How to Find SBI cash deposit machine near me

In SBI, cash deposit machines are called Unstructured Supplementary Service Data enabled or USSD-enabled Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs). These machines allow customers to deposit their money without visiting the bank or ATM, without waiting in line, and without involving a teller.

With USSD-enabled CDMs, customers don’t need an ATM card to do a transaction. All you need to do is use your registered mobile number for authentication.

This guide will explain how to find SBI cash deposit machine near you; where available, how to use it; and what details you will need before using such services.

How to Find SBI cash deposit machine

If you are looking to find the nearest SBI cash deposit machine, then a great option to consider is using the SBI website. With this website, you can easily get access to the SBI cash deposit machines that are located nearby.

You can also use the SBI website to find out information about the machines, such as what services they offer and what their limitations are. Let’s take a look at how you can use the website to find the nearest SBI cash deposit machine near you.

Log into the SBI website

For those who are looking for a State Bank of India (SBI) cash deposit machine near their location, the first step is to log into the SBI website. Once you have accessed the secure website, take a few moments to explore the various services offered by SBI. Depending on where you are located, your options may vary.

If you have a current account with SBI, logging into your online account can be a great way to find ATMs and other services that are near to you.

Simply click on “ATM/Branch Locator” and enter your postal code or city name in the search bar. This will produce a map of all of the ATMs and branches in your area. From here, you can narrow down the list based on convenience or availability of desired services.

If you do not have an account with SBI but still need access to one of their cash deposit machines, then using their branch locator service can also be helpful.

Simply follow the same process as above and use your current location information – clicking on any branch will provide further details such as business hours and contact information. If there is an ATM close by these details will be highlighted as well so that users can easily locate it if they need this service too.

Use the ATM/CDM locator

The State Bank of India (SBI) website provides a useful ATM/Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) locator tool to help customers quickly and conveniently find cash deposit machines in their area. To use the locator tool, you can either search by Branch or search by Location.

Search by Branch:

When searching for a cash deposit machine at a particular SBI branch, simply select the “State,” “District” and “Branch” from the drop down menus provided. The details of available ATM/CDMs in that area will be shown.

Search by Location:

To search for an ATM/CDM near your current location, you can use your browser’s geolocation feature. This allows the tool to detect your current coordinates to list CDMs near you within a certain radius which is adjustable according to your preference. Select this option and the relevant information about nearby ATMs/CDMs will be shown on the screen.

Find SBI cash deposit machine through Google Maps

One of the most convenient ways to find a State Bank of India (SBI) cash deposit machine near you is by using Google Maps. With this tool, you can easily search for ATMs and branches of the bank in your vicinity.

You can also filter your search result to specific area, like your city, or even your exact street address. Additionally, you can view the opening hours of the ATMs and check the type of services they offer, such as cash and cheque deposit. Let’s take a closer look at how Google Maps can help you with your search.

Enter the search query

When you use Google Maps to find an SBI cash deposit machine near you, simply enter your search query in the maps search bar. Your query should specify the type of machine you are looking for and include the location.

For example, “SBI cash deposit machine near me” or “ATM near my location”. Once you enter your search query, a list of results will be provided along with an interactive map that shows each result’s exact location.

Selecting one of these results will reveal more details such as address, phone number, hours of operation and ATM features. You can also filter your results by checking certain features that are available at certain locations such as wheelchair accessibility or cash withdrawals.

Filter the results

Google Maps provides easy access to a wealth of data about any given location. You can easily opt to search for restaurants, gas stations, banks and other places of interest nearby or within a certain distance from your chosen location. For users who want more targeted results, Google Maps also gives you the ability to filter your search results based on different categories.

To narrow down your search results, click on the “Filter” icon near the top right corner of the map. From here you can select various criteria such as “rating” and “open now” which can help you find exactly what you’re looking for quickly and effortlessly.

Additionally, by selecting “More filters” it is possible to customize filters even further according to price level or type of cuisine. Applying these filters will help you quickly narrow down your search results so that only those places that match your preferences are displayed on the map.

Use the SBI Yono App

The SBI Yono app is a quick and easy way to locate a SBI cash deposit machine near you. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices and provides up-to-date information about the location of a SBI cash deposit machine.

You can also get information about other features such as the availability of cash, the fees associated with the deposit, and more. Let’s take a look at how to use the SBI Yono app to find a SBI cash deposit machine near you.

Download the SBI Yono app

Downloading and using the Yono app (the mobile banking application of State Bank of India) is the easiest and most convenient way to find a nearby cash deposit machine.

The Yono app provides users with an interactive map containing their location, as well as the locations of all SBI cash deposit machines within a certain radius. With this app, finding an SBI cash deposit machine near you can take just a few minutes.

In addition to finding a nearby cash deposit machine through the Yono app, users can also access various other services such as online banking, bill payments, etc., directly from their mobile device. The Yono app is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded free from their respective official app stores.

Once you have downloaded the Yono app to your mobile device, simply log in using credentials associated with your SBI account in order to start finding your nearby cash deposit machines. With this simple process and interactive map feature provided by the Yono App, now you can find an SBI Cash Deposit Machine near you in no time!

Use the ATM/CDM locator

The SBI Yono app has a built-in ATM/CDM locator that makes it easy to find your nearest ATM/CDM quickly. Whether you are looking for a cash withdrawal or deposit machine, this service will help you locate one in seconds!

All you need to do is open the Map of SBI Yono app and click on the ATM/CDM tab at the bottom of the screen. A list of all nearby ATMs/CDMs along with their precise addresses, opening and closing times, and other relevant details will be displayed.

You can also filter results by branch type – Home branch, City branch or Regional branch. With this tool, finding ATMs/CDMs is easier than ever!


By following these steps, you should be able to quickly and easily find the closest SBI cash deposit machine. After finding the desired SBI ATM, make sure to check its location carefully, confirm that it is an actual SBI ATM, and follow any corresponding safety precautions before visiting.

If in doubt, use an alternate source of deposit such as digital banking or another ATM provider. You can also consult customer service representatives from your local bank branch for assistance with locating an SBI cash deposit machine near you. With all of these tips combined, you should have no trouble finding a convenient way to deposit cash into your account for safekeeping.

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