EPFO Member Login – login to EPF login – epfo member portal

EPFO Member Login – How to Login to EPFO member login or EPF login? – epfo member portal

EPFO member login or Employees Provident Fund Organization is a statutory body formally set up by the Central Board of Trustees, EPF. This board is constituted of employers, employees, and representatives from the government. This board operates

  • Employees Provident Fund scheme
  • Employees’ Pension Scheme
  • Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme
  • Check EPF Balance Passbook

EPF scheme is one of the near and dear schemes favored most by the middle class – the common man. Due to lump-sum maturity, the common man always plans the postretirement plans based on this liquidity flow. Significant expenditure like marriage or education of children or even retirement planning is planned and executed according to EPF maturity.

What is EPFO Member Login?

Among the three schemes mentioned above, this article will discuss in detail about EPF scheme (Employees Provident Fund) and how to log into epfo member login. It is mandatory for the employers to have 20 or more employees register for the EPF scheme as a beneficiary scheme for the employees.

All the employees who work for the employers registered under the EPF scheme are given the EPF accounts and those employees have access to log into the EPF portal. These EPF accounts contain the accumulation of specific amounts deducted from the salary of each employee towards EPF. It also provides the employer’s contribution towards the EPF account as mandated by the Act.

EPFO Member Portal:

EPF is the most famous and most known retirement benefit which is deducted from the salary while the employee is in employment. The employer also is required to contribute towards the same. So, together (deduction from employee’s salary + employer’s contribution) will be available at the disposal of the employee at the time of maturity. As well you can check How to log in to the UAN member portal.

epfo member login

This scheme is most favorite since it gives out a much larger lump sum amount which can be used at the time of marriage or education of children or even for medical emergency purposes by the private sector employees. Since private-sector employees are not eligible for any pension (unless they invest in any pension scheme by themselves) other than EPF; it is one of the most awaited retirement benefits.

Every employee is given access to an online EPF account, each employee is also given the privilege to get his EPF account transferred from one employer to another employer in case of a job change.

EPFO Member Login will help the employees who wish to keep the investment safe and secure and hope to continue investing. This online access will also enable the employees to check their EPF accounts conveniently at the tip of their fingers. This facility is made available by introducing an online EPF passbook.

EPFO has totally changed the scenario since, earlier, the employees had to wait for the year to end for viewing the total EPF balance or EPF deducted from the salary. Now with online viewing, it is possible to check the balance and deductions at any time and any place.

Steps to EPFO Member Login:

Online access to view and download the EPF passbook given with the view to reaching more and more employees by adhering to the ambitious mission of respected prime minister – Digital India. With this digitization of the EPF scheme, one can even apply for account transfer (to be switched over to another employer in case of a job change) or even submit the claim for withdrawal (in the case of retirement or quitting the job).

  1. Please open the EPFO website where the member details can be registered, which is http://members.epfoservices.in/. This link will redirect you to the registration page where you will need to fill in all the personal details as required.
  2. Please ensure that you fill in accurate and exact details for the document type while registering. For e.g. if you selected PAN-based account registration, then ensure that you entered the correct PAN number.
  3. This is because the EPFO member portal will ask for the PAN number every time you need to access the EPF account. So, ensure that you have entered the correct identification document type and number.
  4. Once all the details are filled in, go through the same gain to make sure that you have not missed out on any detail and that you have filled the correct data. After you confirm that the written data is correct, you will need to submit it, and on successful submission, you will receive a PIN number.
  5. This PIN should use for registration purposes, which will complete the procedure of registering.
  6. These steps will need to be used to register an existing EPF account or open an existing EPF account for online viewing and accessing the online passbook.
  7. Once you enter your contact number, document type as well as document number (for the selected document), you can open your EPF account and even download the online EPF passbook.

EPFO Login – Points to note:

