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Airtel Payments Bank CSP enables individuals and small business owners to become a part of the Airtel network. Through the CSP program, entrepreneurs can offer a suite of financial services such as money transfers, savings and deposits, and more.

By becoming a part of this network, entrepreneurs can benefit from the business opportunities it brings as well as the convenience of being able to offer customers a wide range of services.

Overview of Airtel Payments Bank

Airtel Payments Bank is a part of Bharti Airtel Ltd. and is the first payments bank in India to start its operations. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) granted an ‘in-principle’ approval to Airtel Payments Bank Ltd. on April 11, 2016 for setting up a payments bank in partnership with Kotak Mahindra Bank.

Airtel Payments Bank brings together the best in technology and a nationwide distribution network to ensure convenient access to banking and payment services for millions of unbanked Indians across the country.

It provides customers with access to financial services such as savings, deposits, loans, money transfers and insurance through its unified product portfolio tailored for each customer segment.

As an Aadhaar-enabled bank, Airtel Payments Bank also offers various kinds of digital financial activity such as payments, remittances and transfers – all within one platform so customers have greater convenience when it comes to their banking needs.

Customers have the flexibility to use the banking system either online or offline – using their mobile device or visiting the nearest Airtel Payment Bank outlets located across India.

Benefits of being an Airtel Payments Bank CSP

As an Airtel Payments Bank Common Service Provider (CSP), you open yourself to a world of opportunities and enjoy multiple benefits. An Airtel Payments Bank CSP allows you to serve millions of people from your local area and gives you the flexibility to work your own hours.

As a CSP, you will get access to latest banking services including Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS), mini ATMs, bill payments, mobile recharge and more. You can use these services to earn income on a regular basis or create additional streams of income.

Plus, you can use all these services without having any physical infrastructure or keeping any inventory which reduces your risk as an individual/ business person.

What’s more? You can access training and support materials, get technical assistance 24×7 and receive all payments directly into your bank account in real-time, thus increasing the overall efficiency.

Being an Airtel Payments Bank CSP is therefore an extremely cost-effective business opportunity with low start-up costs that offers significant benefits in terms of growth and sustainability.

Requirements to Become an Airtel Payments Bank CSP

Becoming an Airtel Payments Bank CSP is a great opportunity to provide digital financial services in your local area. However, there are certain criteria that you must meet in order to become an Airtel Payments Bank CSP. This section will cover all of the requirements you will need to become an Airtel Payments Bank CSP.


To become an Airtel Payments Bank Customer Service Point (CSP) agent, the individual must be at least 18 years of age. For those between the ages of 16 and 18, a written consent must be provided by their legal guardian in order to apply for a CSP position.

Additionally, valid identification documentation such as (but not limited to) passport, PAN card or driver’s license is required in order to complete the CSP application process.

Educational Qualification

Airtel Payments Bank CSPs must possess at least a 10th grade education from a recognized board or educational institution in India. Applicants who have completed higher educational qualifications are also eligible to apply, as per Airtel Payments Bank’s requirement. Besides possessing the minimum educational qualification, applicants must also have basic knowledge of computers as most services offered through a CSP are conducted via electronic means.

Additionally, having good customer service skills is an important requirement for becoming an Airtel Payments Bank CSP as these intermediaries interact with customers regularly and the quality of service they offer plays an important role in customer satisfaction.

ID Proof

To be eligible to become an Airtel Payments Bank CSP, applicants are required to provide valid government-issued identity proof documents. Acceptable forms of identification include:
-Voter ID
-PAN card
-Aadhaar card (UID)
-Driving License
-Government issued ID Card

When submitting the application, applicants must ensure that the ID proof provided is scanned and uploaded properly. The ID proof should denote their full name and photograph; otherwise, the application will be rejected. Additionally, applicants should make sure that their present address is updated in the respective national database so it matches with their submission for verification.

