AirtelTez Login Portal – Airtel Payment Bank Retailer Login

AirtelTez is a web-based portal for retailers that allows them to manage their Airtel Payment Bank account and maximize business growth. This portal allows retailers to conveniently manage their payment bank activities from one secure location.

With AirtelTez, retailers can easily access their account information, view account balance and transaction history, manage their customer accounts, and more. This article covers the introduction to AirtelTez and explains the advantages of using the portal to manage your payment bank account.

Overview of Airtel Payment Bank

Airtel Payment Bank is an Indian payments bank that provides a secure and convenient way to manage money transactions. The payment bank offers a range of services, including mobile banking, payments, remittances and merchant transactions. It allows customers to pay bills easily and immediately without having to wait in long queues.

Airtel Payment Bank also allows customers to receive payments from other Airtel Banking service providers such as Airtel Money, Airtel Payments Bank, Gokaldas Exports Limited (GEL) and Payus Hotel Services (PHS).

With each transaction made through the Airtel payment system, customers earn rewards in the form of cashback or e-cash vouchers. The reward points can be redeemed for products and services at select merchants.

The Airtel Tez Login Portal is designed for Retailers who wish to use the payment service on behalf of their clients. Through this portal Retailers can register themselves as an authorized user and gain access to a range of features including customer account balance inquiries, funds transfer functionality and more.

This provides convenience and security when managing financial operations on behalf of their customers.

AirtelTez Login Process

Logging into AirtelTez is a simple procedure that only takes a few minutes. The AirtelTez Login Portal can be access from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

Once you are logged in, you will be able to complete all the necessary tasks associated with the Airtel Payment Bank Retailer Login. This article will provide a step-by-step guide to the process of logging in to AirtelTez.

How to Create an Airtel Payment Bank Account

Creating an Airtel Payment Bank account is easy and only take a few steps. To get started, first head to the Airtel Payment Bank website and find the “Retailer Login” option. Once you are on the Retail Login page, there will be a signup/register form for you to fill in.

Fill in all your personal details such as name, email address, mobile number etc and choose a strong password. All of this information must match your government-issued ID and PAN card (if applicable). Once you fill in the form and click on the “Register” button, your application will be submitted to Airtel Payment Bank for approval.

Once your application is approved, you will receive an 8 digit login code along with your unique customer/retail ID number which you can use to log into Airtel Payment Bank retail portal. You may also need to download and install the mobile app to use certain features of the payment bank .

Finally, when setting up your payment bank account, make sure you have funds in your wallet or card – whoever it may be from – before making any transactions as all payments are done via online transfers with immediate transfer time frames!

How to Log in to Airtel Payment Bank

Accessing your Airtel Payment Bank account is easy and convenient. All you need to do is follow the steps outlined below:

1. Go to and select the option ‘Retailer’ if you are an existing user or ‘New User’ if you would like to create an account.

2. Once you enter your mobile number, click on ‘Next Step’ to proceed further.

3. You will receive a verification code via SMS which needs to be entered carefully in the next step before continuing with logging in.

4. A new page will appear before you which will require inputting of the 6-digit login password that was created during signup process for validity purposes as this serves as an extra security measure for your account information and money transactions that takes place using it.

5 After entering the login password correctly, Click on “Login” and you are now officially logged in to Airtel Payment Bank services, ready for banking operations!

AirtelTez Forgot Password/Username

If you have forgotten your username or password and cannot log into the AirtelTez Login Portal, please take the following steps:

1. Visit the Airtel Payment Bank Retailer Login page at
2. Select the “Forgot Password” option on the bottom left portion of the login screen
3. Enter your username and email address associated with your account to receive a reset link via e-mail
4. Open the e-mail in a new browser window and click on the link provided to reset your password
5. Once logged in, go to your profile in order to update any change to your account information
6. If you have forgotten both your username and password, please contact our customer service team at custome[email protected] for assistance with account recovery

Benefits of Airtel Payment Bank

Airtel Payment Bank is a great e-commerce payment solution for retailers. It offers a secure, fast, and convenient way for retailers to accept payments from their customers. With Airtel Payment Bank, retailers can easily track all payments, manage customer profiles, and access a wide range of financial services.

Let’s look at some of the benefits that come with signing up for Airtel Payment Bank.

Cashless Transactions

Cashless transactions are the most important advantage for customers and businesses that use Airtel Payment Bank. By using this payment system, customers can pay for goods and services in a safe, secure, and cost-effective manner. The payment process is easy, fast and secure; users simply enter their mobile number to start a transaction. With Airtel Payment Bank’s Cashless Transactions System:

• Customers can instantly receive payments securely via e-wallet or bank account while merchants get immediate payments without handling any cash
• Customers can maintain a record of their payments in one place
• Merchants do not have to invest in expensive infrastructure
• There is complete visibility of the payments made to merchants through notification emails/SMSes
• All transactions are protected against cyber threats with highly secure encryption algorithms
• Organizations are able to manage an entire network of customers/merchants quickly and easily

Rewards and Discounts

The Airtel Payment Bank offers customers a range of rewards and discounts. These can include cashback on purchases made with the Airtel Payment Bank debit card, discounts on utility bills, as well as exclusive access to deals when shopping in stores or online.

Additionally, customers can take advantage of additional discounts and rewards by linking their bank accounts with loyalty programs and points-earning apps.

Rewards earned through usage of the Airtel Payment Bank debit card can be redeemed in store or online for a variety of products. These may include but are not limited to home appliances, fashion accessories, air tickets and travel packages. All rewards earned are shown on the customer’s mobile phone app along with full details about how to redeem them.

Airtel Payment Bank also offers a range of promotional offers that give customers an opportunity to save more money on their everyday expenses. These could include cashback when shopping for groceries at partner stores or offer vouchers for discounted health care services such as scans or doctor consultations.

Moreover, customers can also avail additional discounts at partner restaurants and online retailers to further enhance their savings experience while using their Airtel Payments bank account.

Easy Money Transfer

The Airtel Payment Bank retail app offers easy money transfer services to customers through the Airtel Money option for their convenience.

Customers can securely and conveniently transfer money from their mobile wallet or bank account to another. Taking advantage of this service helps you stay connected with loved ones, irrespective of the distance.

Furthermore, customers can also enjoy enhanced convenience with features such as debit card payments and instant updates about purchases or transfers made with the Airtel Payments Bank retailer app.

Notifications sent seamlessly keep customers informed about every transaction they make through Airtel Payments Bank, thus ensuring full transparency and trust in operations. With its user-friendly interface, the app is available in multiple languages including Hindi, English and Swahili.

Finally, the Airtel Payments Bank retail app also offers a range of other benefits such as loyalty rewards programs, cashbacks on transfers, discounts on online purchases, access to various online deals and retailer benefits too.

Customers can avail these benefits without having to step out or visit any physical retailers simply by using the app. So whether you’re looking to pay bills electronically or want to send money quickly and securely across towns or even countries – this payment bank has you covered!


In conclusion, Airtel’s online payment portal offers customers the convenience of easy and secure banking transactions. It is a powerful platform that securely stores and processes transactions, while also providing retailers with access to various brands and services.businesses.

The process includes creating a login account, selecting the right airtel payment bank retailer or KYC provider, registering with them to obtain an AirtelTez unique identifier number (UIN), providing necessary documents for authentication such as KYC proof along with leading necessary approvals and further registering as an airtel payment bank retailer for activation of the account.

With a robust system that is designed to help retailers provide safe experiences to their customers without compromising on data security standards in place, Airtel mission To enable reliable digital payments for individuals and businesses through it’s online portal is well placed to succeed both now and in the future.

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