  • The EPF account can link to only one mobile number, and hence multiple contact numbers cannot link to a single EPF account. However, one registered account holder can view access to 10 EPF accounts with different companies.
  • There is no need for any user id and password to log into EPFO member login since all the registration done based on document type as selected by the account holder or even mobile number as mentioned at the time of registration. (documents like passport, aadhaar card, PAN, etc. can use for registration purposes).
  • As such, the employee will require to be in possession of one identification proof, and one mobile number for the registration of an EPF account for online access.
  • Even though the employees are granted access to view and download the EPF passbook online, this facility can avail only if the particular employer has uploaded the electronic challan cum return for EPF deduction and contribution.
  • In the case of more than one account under a single employer, the employee will need to get all such accounts to one single account for each employer.
  • If you need to view your inactive EPF account as a registered member, you need to submit the request for the same through the official network and proper channel. However, viewing an inoperative EPF account is not allowed if the employer has availed of the exemption under the EPF scheme.
  • If you change the job, then you need to transfer your EPF account under the new employer from the previous employer. The EPF portal gives out the facility for online transfer for the registered members.
  • The board has even introduced the EPFO member login app for smartphone users, which will allow the employees to view and access the online EPFO Passbook on their smartphones and mobiles. All the services offered by the EPFO member portal are available through this app to the registered EPF account holder.
  • Employees can now even file for the claim for EPF online which is convenient and easier than manual procedural formalities. Once the employee files for withdrawal claims, he can check the online status of the claim so filed.
  • The employee need not visit the EPF office personally. Also, the PF balance also can check online before filing such a claim.

EPFO Member Login – How to Login to the EPFO member portal or EPF login?

  1. Get registered to be able to log into the EPFO member portal for epfo member login.
  2. Once registered, log into the EPFO member login portal either by identification proof number or registered mobile number.
  3. After signing in, you can now view or even download the EPF passbook online with ease and convenience.
  4. When you confirm your EPF balance, the next step is to fill out the online claim for EPF withdrawal. This move has removed the constraint of visiting the EPF office personally.
  5. Once you file the EPF claim online, you can always track and view the status of the allegation (i.e. whether processed or still waiting for approval, etc.) online. This will save you unnecessary trips to the EPF office. For checking online claim status, please follow these steps;
  6. Log in to the EPFO member login portal and click on the option which will display your current claim status.
  7. The EPFO portal now asks you to search for establishment code, which is a 7-digit number followed by a 3-character code. (can be left blank, if the 3-character code is not received).
  8. Once you fill in required and necessary details like establishment code, office code (if you are aware of any), PF account number, etc., you can display the desired results.
  9. If you are unable to view or access the EPF status online, then you can download the online form which will help you follow through all the formalities physically, and you will require to submit the form to the EPF office for further procedures.

epfo Unified portal UAN How To Create the New UAN and Registration Process

We all know that the epfo has issued some notification regarding the UAN portal. The employers and employees who were all waiting for the official launch can now experience it. Yes, the employee provident fund organization has launched the combined UAN portals officially for all the employees who have been waiting for a long time.

By using this portal, you can check out the downloading process of your UAN card, passbook, and the balance of the Employees’ Provident Fund. Also, you can have a look at the facility for you to update the KYC status.

On the other side, EPF has gradually changed with the combined form of the UAN portal for the employees. Here you can check about the formation of online banking support and ECR filling. Also, we must know that the portal will also allow you to go over the online payment process via different banking.

However, you can also get the services over the online registration process well. These are the important things for all the employees that always wanted to know. We all know that the process of the site has been going over the UAN called a UAN employer portal.

When will it issue to employees? for EPFO member login

One must know that the employees who are going to start their work for the first time in a company will get a universal account number. It is the thing for all the EPFO members to receive. Finally, you can know that the employee’s provident fund transfer and withdrawal are very simple and become an easy task to proceed with due to UAN.

As we all know that the portal of UAN is a platform where employers can communicate with others as well. When coming to this portal, employers who all are working in the company can start to focus on any type of work which includes the member registration process.

Simple steps to follow for creating New UAN

Here we are sharing some of the steps to check out the simple steps on creating the new UAN. People who all are seeking for the steps to proceed can follow here. Hopefully it will be useful for all the seekers.

  • First of all, the employees must focus on getting the employee’s provident fund declaration. It helps to proceed to use of your personal details.
  • By following the above process, you must bring the Aadhar card copy to proceed.
  • Now, you need to enroll in all the required details for future use.
  • Once the above process is done, now you have to submit the form so that you can get the UAN.
  • If it is generated, then the UAN should use ECR’s submission process. However, it is important for ECR in all the way.

How to proceed with EPFO Registration process

To proceed with the registration process, you need to go for following some of the simple steps here. Let’s check out the steps to go over registration process.

  • At first, the employer should go to register by visiting the portal.
  • Once entered, they need to click the terms and conditions.
  • Now fill all the required details.
  • If entered the mobile number, then the employer will receive the PIN to register.
  • Once the above process is done, the employer will receive the message if the register button was clicked.
  • It is time to visit the UAN EPF portal.
  • Now you are ready to log in with a password to create an account.

These are the above steps which will be very useful for all the people who want to go over the registration process.

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