Address Proof

In order to become an Airtel Payments Bank CSP, an applicant must provide valid and verifiable documents as proof of their address. This includes proofs such as:

-Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card
-Voter ID Card
-Driving License
-Electricity/Water/Telephone Bill in the name of the applicant in case electricity or water bills are used as a proof, then only those bills less than 3 months old from the application date shall be accepted.
-Ration Card
-Registered Lease or Sale Agreement of Residence
-A signed letter with photograph from a recognized public authority attested by a magistrate/notary public confirming the full address along with identity and signed by applicant

In addition to these documents, Airtel may also seek additional documentation at their sole discretion whenever required. It is recommended that applicants have all these documents available before applying for an Airtel Payments Bank CSP license.

Application Process

Joining the Airtel Payments Bank CSP is a great way for entrepreneurs to make money. The application process involves the submission of a few documents and the selection of a suitable plan from the list of plans offered by Airtel Payments Bank.

It is important to understand the full process in order to make the most out of this opportunity. In this article, we will look at the application process in detail and provide tips on how to get accepted as a CSP.

Registering on the Airtel Payments Bank portal

Registering on the Airtel Payments Bank portal is your first step in becoming a Common Service Provider (CSP) agent of Airtel Payments Bank. To complete the registration process, you need to provide essential details about yourself and your business entity.

You will also need to provide copies of certain documents for the purpose of identity and address verification.

Once you successfully register on the portal, you will be provided with a ‘Prospective CSP Number’ which can be used to track the progress of your application. Make sure to keep this number handy as it is required while accessing various services through the portal.

The subsequent steps in applying for registration as a CSP agent include verification of submitted documents, approval from authorities and assignment of appropriate levels according to eligibility.

Once all these steps have been completed, you will be provided with an activation code via email which needs to be entered into the ‘Activation’ module on the portal. At this point, you will have become a registered CSP agent with Airtel Payments Bank!

Filling the application form

Once you have completed the Airtel Payments Bank CSP eligibility criteria, you can move on to the next step – filling out the application form. You will need a valid email ID to start with. The application form requires basic details about you, your place of work, bank details etc and will take approximately 15 minutes of your time.

Once done, make sure that all the information furnished is correct and accurate and hit Submit. Upon successful submission of your application form, you will receive a confirmation email containing an Application ID along with other details from Airtel Payments Bank CSP.

You shall be also required to upload scanned documents -(Address Proof+ ID Proof+Authorization Letter+Aadhaar Card) for verification within 3 days or else your application will become invalid automatically.

The processing time may vary according to region, so please be patient and wait for our team to get back to you with details about the processes ahead!

Document Verification

Document verification is a necessary step in the application process to become an Airtel Payments Bank CSP. You will need to provide documents that prove your identity, address, and eligibility for the position.

Valid identity proofs include your Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card, Passport, Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card or Driving License. Documents that can be used to verify your address include Aadhaar Card, Passport, Voter ID card and Driving License. The documents you present must be valid and current.

Eligibility criteria for becoming an Airtel Payments Bank CSP imposes certain conditions regarding age, education qualifications and background check.

To prove your eligibility for this post you must submit educational qualification certificates such as matriculation certificate for class 10th passed applicants or graduation degree?/diploma certificate for college pass-outs as applicable from a recognised institution/board/university along with a copy of valid address proof as per our policy.

In addition to offering valid documents to prove identity, address and educational qualifications, you may also need to provide other documents such as police verification certificate or professional experience letters if required.

Failure to submit a complete set of valid documents may result in rejection of your application. Once all the documents have been verified satisfactorily by the Airtel Payments Bank customer support team you will be registered as a Customer Service Partner (CSP).

Activation of CSP Account

After your application has been approved, you will need to submit the required documents and fees to activate your CSP account. An Airtel Payments Bank representative will be in touch to get the required details regarding the application process. To help ensure a smooth activation process, please make sure that all of the following steps are taken:

1. Submit all valid documents and pay the required fees.
2. Provide any additional information as requested by your Airtel Payments Bank representative as part of the due diligence process.
3. Verify that all of your submitted documents are accurate and complete.
4. Ensure that there is an active internet connection in order for you to download and install the Airtel Payments Bank Agent App (for Android or iOS).
5. Activate your CSP account by signing into your new Airtel Payments Bank Agent App using details provided during application submission stage. This will enable you to have access to all features associated with being an Airtel Payments Bank CSP including financial transactions and customer services related activities such as fund transfers, mobile banking, and payment acceptance services using debit cards/credit cards et cetera.


