EPF Member Portal Login: Registration & Password Reset

The EPF Member Portal is an online facility launched by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization for its members. It provides a platform for subscribers to view their balance and account details, update their contact information, and other details.

It also helps to facilitate requests for withdrawal and transfer from the EPF to other funds, as well as to check the application status of the same. This article will take a look at the EPF Member Portal and its features.

What is EPF Member Portal?

The EPF Member Portal is an online platform that provides Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) members easy access to information and services related to their EPF accounts.

With the help of this portal, EPF members can view their Personal Account Statement, obtain a PF Balance Certificate and manage Nomination details for their account, in addition to other services.

The portal also enables EPF members to update personal information as well as make online payment for various types of claims without having to physically visit the EPFO offices every time.

With simplified user-friendly webpages and different language interfaces, users can access these services from anywhere with an internet connection. Furthermore, the portal has advanced security features that ensure end-to-end protection while exchanging confidential data.

In short, through the EPF Member Portal, account holders can conveniently view or update their account details at any time, at their own convenience, without having to go through paperwork or personally visit regional PF offices of the EPFO.

Benefits of Registering on EPF Member Portal

Registering as an EPF member allows you to access your EPF account information and view your passbook. You can also manage your EPF account details including changing your password, email address, mobile number and personal address; updating KYC information, etc.

Other benefits include downloading passbook copies at any time, viewing status of investments and claims filed by you, registration of up to two nominees with their details updated online, transfer of EPF balance between two members, or through a new board of trustees.

Additionally, when you register on the Member Portal you can view details such as UAN activation status, Part-A profile information and more. Furthermore, by registering on the Member Portal you will be able to update PAN card and 15G / 15H details. This would enable you to track all updates related to the claim settlement process with ease.

Login to EPF Member Portal

The EPF Member Portal provides a secure login method to access your retirement funds. This platform is designed to provide EPF members with easy access to their accounts and keep track of their transactions.

In this article, we will discuss how to log in to the EPF Member Portal, how to register for it and how to reset your password if you have forgotten it.

How to Login to EPF Member Portal

The Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) Member Portal is the online portal provided by EPF Malaysia to allow EPF members to access their accounts. Through this portal, eligible members can access their account information, receive important updates and guidance on investing in EPF products and services, as well as transfer funds from their account.

In order to login to the EPF Member Portal, members must first register an online account with the portal.

To register an online account:
-Visit epf.gov.my
-Click on ‘login’ or ‘member registration’ button
-Enter your 12-digit EPF number issued by Malaysia
-Create a password for your online account
-Provide other personal information such as name and contact numbers
Once the details are verified, you will receive a six-digit activation code via email or SMS. Enter this code and click ‘Confirm’ to activate your new account.

You can now use your details (Epf number and password) to access your EPF Member Portal anytime. As an added security measure, you may choose to create a security phrase when prompted.

The security phrase will be used whenever you need further identity verification on the portal when performing certain transactions or actions related to your Account i.e., updating any nomination records.(e.g.,If asked “What is the name of your first pet?”, one would enter in the security phrase they set earlier.).

Forgot Password

If you have forgotten your EPF Member Portal password and are unable to log in to your account, you can reset it online using the official EPF Member Portal website. To reset your password:

1. Visit the official EPF Member Portal website at epfindia.gov.in
2. Click on “Forgot Password” under the “Login” tab
3. Enter your User ID and Captcha code
4. Click on “Send OTP”
5. Receive a one-time password (OTP) via text message or email
6. Enter the OTP into the portal to access your account
7. Create a new password according to the given instructions
8. Confirm your new password and log in to your account with ease
9. You can now access all the features available in your EPF Member Portal account
with the new login credentials

Registration on EPF Member Portal

Registering yourself on the EPF Member Portal is easy to do and the process is secure. This guide will walk you through each step to make sure your registration is successful and that your account is safe.

