How to get Amazon Delivery Franchise in India

If you’re looking to start a delivery business in India, an Amazon delivery franchise might be a great choice. With Amazon’s vast online presence, a delivery business based on the Amazon platform can offer a great potential for growth and success.

If you’re interested in starting an Amazon delivery franchise, you may be wondering what the requirements are and how to get started. In this article, we’ll discuss the process of getting an Amazon Delivery Franchise in India.

Overview of Amazon Delivery Franchise

The Amazon Delivery Franchise (ADF) provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to join the Amazon logistics network as franchise owners and to benefit from the strong growth of our business. The franchise’s mission is to create a transparent, efficient and reliable delivery system that contributes to Amazon customer satisfaction.

ADF franchise owners are independent business operators who have exclusive ownership of their operating territories and are responsible for the delivery of customer orders in those specified regions.

Franchise owners will have access to Amazon-approved facilities, vehicles and equipment, as well as a wide range of support services including driver training, vehicle maintenance, scheduling software and guidance on top customer service practices.

ADF provides an end-to-end solution for making deliveries for customers in their local markets: from receiving orders online through our web portal to unpacking customer orders from distribution centers in their territory; from packing items into delivery vehicles at local depots or hubs; through tracking driver progress with our state-of-the-art technology; all the way through on-time delivery of customer orders directly to their front doors.

As an independent partner in Amazon’s ever-growing logistic network, ADF offers flexibility around working hours and volumes that can be managed within your own territory.

An investment in an ADF franchise will benefit your life personally and professionally by providing financial independence along with meaningful business ownership experience that can be passed down future generations.

Requirements for Amazon Delivery Franchise

Getting an Amazon Delivery Franchise in India is a viable business opportunity, but there are certain requirements that need to be met.

The requirements vary based on the type of franchise, such as household-level franchise, medium-level franchise and large-level franchise. Here, we will look at the basic requirements for each of these franchises and how to go about getting one.

Financial Requirements

When considering applying for a Amazon Delivery Franchise in India, it is important to be aware of the financial requirements which need to be met in order to become eligible.

The minimum amount of capital you must have access to as part of your application is Rs. 5 Lakhs. This should be either in savings accounts, mutual funds, stocks or real estate holdings. Additionally and separately, you will also need to have access to a finance facility that could be used if an emergency were to arise while you are operational.

It is important that the capital invested into the Amazon Delivery Franchise is owned by the applicant only; if investments are provided by third parties they may need approval prior to being eligible for the program.

The applicant should also provide evidence of at least two years’ worth of financial statements starting from April 2016 onwards. These statements must verify valid earnings and profit before tax as well as any existing debt/liabilities and two years projected earnings based on conservative assumptions made about potential growth.

The total net worth needed should not exceed Rs 8 Crores and should show positive cash flow for both current year and the previous year along with valid earnings and liquidity proof sufficient enough for operating the franchise business fluently without compromising on quality standards at any point in time.

Applicants are encouraged to seek independent advice from chartered accountants prior to developing their application and making sure they understand any requirements regarding income taxes or town planning applicable within their local area/jurisdiction which may affect them further down the line when attempting secure investment with Amazon Delivery Franchise in India

Physical Requirements

If you are looking to set up an Amazon delivery franchise in India, there are some physical requirements that need to be met. To obtain a franchise, prospective owners must have commercial office space with adequate storage and docking facilities as specified by Amazon.

It is also important that the location have access to ample parking for delivery vehicles, sufficient workforce for packaging and dispatching of packages, and be in a strategically located area near the allocated service area.

Additionally, quarters must be provided for staff members along with all related amenities including water and electricity supply, first-aid support and basic welfare measures like restrooms etc.

Other Requirements

In addition to the above-mentioned licenses and documentation, you must also meet other criteria to become an Amazon Delivery Franchise owner in India.

You must be staying in a commercially zoned business-ready premises, equipped with all logistics and operational requirements such as space for storage area and parking lot, functional and reliable internet connection, electric power supply etc.

You must also agree to operate the Amazon Delivery Center relying explicitly on Amazon’s processes, systems, tools (like services like service differentiation, routing optimization provider selection process), and instructions.

Your delivery center will require a few automated machines like weighing scales(for weighing outbound packages at source) as well as CCTV cameras installed inside the premises. Lastly you will also need dedicated personnel to pick up packages from businesses/warehouses near your area every day as per route indicated by Amazon’s operational plan.

Application Process

Getting an Amazon delivery franchise in India can be a great way to start your own business. It’s a great opportunity to partner with a well-established brand that has a great presence in India.

Applying for the Amazon delivery franchise requires some paperwork and understanding of the company’s processes. Let’s get into the details of the application process.

Submit Application

Once you have decided to apply for an Amazon Delivery Franchise in India, the next step is to submit the necessary application forms and documents.

You will have to fill out the online forms, which are available on the official website of Amazon India. Make sure you provide all accurate and updated information on the application form and submit it online.

The documents you need to submit as a part of your application include your identity proof, address proof, PAN card and other business related documents such as GST registration certificate.