The Airtel Payments Bank CSP Apply process can be quite confusing for those who are not familiar with the system. To help you understand the process better we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which can provide you with the answers to some of the more common questions. The FAQs cover topics such as the documents required to become an Airtel Payments Bank CSP Apply, the benefits of the program, and more.

What is Airtel Payments Bank?

Airtel Payments Bank is India’s first payments bank offering a range of banking and financial services to customers. Airtel Payments Bank is a fully owned subsidiary of Bharti Airtel Limited, which offers banking services to its customers.

It provides basic banking services such as Savings Accounts, Current Accounts, Loan products and Remittance services at competitive rates. It also offers a range of innovative products like Digital Wallet, UPI and Mobile banking facilities to its customers.

Customers can open an account with Airtel Payments Bank with zero balance in just few minutes, either by visiting any of its retail outlets or through the website/ mobile app. Customers can deposit cash up to Rs 1 lakh in their bank account and earn attractive returns on the deposits.

Apart from regular banking facilities like cash withdrawl, fund transfers & deposits; Airtel Payments Bank allows you to pay bills & carry out merchant transactions or receive remittances from abroad using its advanced digital financial solutions including UPI payments & digital wallet too.

What are the benefits of being an Airtel Payments Bank CSP?

Airtel Payments Bank CSP (Customer Service Point) enables entrepreneurs to provide convenient banking and financial services to customers in their neighbourhood. The CSPs give customers access to traditional banking services such as deposit and withdrawal of bank accounts, various bills payment, instant money transfers, Airtel Money transactions, Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) transactions and more.

The benefits of being an Airtel Payments Bank CSP are numerous; some key advantages include:
– Multiple revenue streams: setting up a CSP gives you chance to monetise several services such as AEPS/ Non-AEPS transactions, bills payments etc
– High returns on investment: Airtel Payments Bank’s industry leading payouts are very attractive for entrepreneurs; especially those emerging from underbanked markets.
– An enhanced customer experience: Besides offering convenience of banking at customer’s doorstep, Airtel Payments Bank is a secure and reliable service provider thus giving customers the necessary confidence when transacting.
– Commercial exploitation with captive audience: With AePS & NBFC services available, Onboarding partners can achieve substantial revenues from a set customer base.
– Access to User Friendly Technology/ Software : The IFCP platform helps agents onboard merchants/ merchants AEPS & regular Cash Payments in a less complex manner thus ensuring a high degree of accuracy & realtime transaction experience too

What are the requirements to become an Airtel Payments Bank CSP?

Becoming an Airtel Payments Bank (APB) Business Correspondent (CSP) is an excellent opportunity to run your own business by providing banking and financial services in your area. To qualify as an APB CSP, you must meet the following requirements:
-You should be a citizen of India and of legal age (18 years or older).
-You should have passed at least 8th grade in school.
-You must have access to a telephone or smartphone connected to the internet with an active number.
-Any person who has been convicted of any offense involving moral turpitude will not be allowed to apply.

In addition, you are responsible for filing all necessary tax documents at the local registrar’s office. You will also need to provide valid identity documents such as a PAN card and Aadhar card at the time of application. You should have access to bank accounts or a KYC authorized savings account that is linked with UPI, IMPS or Aadhaar Enabled Payment Services (AEPS).

What is the application process for becoming an Airtel Payments Bank CSP?

Applying to become an Airtel Payments Bank CSP is simple. First, you will need to fill out the online application form with your credentials and KYC documents. Then, the Airtel Payments Bank representative will verify your documents and issue the business enablement kit.

Once these processes are done, you will have to complete a training program conducted by a certified trainer from Airtel Payments Bank. You will be trained on using digital tools for customer onboarding/ KYC and transactions such as Money Transfer/Deposit/Withdrawals in cash/Account Opening etc. through the CSP Partner Toolkit provided by Airtel Payments Bank.

Once you have completed the training, you can then start providing payment services to customers using your CSP Partner Toolkit device and start earning revenue. You will also get access to benefits such as cashback rewards and other offers from Airtel Payments Bank for customer onboarding as well as successfully processing customer transactions through your CSP Partner tool kit device.

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