able to access external ones if needed by their customers.

As an entrepreneur, you can launch your own Muthoot ATM franchise and provide users with access to cash in their own lane. Being associated with a trusted brand like Muthoot will give customers confidence that their funds are safe with you.

In addition to this brand recognition, starting a Muthoot ATM franchise also comes with manageability benefits as well as risk management features. The operational costs for such a venture is comparatively lower than other businesses as the scope for expansion is unlimited due to high levels of acceptance across all kinds of users.

There are various ways to maximize profits from such stands including making them available as multi-functional kiosks where customers can avail various services along with operating ATMs. Additionally, these ATMs need minimal technological monitoring which lowers technical expenses for entrepreneurs on a whole.

Thus through setting up a functional Muthoot ATM franchise entrepreneurs can look forward to numerous benefits such as wide-scale popularity amongst customers, assured returns on investment and tax exemption benefits among others while running less operational costs compared to other businesses.


After exploring the opportunity of getting a Muthoot ATM Franchise, it is clear that there are many benefits. The up-front cost is relatively low compared to traditional fees associated with setting up a business. There is also the benefit of setting your own hours and enjoying multiple streams of income. With the right amount of dedication, a Muthoot ATM Franchise can be a rewarding and profitable business.

Summary of the article

This article has provided informative guidance on how to become a franchisee of the Muthoot ATM. The franchise is available on a pan-India basis, and the required preconditions for you to qualify are investing a one-time amount and having valid KYC documents.

Additionally, the article has provided without fail details like the cost & process of becoming a Muthoot ATM franchisee, the eligibility criteria & the benefits to be derived from taking up this business. A prospective entrepreneur must go through all these points before opting for this particular venture.

In addition to being thorough in one’s research, starting any business venture requires planning as well as studying of several aspects like financial goals and feasibility report analysis. However, with right guidance and after careful evaluation of requirements, taking up this Business Idea can be highly rewarding and enriching in terms of profits gained!

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