After you complete the registration process, you will have access to all of the features available on the EPF Member Portal. Let’s get started.

How to Register on EPF Member Portal

Creating an EPF Member Portal account requires you to have your UAN and Personal Mobile Number linked to it. And, once the account is created, it can be used to view your PF Passbook and claim withdrawals easily. Here’s how you can register:

Step 1: Visit the EPFO Home Page and select e-Sewa Tab
Step 2: Click on “EPFO Member Login” button
Step 3: Click on “Create Account” at the bottom of the page
Step 4: Enter all required details such as UAN number, Mobile Number and Email Id
Step 5: Enter a strong password that includes numbers and alphabets in combination
Step 6: Check the box next to “I Agree” after having a look at the parameter panel
Step 7: Click on “Create Account”
Once you follow all these steps, your account will be successfully registered. Furthermore, you will receive an OTP for further validation through SMS or Email. After successfully validating your OTP, you can start using your e-sewa portal instantly.

Documents Required for Registration

Registering as an EPF member is necessary in order to avail all the services from the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization. The entire registration process is secure and easy. The documents required for different categories of EPF Members are given below.

Employee documents:
-Aadhaar Card
-PAN Card
-Bank Account Details
-Photograph of Employee
-Mobile Number (optional)
-Father’s/Husband’s Name
-Date of Birth and Nominee details (if applicable)

Employer documents:
-PAN Card issued by Income Tax department
-Aadhaar Number & Duplicate Copy of Aadhaar card containing Biometric details -Certificate of Incorporation/Registration proof from Registering Authorities/Government organizations -Factory Licence, Trade License, etc., issued by Authority – Registered Office Address Proof in the form of Electricity bill, Property Tax Receipt, etc., duly signed & attested by one of the Directors or signatory authorized for the purpose by Board resolution

These documents are essential for comprehensive registration on EPF Member Portal. It is important to ensure that these documents are from trustworthy sources and provide accurate information. Having a valid email address and mobile number will facilitate smooth registration process.

Password Reset on EPF Member Portal

The EPF Member Portal offers members a secure platform for accessing their account information. It is important to keep your account details safe and secure at all times.

However, sometimes forgetting or losing your password can be a hassle. Fortunately, the EPF Member Portal has facilities to reset your password quickly and easily. In this article, we will discuss how to reset your EPF Member Portal password.

How to Reset Password on EPF Member Portal

The Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) portal is an online platform created by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) to facilitate a seamless experience for EPF members, employers and administrators.

The purpose of the portal is to enable EPF members to access their account activity and manage other related services securely. If you wish to reset your password on the EPF Member Portal, the following procedure will help you do so.

1. Open the EPF Member Portal website and click on ‘Login/Register’ from the main menu.
2. Enter your UAN (Universal Account Number), Password and Captcha code as shown in the picture at the bottom of this page.
3. Click on ‘Forgot Password’ link above Enter button if you want to reset your password or on ‘Register Here’ link if you want to create an account on EPFO member portal for first time login/registration process.
4. If you are opting for a password reset, provide either your registered Mobile number or Email id in order to receive OTP code when asked, also enter captcha code given below on screen and click Submit button.
5. After entering OTP Code sent on registered Mobile & Email ID entered earlier, enter new password for improved security needs, re-enter it twice for confirmation then click Submit button to confirm password reset process on member portal site of EPFO using UAN number submitted at first step above only once valid PIN received by mail from employer during joining of job in any organization .
6. Finally use this new password every time to login into member portal website from then onwards without any need of requesting further permission/pin any time . Hope this helps!!