Additionally, you must also submit a valid certificate of incorporation along with relevant company profile with yearly financials and other bank related documents such as Bank Certificate or Passbook Copy.

Following successful submission of the form with all required documents, Amazon India will contact you within seven working days to review your eligibility for an Amazon delivery franchise.

The selection process may take up to 3 weeks depending on various factors such as selection criteria by Amazon India.


As part of the Amazon Delivery Franchise application process, any potential franchisee must pass an interview with the company. The purpose of this interview is to check the applicant’s suitability for such a task and to decide if they are a good fit for Amazon.

The Amazon Delivery Franchise applicant should come prepared to discuss their business plan, including the specifics of how they intend to staff and operate the franchise.

It is important that the applicant be knowledgeable about their target market and have a solid understanding of the terms and conditions of operating an Amazon Delivery Franchise in India.

Specific questions may include: How much start-up capital do you have? What are your plans for managing staff and administrative duties? What strategies do you have in place to handle customer service calls? How do you plan on driving up online sales?

Additionally, applicants will also be asked general questions about their background and motivations for wanting to run a business.

Overall, it is essential that Amazon Delivery Franchise applicants demonstrate enthusiasm, commitment, knowledge and professionalism when interviewing with them. If approved, they will become one of many franchised locations operating under Amazon’s brand across India.

Approval Process

If you are interested in having an Amazon Delivery Franchise in India, the first step is to submit your application. This document will include all relevant information required to assess your application, such as business details, terms of agreement, proof of identity and experience.

If you already own an existing business or have existing warehouses that you want to link to the Amazon Delivery Franchise, this must also be included in your application.

Once your complete application has been received and accepted by Amazon India, a screening process will commence where the operations team will get in touch with you to discuss further details.

It is essential that all instructions provided by the Amazon team are followed appropriately and strictly so that approval can be granted quickly.

Amazon’s approval process includes a background check on the applicant’s legal status as well as a review of past records related to any previous business dealings within Amazon’s product categories.

Additionally, they will also evaluate if the applicant has adequate resources and capacity to ensure successful implementation of their proposed business model.

The approval committee may request additional paperwork or documents before completing their assessment. Finally, when all conditions have been met according to their standards and requirements, a final decision will be made regarding granting approval for the establishment of an Amazon Delivery Franchise in India.

Benefits of Amazon Delivery Franchise

If you want to start your own business in India, an Amazon delivery franchise is a great option. With an Amazon delivery franchise, you can benefit from the popularity of Amazon’s delivery service in India.

You can also get access to a range of services such as a package tracking system, unlimited storage, and access to customer support. Let’s explore all the benefits that an Amazon delivery franchise can offer you.

Financial Benefits

Owning an Amazon Delivery Franchise in India has a number of financial benefits, ranging from short-term to long-term gains. In terms of short-term gains, Amazon delivers products based on bulk orders and advance payments that enable you to make quick capital.

Additionally, you can buy items in bulk using Amazon’s discounted rates and earn a profit while reselling the goods at market rate.

In addition to these short-term benefits, owning an Amazon Delivery Franchise also offers long-term gains such as purchasable assets like trucks and vans.

Over the course of time, a delivery franchise can generate wealth from buying and reselling fleet assets as well as offer multiple streams of income through vehicle leasing for franchises located near cities with large populations.

Furthermore, having their own fleet opens up additional possibilities for driving monthly recurring revenue due to traversing regular routes or subscriptions for regular customers.

Finally, owning a successful delivery business involves employing more staff over time which generates employment opportunities for countless individuals interested in delivering goods through Amazon’s system.

This type of business model also leads to multiple pathways towards personal growth and achieving income goals within the industry while helping customers on their shopping journeys throughout India.

Other Benefits

Other benefits of setting up an Amazon Delivery Franchise in India include access to Amazon’s technology, which ensures faster and reliable delivery to customers. This includes access to optimized routes, mapping technology for navigation, virtual boundaries for drivers, automated driver updates and support for drivers to reduce downtime.

Amazon also provides a complete package of equipment needed when setting up the franchise. This includes branded vehicles, handheld devices for delivery drivers, printers and even computers as well as office supplies.

Additionally, all the accessories such as safety materials and other protective gear that is required during deliveries are supplied by Amazon.

In addition to this, Amazon also provides comprehensive training on how to handle their custom-made technologies so that your team is able to understand it completely and provide seamless service you customers.

Furthermore, access to different types of taxes available on the franchise while also receiving facilities like food arrangements (if needed) will be provided by Amazon too.


By understanding the demands of Amazon’s delivery franchisee program and going through the necessary steps, entrepreneurs and delivery partners have a chance to become a part of the rapidly evolving Amazon ecosystem. The demanding but wide-reaching Amazon’s Delivery Franchise program offers immense opportunities for growth and financial stability.

Get in touch with Amazon now and join its top franchisee network. After joining, you can begin fulfilling fulfillment orders within one month as long as you meet all quality criteria. Amazon Services India team is available from 8 AM to 10 PM every day to help new partners create lasting business relationships with Amazon. Finally, for further help regarding registration, contact information is already provided in each section at the end of this article.

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