Steps to Reset Password

The process for resetting your password on the EPF Member Portal is straightforward. Here are the steps:

1. Click ‘Forgot Password’ link.
2. Enter your UAN or Mobile Number and Security Code (if applicable) and click ‘Continue’ button.
3. Choose your preferred mode of communication – SMS or Email and click ‘Confirm’ button.
4. Once you confirm, you will receive an OTP to the email address or mobile number registered with your UAN, depending on your chosen mode of communication in step 3 above.
5. Enter the OTP received in the space provided and click ‘Submit’ button.
6. Create a new password in accordance with EPF Member Portal guidelines and save it to login to Member Portal in future, without having to reset your password again! Once you have reset it, you can change back old password or update new one as needed by logging into Member Portal with new credentials created by you!


The EPF Member Portal is a great way to manage your EPF accounts, view your balance, and submit claims. However, there may be times when you need help with logging in, registering, or resetting a password. This section will provide answers to the frequently asked questions that customers may have when navigating the EPF Member Portal.

What is the UAN and how do I get it?

The UAN stands for the Universal Account Number. It is allocated and managed by the EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization). It links the individual PF account of a salaried employee to their establishment-specific PF account and multiple members can be linked to this single number.

A UAN needs to be generated for any new joiner in the company through which all their records, payments and contributions can be tracked effectively.

Your employer will help you generate your UAN which will stay with you throughout your professional tenure even if you switch employers or locations. Employers of companies/institutions that are not EPFO compliant are required to have their registrations in place before they can generate your UAN.

Additionally, if your details on the PF portfolio have changed, like in case of name change due to marriage etc., you must inform your employer and they will assist in updating relevant details with POEPF.

How to check EPF balance?

Your Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) balance can be checked either online, via SMS, or through your employer’s office. To check your balance, you’ll need to first have access to the UAN (Universal Account Number) portal, which is administered by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization of India (EPFO).

If you are an employee and wish to check your EPF balance online without having to visit your employer’s office, then you will need to follow these steps:

1. Register and activate your UAN on the official EPFO website.
2. Verify your KYC details such as name, date of birth and Aadhaar number so that the data is reflected correctly in the system.
3. Linking of all Member IDs with UAN – You will need to ensure that all your previous Member IDs are linked with UAN for smooth online transactions.
4. Login with UAN at Unified Portal – Using the login credentials provide at registration time, you can now log in directly at https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/ and view or download PF Passbook as well as monitor and check EPF status periodically with ease from anywhere from any device anytime as long as there is an active internet connection available
5. Get latest updated passbook – Upon logging in you will receive instant access to updated balance information through ‘E-Passbook’ section on dashboard itself
You can also download passbook if needed for future reference by selecting relevant member id among multiple numbers available in profile page
6 Finally go through dashboard menu options regularly such as Claims & Other service information etc., where other important records are made handy & kept up-to-date

How to withdraw PF amount?

Withdrawal of Employees’ Provident Fund amount is allowed under certain situations such as retirement, termination of employment, job switch or due to medical or personal emergencies.

To withdraw the EPF amount, the individual must submit Form 19 and Form 10C to the EPFO in their geographical jurisdiction. Withdrawals can be done either partly or fully depending on the individual’s needs.

Form 19: It is a declaration made by an employee that they are withdrawing their shares from the fund. This form includes basic information about the employee such as name, date of leaving employment and PAN number.

Form 10C: This is form for claims for Employee Pension Scheme (EPS) benefits in cases of death/permanent disability and other ‘age based’ benefits including cessation / reduction of contribution towards EPS.

It must be signed by both the employer and employee in order to complete the withdrawal process.

Depending on how long you have been contributing in a fund account, certain terms might apply before withdrawing from your EPF accounts such as:
-Minimum 2 months after leaving existing job with past employer
-At least 5 years’ contributions need to be made before total withdrawal might be allowed

Online applications can also be done where any eligible member can apply directly with UAN based login credentials through UMANG app or Unified Member Portal (UMP). A different set of process is applicable for partial withdrawal of Provident Fund amount based on various situations which may include marriage, education expenses, housing etc.

Prior approval from Regional PF Office in required before withdrawing any money through UAN portal. For more information visit here: https://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/For_Employees1_.php

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